0 She; the vicious circle...

Monday, December 12, 2011
She knows exactly where it all started, but wouldn't admit it to no one. One thing's certain, every time she finds herself sitting still for long enough...all it takes, is for her to simply close her eyes and THAT one day comes back to life. That day which seemed so ordinary at first, but still marked a crucial start line. A beginning, so boldly marked...it can never pass concealed to the human eye.
She sometimes even finds it frightening how vividly all her senses harmonize to bring every detail of that day back to life. The exact tastes, every single feeling, the sounds...it all ascends right back from the most dark places only the deaths have been. So vivid and almost palpable, like if the memory only happened yesterday.
Well, it might not be something she should be proud of...this whole THING. And no, she doesn't intend to boast about it. It's rather stupid, when you come to think of it more deeply. But ever had a moment when stupidity felt just right?
She has learned to look back on it all with a sense of dignity and satisfaction; admiring how she used it all as a stepping stone for self growth.
Aside of all else, the emotional shift has been one of the most remarkable changes. A quite frigid, indifferent and sometimes egocentric self has come to life. Not a dashing achievement,she knows, but surely one that came in handy.

That, which started off so randomly...is now more...much more than a mere protective shield....

Fast forward to today...like decades after the genesis; the realization came, like a slap in her face.
"A hamster," she said out loud with a contemptuous smile "you've been going around in the same darn wheel". And she sighs...
"Casual nexus..."
The wheel's been changed for a bigger one to conform each circumstance, each phase in life, each person she dealt with...
But let's face it...all she's done all this time is go rounds.
Nothing more...

And thus, here she stands once more, exactly where it all started. And the hard truth is, that every sense's volume hath just been turned up a couple of notches higher with time...

The good, the bad and the ugly alike...
Likes hath turned to love, disgust into hatred and appreciation into admiration.

But if she needs to hold a candle onto the possibility to keep on spinning a while longer or stepping off...

She'll spin another round...
And maybe a couple more after that one; who knows?

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1 She; Difficult much

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suddenly she remembers once again, the speech she heard some weeks ago. And as it vividly comes back to her mind how she sat at the humorous speech competition and laughed about the irony of the situation, she can only smile and think “Gosh, I wouldn’t have dared thinking that I’d be tested so fast?”
Her eldest niece had just turned 8 a month ago. This little lady is smart, loving, bright and most of all....considerably curious. And at those times when her inquiring mind strikes, there’s no stopping her storm of questions.
“What’s this?”, she asks as she grabs the colorfully wrapped tampon from the box on the bathroom shelf. Her aunt, who was standing in the bathroom mirror putting up her make-up couldn’t possibly imagine what she was asking an explanation for this time. And little did she know that this question would have required thorough pondering and better preparation. She turned around to see her niece inspecting the tampon from side to side and shaking the wrapping next to her ear trying to figure out the answer herself.  
She quickly turned back to her make-up application and did as thou putting up her mascara required quiet dedication... Can’t answer yet!
Can you blame her? No matter what, she needed to win in some extra time to think...
Her brain was cracking like a bat out of hell and the situation made her feel pretty much uneasy. “Uhmmm...those are stuff adult women use in the bathroom sometimes my dear”, she managed to say “You’ll figure them out when you get older.” And by saying so she dared hope she’d be saved somehow from her niece’s persistent interrogation.
“Oh...but what do adult women use them for?”, asked her niece while bringing the bright colored peace nuisance to her nose and smelling the wrapping. “Missy you shouldn’t smell the unknown, you know? What if it’s poisonous?” she exclaimed uncomfortably. “Well, grown up women use these to uhm...they...eeer...I mean for aaahh...for some specific needs they have as adults.” And she unnoticeably rolls her eyes at the futility of her own explanation. “Oh I know...” her niece’s face brightened up, “They stick it on the wall to hang their towels!!!”
She couldn’t contain herself from blurting out a laughter at the cutesy and innocence of a child’s mind. But shortly after this reaction she had to regain her posture, as she noticed that her niece was seriously inquiring an explanation for having such interestingly colored attribute in the bathroom. ('Cause those who know this brand, might be aware that there are MORE bright colored tampons in the black box where this one came from. In this case yellow, green and blue attention catching ones.)
So she chose her next words as carefully as she could...
“Naaah honey,” she then difficulty uttered with a kind but nervous smile on her face “It’s not used to hang towels. I would explain the usage of it to you, but there are things you are just still too little to understand. Why don’t we make a deal? When you turn twelve, and you probably attained the uhm needed "knowledge", I myself will explain the usage of these to you. Then you’ll understand better and you'd be able to decide whether you want to use these in your bathroom too. Pinky promise...”
Lil' miss detective was satisfied with the answer...to her biggest relief. She took the bright pink tampon from her niece's hands and, as she did the last touch-ups to her make-up, she continued... “So... how was school today?”

1 She; Lorerei

Thursday, October 27, 2011

She noticed him a while ago. He was constantly eyeballing her and on occasions he would shamelessly let his eyes slid down to her cleavage.
But every time she looked up from her scribbles, he would nervously look away.
Thou he tried to be as cautious as he could, she could almost smell the depth and intensity of his attention. And it ignited her drive to be lascivious. Thus without skipping a line from the pointless drawing she made, her whole air lightened up as wrong thoughts tiptoed through her already corrupted mind. And the flirty switch was turned on…

Already enjoying his seemingly lack of self-control she recklessly smiled as she doodled away. “So you like what you see, huh?” she thought, raising up one eyebrow and playfully leaning back in her chair and meaningfully pushing her breasts up.
 She paid indirect attention to his reaction and saw from the corner of her eye how he uncomfortably tried his best not to rest his gaze on her for too long. And she was satisfied.  “Fool,” she thought in a sarcastically tinted fake tone of concern, “you’re another woman’s private property….why you still want to play with fire?”
As the meeting proceeded, so did the silent squander. What could have seemed so sweet and innocent from the outside, was really another heartless pastime she didn’t really care about. But there she sat, with such angelical smile on her face… killing time. Who could accuse her of womanizing on prohibited grounds? Who could tell her off for being immoral?
He could, of course, since right after her next disguised coquette he nervously started shaking his leg, licking his lips and breathing faster.
She refused to let his behavioral change go unnoticed and raised her eyes to meet his. And it was obvious how he forced himself to keep focused. She locked gazes with him for 5 seconds, smiled sheepishly and looked away mimicking a fictitious blush. And he just sat there starring …with a completely red face.
The game kept on… And she triumphantly smiled as she saw all the effect her actions had on him. And simply knowing he now could do no more than this, gave her a feeling of satisfaction.
As soon as the meeting was over she stood up straight and strutted her stuff to the door paying no more attention to him. “Game over honey,” she thought demonstratively tilting her chin up, “You now go back to being the unimportant acquaintance you were meant to be.”
But it seems as thou he had something else in mind. He stood there and obtrusively scanned her from top to bottom as he bit on his lower lip.
Little did she know that much more was welled in him, than that which was allowed…
Later that week he messaged her: “I’m sorry if I might be too bold. But I can’t take it any longer,” the message read “I wish I could get just one chance to taste every cell on your body. I can promise, you won’t regret it. If only my desire could be made a reality…just once.”
She mentally answered his request; “Come back to planet earth already, moron. You were just an object to kill boring time…not even in a nightmare would I find even the most insignificant cell of you attractive”
At the slightest further thought of him, she almost puked.

0 She; lost in odyssey

Thursday, October 20, 2011
There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” ~Douglas H. Everett~
Gazing out of the airplane window and fixing her eyes on the place where the big blue sea and the cloudy sky becomes one, she let her mind wander. And in that moment where neither responsibilities nor duties could interrupt, she sank away in daydreams.
She daydreamed of the unspoken and of the truths that lie in the desires that lingered in the deepest, darkest corners of the heart. She dreamed of what the human eye can’t perceive and that which, not even the mind of the person sitting so close to her on this airplane, could fathom.
There, on the plane back home, she let her imagination, her heart and all the wildest, prohibited and unpronounced feelings merge into one. Mix into a concoction which painted colorful imageries and produced a movie....tantalizing into an unspoken ecstasy.
Separate from all the overwhelming, some of these dreams perturbed her somewhere in her deepest ...  How do they do it?  How could dreams sometimes seem so perfect and yet so impossible at the same time?
It would be the norm to simply encourage herself to pursue her dreams; to fight and steadily push and persevere until she reaches that which made her heart go wild.
But what if all this dreaming was nothing but a mirage?
She rests her chin on the palm of her hand and still gazing out of the window, with teary eyes, she sighs.
Perhaps it’s sane to simply leave these dreams be whatever they now were...nothing but an illusion.
As the plane touched firm land she mentally forced herself to do the same. And as soon as she stood up from this chair that has just offered her more than simply a physical voyage, she plastered a smile on her face. And with that plastered smile she meant to unplug the connection between her expressions and the cataclysm inside. ‘Cause no matter how hard she was trying, the effect of the dreams and the questions they brought up, still weren’t ready to dissipate.

2 She; whoever made you a god? Whoever gives you the right?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Furiously she started typing. And as she blurted out her thoughts in the chatbox, it felt as thou her fingers came to life.
Neither was she in the mood for such lowly comments nor did she have the time. "Aaaaaaarrrgggh! You're going to hear me now, oh yes you are"
She knew not why, but this morning she woke up with quite a few unpleasant thoughts and the weirdest feelings. Yet in spite of it all, she's been trying to keep up a chat with this acquaintance who, most of the time made no sense whatsoever.
Most conversations with him could be cut off quickly, with a practical and polite smiley. And at other times, out of a low level of patience, she simply chooses not to even salute.
Why she didn't opt for the latter today, is still a mystery. Maybe what followed was written somewhere in the stories of their lives, meant to pass.
"I mean, I try to see the colors in life and be happy. But I don't want anyone to think that I'm holding the gay flag", was his reply when she asked him to explain something he previously said.
She could not believe what she was reading. She raised an eyebrow, took one deep breath and calmly said to herself "stay polite woman, stay polite!"
As cold as she could, she wrote him back "What's up with that? You have an issue with gay people?"
"Nope, but I just don't like them"
Never did she dare think that so much disgust and anger could activate in her, all at once. And her thoughts were running too fast for her fingers to keep pace. So without over-thinking for another split second and without weighing her words no more, she spit out her thought like a dragon spitting out fiery fireballs....
" Hm, so does being gay make you less human? Less worthy of affection and attention? Less... in any sense of the word? Or are they in some way more of a sinner than you and I?" And while she pressed the send button she was thankful that he wasn't personally standing in front of her.
"I just don't like what they do, ok? I'm just not pro-gay...", he answered quickly as thou he lost his temper at her persistence about the topic.
She sat straight in her chair as she thought out loud "and you're god...you can judge someone so harshly" and she rolls her eyes.
"Listen up," she answers angrily "and I want you to understand me VERY well. I'm not gay...but you see... I do OTHER things that people might probably dislike. And I'm very sure, you do too! Now, wouldn't you love it if people just treated you as the wonderful human being you can be and not as a cheap imposed labeling? For, if we're going to make a list of people that only do things that others liked, none of us would even really qualify to stand on that list now, do we?"
She stopped for a moment and saw him writing back. But at this point she wasn't interested to stop and listen any longer, so without even waiting for his reply she furiously continued...
"I'm sick of seeing people refer to and or treat gay people as thou they were some kind of a disease or as thou their sexual life makes them inferior or some kind of a cast away," she wrote, "since when does sexuality make one human being more or less than the other? Gay people can be so amazingly fun, loving and caring... But we don't like them; not because they have wronged us personally in some way or another, but because of their sexuality. How disgustingly unfair! Sexuality does not define a person. Instead, their personality does. Their character does. Their dedication, their love, their honesty....who they are and what they do....THAT'S what makes a person. And I can proudly call someone like that A FRIEND, regardless of their race, believe, economical status OR their sexuality. Maybe I don't approve of what they do. But, I don't think i need to approve of all your actions for you to 'qualify' to be my friend...or for I to even treat you. Cuz maybe they were exactly the people who were there for me when the 'generally acceptable' friend turned their back away for the stupidest reason. Maybe they were the ones to keep up with me through laughter and isolation when the seemingly righteous 'friend' was too high and holy as to understand. Maybe...it was a gay person who spoke strength and courage when the 'friend' who preaches Love looked down on me because of a wrong choice I've made. And you tell me I should dislike such a person because he's sexually different? "
Silence broke. And she decided to step back a little and let him digest.
"Oh my God, you're so right..." was all he could answer.
And with the canyons of argumentations still rambling in her head and with her hands trembling with the urgency to keep smearing him in the face what she though of his lowly reaction, she looks at the screen of her phone. "Got news for you, no one made you a god!" She mumbles and makes an attempt as to start the next sentence.
Finally after a short while she heavily breaths out, closes her eyes and puts her phone aside. "Enough for now," she says to herself " as for NOW its been enough!!"

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0 She; the opinionated mind

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angrily she shakes her head. As if this action would finally shake her mind to a hush.
"But whoever inquired YOUR opinion miss lousy know it all?", she wanted to ask. And sometimes she wishes she'd have the antidote to make it clam up; like when you throw a bone to a barking dog.
Especially in times when, like right now, her mind decides to shout out it's opinion extra loudly. No consideration, no choosing of the right words, no barriers. Just like a little kid who, in spite of several warnings of his mom, insists to give his opinion out loud about the hair of the lady across the room.

And too thoughtful for her own liking she adjusts the pillows on her bed and comfortably positions herself in between...doing no more than gazing at the ceiling as if trying to see something through it. But at the same time she sinks back in the pillows, she sinks back in a labyrinth of thoughts... Thoughts which sometimes, she'd rather leave untouched.

"But seriously woman, I think you should do this differently" her mind continues, "oh come on...you know better then this! And by the way, I think you know I'm right...you just love to be the little stubborn you sometimes! But you'll see...wait a while longer and you'll see!"

"And so WHAT if I'm stubborn?" She answers out loud, as thou she believes that such a undaunted response will now shock her mind mute. And she tries to tightly close her eyes and concentrate on something else... whatever else.
But alas, without asking for permission, and without any consideration or etiquette her mind jumps in between again. Loud, over opinionated and convinced of it's own judgment.
Before she even knew, she found herself thrown into one possible scenario after the other in her mind...the wanted and unwanted alike.

And it took her a while to realize she was, yet again, practicing possible lines, reactions and situations in her head, going down memory lane and judging what could have been done better, Shivering in the foretaste of the unknown...

With none but her opinionated mind ever constantly jumping in "Yea yea woman,...but..."

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0 She: NEVER again...

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Then, nervously she picked up her phone from her lap and turned it on while looking at the blinking red light in total relief.
"A message," she thought "I hope it's something distracting!....pleaaaaassseee be something distracting...pleaaaaseee?"
And happily she noticed that indeed, she was right this time; the most distracting person on her messenger list has sent her a message... Just in time!
A smile of relief painted on her face while she taps the message open, let's out a nervous sigh and leans comfortably back in her chair.
"This is what we'll do while we wait" she smiled and thought to herself. "Yes....we'll keep this person talking for as much as it is necessary. THAT shouldn't be that hard of a job..."
But after the first sentence she wrote in reply to the person in question, he wrote no more than 'hahahahahaha'.... After that unfitting laughter, she could fish not one more word out of him.
And her thoughts were running wildly, her feet got ice cold yet again and she felt a rock dropped without any consideration in her unstable stomach "NOOOO, why?!?! Why you go silent on me now, you stupid?"
Unable to think of any other solution she let's out another sigh, puts the phone aside and tried again to put attention to the print-outs on her lap.
But no matter how hard she tried to focus, that was impossible. The whole concussion of nervous feelings in her body prevented her to understand a word she read. And mentally she accused herself. " Take this now, you brat! I thought you said you're never doing this again. What the hell is this now? You seriously need to stop it. What in heaven's name where you thinking? You had to say noooo, just plain NO! But naah, you had to mess up. Now here you are....blame it on WHO? Yea, take THIS now for getting yourself in this moment! And I hope next time you'd know what to say huh?" And she rolls her eyes!
"Participants....this way!" She heard a familiar voice shouting in the background, and she was swept back to reality with shaking hands, a dry throat and killer cramps!

Contest briefing took place in record time. And she heard she was the only participant for this contest (in her area). But not even that news could do the trick. "I can't do this," she mumbled at such a low volume that no one could hear, "I'm not ready yet! Can't do this"

But in the end she had no choice, so participate she did.
And automatically she won speech-evaluation contest for area 2.

And now she has no option, she'll have to compete this coming week on the next level to represent her area in the next speech evaluation competition.
Each time the joy of winning sweeps away the thought that she had previously told herself a zillion time "never again". She somehow even finds the courage to even say "bring it on, other areas! Bring-it-on!" The shaking and trembling woman that was some minutes ago, is now nowhere to be found...for the time being!

And she said, never again huh? "Well yea, we'll just finish the job this once. Next time... Wait, why the hell are you thinking about a next time? No, there won't be such a thing! You stop it right this instant!", she said to herself out loud while placing the trophy next to the others on the bookshelf in her bedroom.

And next to the trophy she placed some tranquilizer drops she purchased at the drugstore, in the know that she'll probably get herself into a 'next time'.

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0 Oh, one can surely do that dance...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
It’s been said that it takes two to tango... but I say “hey dude, one can do that dance”.
Most people use the above mentioned idiom to denote that it takes more than one person to accomplish a given task.
I must add thou that in a further search about the use of the idiom, the real meaning of it seems to be more on a negative note.
“It takes two to tango is a common idiomatic expression which suggests something in which more than one person or other entity are paired in an inextricably-related and active manner, occasionally with negative connotations” (Source; Wikipedia)
But for this post we’ll take it from the meaning that is mostly given to it, that it takes more than one person to achieve a certain goal. And I am one of those who’d insist in such a case that there is surely an exception to the rule here.
Indeed for some things in life you’ll need help and support from someone else to achieve the end-results. But sometimes it’s merely a matter of starting to do what is in your power and might, and let the rest take care of itself.
Let me give you the following example, someone told me this week that he would have loved to ask me out but that he’s unsure whether I’d accept the invitation. I said, “Asking someone to go out with you is in your hands, their response is not.  Do that which is in your hand, and leave the rest to faith.”
Now his point is that it doesn’t only depend on faith, but mostly on my will and desires (as being the person to tango with). That’s why he wants to wait and see if he’ll see any spark of interest before really popping the question or moving in... ABSURD!!!
Now, to make it clear in this case, I might have said yes if he’d actually ASK (and not suggest). Even thou I’ll probably just keep it there...a “first date”. (notice: the cursive “might”)
But  what I want to make clear is, there’s no use in WAITING for someone to tango with, start dancing your part and let the other (me in this case) do her part. Or if you specifically want someone to tango with you, ask that person to allow you this dance. Even thou it takes two to tango, one needs to actually take the initiative...
To make my point clear, you don’t have to wait upon people to start any dance in your life.  If you specifically need/want someone to do this tango with, you need to take the initiative to ask them to tango. Nevertheless there are some dances you’ll need to do alone. Sometimes you’ll start alone and the dance floor will slowly fill up while you’re at it, and sometimes you’ll simply start and finish the whole dance completely on your own. But that doesn’t have to keep you from dancing. If an urge comes in you to tango and no one “tagoes” along, than my dear blog-reading friend...(to my opinion) you can just tango on your own!

1 And it was time for a reminder...

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Most of the times we’re very good at giving advice to other people.  Whenever someone is going trough whatever situation and can’t seem to find a solution we can stand by them and delight them with our insightful advice.
But what about those moments when I myself need to heed those advices I’ve given? What about those times when we need need need them ourselves?
This is one of those moments to me. And thankfully I have written down this advice back then.
It has already been a year ago... But it felt refreshing to re-read it and remind myself of what to do.
Here, I share it with you. Some of you might remember it and some of you might be reading it for the first time. I don’t know which one of you need it too right now... But enjoy!

Just Open Your Hands
By Saidiri Sling
There she stood. The five year old girl holding tightly to her favorite doll which had, just a while ago, lost an arm. She cried her lungs out. “Pleeeeeeaaasseee  fix it mama, please fix dollie’s arm!!! Mom, can you fix it? Please don’t let her die”
My mother, a professional doctor from the intensive care department, was trying with all her strength to repair my broken doll. But to no avail!!! Not because the doll was broken beyond repair, but I was making this impossible….because I wouldn’t let her go.

Well, letting go sure is hard, isn’t it? I know! Been there more than I ever wished. But life has taught me that sometimes letting go is quite necessary.
There are times when we need to let go of situations, and other times when need to let go of circumstances, we sometimes need to let go of our comfort zones…and sometimes we even need to let go of things we like and of people who own a very special place in our hearts.
But it is only when we let go that we can free our hands, so that we can open them to receive other things life has in store for us. And no, letting go does not mean by any chance that we give up on something or on someone. It means that we love enough to give freedom. It means that I care enough about myself to give myself the greater chance.
And don’t get me wrong….I do not have the “letting go” all under control. But, let’s be honest, sometimes we hold on way too tight to certain things in life for no logical reason at all. At that moment  we sit down and reflect about the reasons we held on so hard, we might just come to the conclusions that our reasons are totally insane.
For instance, I could have gone year after year playing with my armless doll…just out of fear of the uncertain. What might, or might NOT happen if I just let her go.
 Well, dollie might just have never gotten the chance to be whole again… would she?
So I once asked myself this one question, if one day…24 hours, we were given the total assurance that nothing will go wrong if we’d just open our hands…what would we let go of on a day like that?
You see, in the cycle of life it is required that things have to be let go. Otherwise life would have lost its excitement. Do you imagine if a tree decided it’ll clutch tightly to every bird that seeks a temporary home in it and never again let them go? …when seasons come and go, my friends, those birds shall surely die.
In this same way we often kill when we refuse to let go. No, we might not kill little birds. But we kill greater opportunities, we kill progress, we kill new chances, we kill growth, hopes and sometimes also relationships. Yes, sometimes we clutch them way too tight…and they’ll go limp and die.
Do not be afraid to let go, everything will be just fine. I know that from experience.
Of course, there are things in life that are totally worth holding on to. But love them enough to occasionally allow them to be repaired. Love yourself enough to allow yourself much greater chances.
So, what is that you have so tightly in your hands? What are you clutching to?
I , for example, have been holding on for a long time to my stage fright. Prohibiting myself from ever doing anything, but sitting in the audience. Yes, I would choose a thousand times to trade places with one of you; I’d sit in the audience and cheer rather than standing on stage.
But I realized I had two options. I could forever keep on holding to my uncertainties, hold on to what people might have said someday, hold on to my own thoughts…hold on to THIS broken doll in my life.
Or, I could decide to just open my hands, take the risk…and let it go.
I leave it to you to conclude which of the two options I chose.
And thereafter,…decide what you’re going to do about it.

0 Please, allow me to dramatize....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
It is appealing to wake up to some drama every so often. Especially if it's on a monday morning...
Aaaaaaaaahhh! It simply fills you with fresh and optimistic mood to start the week; and you'll be enthusiastically looking forward to whatever is next in line.

I have come to the conclusion that I MUST have some kind of a drama magnet. Don't know how...but I seem to attract professional drama deliverers to my surroundings. If it isn't the mom that over-exaggerates and worries too much and nags, it's miss issues who (to my humble opinion) needs some serious psychiatric attention, or it's the ex who can't seem to accept his place on history channel or maybe it's the DSA (dramatic strings attached) playing greedy... You name it.... I think I've had some of it.

Now, there's a big difference between drama coming from your family or a close relative and the oh-so-dreaded drama coming from a bare stranger or someone...well...let's say someone we are not supposed to be taking any of the shit from. At themoment you start getting to big a shipment of unrequested drama from the latter....oh boy...THERE'S where the tides arise! Are you feeling me? If you've ever been through, say 'amen'!

Let's say, you wake up on monday morning to some heavy load from someone in the second category. First thing in the morning... Bet it'll have you smiling all day huh?
Well, been there, done that....YESTERDAY!!! And no, i wasn't exactly leaping for joy about it.
Wasn't exactly the morning call I had expected. And I have to admit, for some moment there it had me quite moody. But hey, we can't always manage that which we get ourselves into, or the way people reacts towards us. What we CAN do is...react wisely.

Get your mental notebook running...here are some short tips to help you through;

- remain calm; the world isn't going to end because of them;
- while you're in there, don't forget to breathe. Inproper breathing causes your heart to pump faster.  and the next thing you know, you have a nervous breakdown. (lol, unverified information here)
- think clear; thoughtless reactions can lead to irreversible foolishness;
- don't yell...speak; just think about it...why would you waste valuable voice decibels in worthless drama?
- in addition to the previous...don't JUST speak. Make things clear....especially what they position and importance in your life is concerned. It is important for some people to know that shit can not be accepted from them because...well because they're simply not that important to you. Any sign from you that appeared as thou you care....has clearly enough been misinterpretted by the person. PERIOD.
- smile. Especially because there's no reason to do so. It has been proven that a genuine smile relaxes people. So go ahead and smile at the silliness of a child that stands at your window and mimic you, smile because of the funny sounding voice of a by-passer....smile just because.
- don't let any of it go to heart; as soon as something is important enough to touch your emotions while it shouldn't; stand still... You're heading wrong way, stop and turn!
So my dear blog reader....if life decides to serve you a fresh brewed cup of drama every monday morning from now on, here's some cookie to go with it. Sante!

(how do YOU tackle drama? Leave ur comment and let me know).                                                      

0 'Cause we're so different; you and I...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Tonight I happen to have that syndrome where you're as tired as a mule...but you just can't happen to find the sleep.

Maybe it's my mind...maybe it's too busy with earthly matters that it can't seem to slow down enough in order for me to find dreamland.

Amazingly enough, I've just updated my facebook status with a simple whiff of just one of these topics that's been on my mind... and in just a couple of minutes ppl started reacting.

I just needed to blurt it out, and still it seems as thou just a facebook stat was not enough...it still nibbles inside ...hence, the blogpost.
Thing is, that I personally find it pretty mind disturbing when ppl claim to be different, assume that being different is a medal of honor, but still can't show me they ARE indeed as good as they claim to be...
They can't prove that the advertisement they're doing isn't simply fake propaganda... Scam! BIG FAIL...

They parade everywhere with the name tag and dare shout it from mountain tops.."I-am-DIFFERENT!!" Some dare even slam you with their "Radically Different" board... Insisting to zap you to change...
But my point is, there's NOTHING special about being different. Thanks to the mighty creator...we're all different in our own special ways!
You and I are different, the neighbor's different, the woman in Islam is, and the child in Uganda and so's the young men in Japan and the identical twin born in Russia.
Amaze me instead, using that difference to be a BETTER person. Prove, with your daily actions, that indeed, you're better than I.
And no, I'm not talking about that which you do when the crowd's watching. Or when there's someone around to tell you how wonderful you did. But the issue here is rather that which you do when the lights go off and there's no one to applaud your "show". THAT'S the real difference!

I think being different is totally ok...totally acceptable. As long as you don't preach that your "being different" is better than mine, but live a totally opposite story...
My problem's those people who suddenly think oh-so-much and oh-so-many about being "different" while an out-stander can see no light whatsoever shining through. ZERO (positive) EFFECTS registered with your attitude... And THAT's a MISS! By posting this I claim in no way to be perfect. Not even do I claim that I'm THE DIFFERENCE in no way at all.
But this night I simply stopped to think... And I shared a piece of my mind on this blog...

My dear blog-reader...be ye different! Be ye as different as you can be. As a matter of fact, be ye THE difference if that's what you aspire... But be so in the crowds as well as behind closed doors. With all people equally...no matter what! When they're watching you, and when they're not.
If you know you can't be; drop your facade and get rid of the gag-provoking masquerade.
Quit being such a hypocrite. 'Cuz you're fooling no one but yourself. Besides, you're wasting time and make people who discover your schemes despise you profoundly...


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0 When the minor takes control...

Friday, August 26, 2011
This morning I read some very wise words. And I personally took them as an advice to self, on the quest to building up a smarter and stronger character.
It said;
“Try to remember to think long-term and don’t let minor annoyances distract you from more important issues”

Thinking long-term... I guess sometimes we all need to be reminded to do this, don’t we?
 We’re all human, and sometimes we fret so much about the small insignificant stuff that we forget to focus on the bigger pictures of life. And so do I sometimes, even if I might not always show.
Beautiful things, valuable lessons and awe filling moments can easily pass us by...’cause we’ve got our attention fixed on the wrong stuff.
These days I’ve had some of those minor annoyances. The problem is not exactly having them. The problem is letting them linger in your mind enough to worry you, push you down and become a major cancer ball that takes away your peace of mind, your joy of living, your love to life and in times, even your health.
It is sometimes inevitable, for these small drops that fill our buckets are right there to deal with at each step of our ways. You can actually do nothing to avoid them. They are sometimes in our families, in our work environment, at school... You name it!
The art is to find a way to not let them distract us from the important issues in our lives. Not to let them push us down.
I believe in order for something to distract us, it simply needs to get a good grip of our attention. It should in some way or another arrest our mind, rationality and emotions and obstructs clear thinking.

For a minor annoyance to distract us from an important issue it needs first to get powerful enough to push down whatever else occupies your thoughts at the moment.
And the mind and emotions are a pro at doing that if we’d only let them have their way. All of a sudden you FEEL as thou the person greeted you in a strange way, you THINK they must be right you can’t do certain things, you BELIEVE that you’re bound to become no more than this heap of problems and then suddenly you are CONVINCED that the world might end for you because of this.

It is, truly a challenge in life...for each one of us, to start believing we are extraordinary creatures; big enough to tackle whatever circumstance that crosses our path. Definitely bigger than any small and insignificant annoyance.
And  that we’re meant for bigger things in life...meant to attend important issues. Meant for BIGGER, BETTER and more CHALLENGING pictures.
And at the moment we realize this, the minor annoyances start appearing so small, so unimportant, sooo diminutive they diminish from being as important as to distract us from the more important stuff in live.

0 Agent Sy...reporting!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011
So, blog has been in a state of weird comma for the past month. I owe it to myself thou. Vacation, busy schedules, procrastination... The whole package!

I tell you, there's been millions of blog-worthy topics...hope I get the time to share it all bit by bit these coming days. If not, I'll mention them someday. You can be pretty sure of that...I've got that kind of a random mind. :p (I think my friends can tell you)

Well, vacation...??? (Sy puts a wide grin)
Vacation was simply "aaaaaahmazin'" !!! It was relaxing, enjoyable, unforgettable 'n plain cool. I enjoyed the views, the stay, the people, the food, the warmth, the cocktails, the free-vacational spirit...I've enjoyed it all! Mind, heart, body and spirit came back satisfied.
Celebrated my 27th b-day there and it was one of the very best b-days EVER.
Pointing out every single second of my two weeks vacation would be waaaaaaayy too much. So I spare you the (not so juicy) details. LoL
One thing's certain, the Dominican Republic knows how to make me gain weight each and every time I visit. But regardless of THAT bogus point...I might be planning a visit soon again. Maybe....just maybe!
But,sadly enough I've been back to reality for two weeks now. And some parts of reality suck!

One thing I've been pondering about...
It's amazing how one single action can sometimes change our whole perception of someone...
Panic not, maybe my perception of you moved up, instead of down! But some people...argh anyways, I'll figure my way out!

Turning the page , next week I'm starting my Master degree... LAW! I have to admit thou; with mixed feelings. Some part of me really wants this new adventure, new knowledge, new people, new achievement.
But then the other part's so unsure if THIS is what I really want... Packed schedules, study study study, stress, less blogging time and minus zero social life (compared to my already antisocial state).
(Sigh)....THOUGH ONE!!!

On yet another note, as you could deduct from the vacation paragraph...I gained weight on my vacay.
Six whole depressing kilos came back home to momma!!! Told everyone the word "diet" wasn't known where I went... I mean, are you crazy?? Dieting on an all inclusive vacay's absolutely insane! A vacay is a vacay... So I left whatever belongs home right here...at home!
But as soon as I came back I picked it back up, and as for last tuesday when I weighed in, I've lost four of the six. So, "yeay" for still winning the battle against weight gain! This tuesday's weigh in again, we'll see what victory brings us this time!

Anyways dudes and dudettes...I need to go catch a snooze now really... Tomorrow (later on) promises to be a long day!
Every time I can I'll be catching up on the blogging. And if there is a particular topic you want to see me blog about just lemme know...
We'll see what I can do about that. :p
Signing out and laying down the duties for the night...
Yours always,

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1 U wanna know?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
And THIS is how vacay starts....with awesome orange nails and a movie marathon.

Trip to the Dominican Republic's this monday. And I know some of you can't wait to hear the stories.
About the trip...I have a tutti-fruti flavoured shake of feelings going on inside. Bitter-sour-salt-sweet....

On another note I've been thinking...can we apply the rule of "whatever happens in the Dominican Republic stays in the Dominican Republic"?

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4 Videoclips, Princesses, Comments and Vacays

Monday, July 18, 2011
So, the weekend's been quite interesting. It has drained even my last drop of strength. But nevertheless I was happy and satisfied...and to some moment even ecstatic!

I had to help my brother with a video-clip. HELL OF A BUTT-WRECKING JOB!
But I have to say...I'm excited to see the results! (Will post the link here so you guys can see).

In the middle of the recording it was time to RUN.
My sister-in-law was having contractions and was rushed to the hospital. On friday the 15th... 11:54 to be exact our lifes were blessed with the arrival of the beautiful beautiful baby-girl Ly-Jeanha. (See pic)

Of course through this all Ly-Jeanha's eldest sister (7) and brother (2) stayed. with me and slept on my bed that nite. One thing I can tell you, it was nothing short of a professional wrestling match!

So, as you can imagine...it was an exhausting and sleep deprived joy filled interesting w-end!

And this morning I finally got the chance to change the blog's layout (yes AGAIN) and fix the commenting dilemma... I did my best, and I am satisfied!

Well,...enjoy commenting again! And I hope you all have a terrific week! Mine's gonna be quite 'rushy-mushy'...still two working days, and then VACAY again (Sy does a stupid dance)

Will (try to) keep you posted xD
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0 Any Comments?

Friday, July 15, 2011
Couple of days ago I’ve changed this blogs’ layout.
Yeayyyyy for a new dynamic layout! (And Sy does a silly dance)

Well,  I found the previous one to be basically too serious and stiff.

 I know, I know... Didn’t I choose to put it up myself? Yup, I did. But at that moment there was just no better option...
I personally love my new layout. It is artsy, colorful, bright, lively and not gender related. It’s not that I have anything against gender related stuff, but from the start I knew I didn’t want a layout all too girly, but neither did it had to be boyish or dull. So the actual one...well, it is not PERFECT...but it makes me content.
The only problem now is...since I’ve changed the layout, you are unable to comment
L Thanks to DannyB for calling this prob to my attention...
So so soooo  sad... (SNIF)
But I’m trying to work this inconvenience out so you’d be able to post comments as soon as possible. In the mean time bear with me...I’m not a professional you know; but I’m trying my best here!

0 YOU in # years...

Sunday, July 10, 2011
I finished reading a book today which I promised I'd read,only because I was told it was an awesome read...
Interesting enough, it wasn't the best book I've read, but it was worth wasting my time on.

This weekend I devoured the pages quite fast, lol. Approximately 150 pages per night...
And since last night I had this thought-provoking question chasing me. I don't really know if it's because of the story-line in the book. But nevertheless I said BLOG!

The question;
"What's worth striving for? The ideal life or the realistic life?"

The ideal life doesn't have precisely the same meaning for two people alike... Your mom has other ideals than you and you, on your turn, long for other stuff than your (perhaps) identical twin brother/ sister.
The ideal is shaped by the way we want our lives to become and (to my opinion) this, on its turn, is hugely influenced by the media. Movies give us portraits of prince charmings on white horses and barbie impersonifications. Perhaps you see an advertisement which gives it's own definition to success and feeds this to us on it's most costly platinum plate. Radio programs, magazines, books, billboards...dedicated to convince us that our life could use that which they have to offer in order for it to be better. Ideally, my life needs more/less of THAT so I can be happy.
And face it, even in the "imperfect" figures in the media can we sometimes recognize ourselves and ideally crave to at the very least, be different.
Longing to be different isn't necessarily wrong. But my problem is, not every ideal is realistic! And there can, sometimes, be such a big gap between what we ideally want and what we can/ should realistically achieve.

Can someone perhaps strive so hard for the ideal that they defy what reality is offering them?
Then again, what's exactly realistic?

The most satisfactory definition I have found so far stated that a realistic view is when you tend or express things as they really are. (And contrary to the ideal, not as you WANT them to be). The realistic view presents objects, actions and social conditions as they really are.


Then, I think, you can answer the question in the subject using both the views.
"Ideally, I see my life xxxx in # years. But realistically I think xxxx.
And I think, that depending on what your ideal really is, some people do achieve their ideal lives (at least in part). And some people realize on the long run, by harsh experience sometimes, that what they've always considered as ideal wasn't ideal at all. And that reality is the most ideal thing that could have happened to them...

Personally I think I'm leaning lately on the more realistic side of a living. It's just that ideals can sometimes be so.... (Sigh)
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1 So, what's your status?

Friday, July 8, 2011
When I and my friends saw the movie named after the topic of this post, my friends actually thought that the main character and I had some things in common... behaviorally speaking. And I strongly disagreed. Well I still do...kind of.
But some other people agreed there were some resemblances and to this day I have it posted on my office door...written by a colleague...”No Strings Attached. Starring Sy.”
Sy doesn’t star in any No Strings Attached!!!! ...(Or does she?)
Interestingly enough, I read some days ago in an article about a survey conducted in the USA in which it resulted that 82% of the women they interviewed have (once) had “no strings” sex. Be it with an FWB (Friend with Benefits), a “casual” date or in a simple one night stand. They interviewed 2.000 women between the ages of 18 to 63 and the number one reason for them to do this was simply for...the FUN! Widely 51% of the interviewed said that the goal of engaging into a “no strings” agreement was mainly to have fun. No Pressure, no emotional hurdles and no commitment hassles involved.
But now surprisingly enough when you search the web most sites will warn you against the pitfalls of such an agreement and there are even sites that totally condemn the act. Which is understandable!
 It touches a topic that for a long time has been (and for some still is) what we call taboo...SEX. Besides this all, people see the concept of sex differently depending on their upbringing, their religious teachings, the norms and etiquettes they’ve set upon relationships and a series of other factors.

But of course such an agreement as the no strings isn’t risk free! But then again, WHAT is risk free?

It’s simply a commitment-free satisfaction of the physical needs, as I define it. Some condemn it, some approve of it...I’d say, you be your own judge and choose what you want to do. In the end, who’ll be the one enjoying or suffering the main consequences?
But keep in mind that a no strings agreement is rated NE; which means Not for Everyone. The biggest warning sign that is boldly written on most sites with NSA information has to do with the risk of getting attached and thus...the hurt that comes accompanied with the attachment. If one, or both of the partners is insecure, extremely jealous or easily attached this will represent a danger sign for maintaining their no strings agreement stress-free.
An NSA requires you to detach your heart from sex, and yea...for a lot of people this is a difficult task. Especially for women, due to their oxytoxin level.  You have to keep in mind that it’s just purely sex, and not “making love”. So some will advice that you restrain yourselves form post coital cuddling, minimize the encounters and absolutely no sleepovers.
 It is important, if you decide to engage into this type of an agreement to be very honest with yourself. Do you really want an agreement with no strings or something more binding? How able are you to keep emotions detached from intercourse? Ask yourself some serious questions...and if you don’t know the answer the best way to find out is by experience
Hey, what else can I say?  A No-Strings is an amusing, pleasing and dauntless act; as long as you set straight rules and the intention of the encounters is clear to both partners. And as long as you know your own limits and u keep yourself to them... Always keep in mind that it’s just about the physical satisfaction...and if you’re lucky you’ll get some good commitment-free birds and bees action.  As long as you can lock up the emotional and don’t try to rationalize all too much, you’ll have fun  exploring a world of non committed satisfaction and physical fulfillment.
Believe me; I know what I’m talking about here... (wink-wink).
So, what's your status? :P.... Mine? Uh....guess twice!

0 SpLiT iT iN tWo...

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Hey, well...
Today (technically tomorrow) we split the year in half.
How exciting is that?
If you are like me, you've promised yourself at some point to try your utmost to write the best 'YOU' on the sheets of 2011. And I'm prety sure most of us can already fill a serie of an encyclopedia with the happenings of this year... (the good and the 'lesson filled').

Cheers to half a year well spent! (And courage, hope and strenght for the other half to go)

THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!! And you only live it once. So make each day count. Here's the pen my dear, start writing the second half of 2011.
Thought to share some cheery graphics with simple and beautiful advice, truths and thoughts on life...

1 Skyrocketing and decelerating blues

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Extra Creamy Cappuccino with cinnamon and sugar?? I need to be honest, I actually would have loved a tablespoon of peanut butter with that...AND (oozing) chocolate chips (packed) cookies topped with vanilla ice-cream and caramel!
Need I say more???
Wiiiilld cravings, horrible bloating, annoying breast pain and swelling, dangerous mood swings and a series of other (not so uncommon) symptoms accompany women’s most dreaded time of the month; PMS!
Oh how I hate those (aprox.) two weeks... But hey, we can’t totally avoid it, so there’s nothing left for me but to live and deal with it. So, if you’re so kind, pass me a hazelnut packed chocolate bar, a bottle of  fine wine and please, be patient and understanding...I’m going through PMS lane!
I must say that I had fun though doing my short research for this post...  The findings were totally satisfactory.
One of my most interesting findings so far?...the IMS!
Yap, the male version of the PMS.  (no joke!)
While PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, IMS stands for irritable Men (or Male) Syndrome. They could have used the PMS abbreviation and just change the “menstrual” part in it; but ofcourse, that would be a tad bit confusing to hear your man say “Baby bear with me, I’m going through PMS”. Uhm,...yea (and Sy gets a mental image of it).
Irritable men Syndrome or Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) is the term used to describe the mood swings in men caused by high stress cortisol* levels and low testosterone* levels (High estrogen levels can also be the cause). Wiki describes it as a state of hypersensitivity, anxiety, frustration and anger that occurs in males and is associated with biochemical changes, hormonal fluctuation, stress and loss of male identity.
Just as it is the case with us women, some men choose to act this syndrome out while others keep it in and become depressed.
*(Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is most commonly known as the “stress” hormone because of its role in the body’s physiological response to physical and emotional stress.
Testosterone is a male steroid hormone produced in the testicles and responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics.
Estrogen is a steroid hormone, produced mainly in the ovaries, that stimulates estrus and the development of female secondary sexual characteristics.)
NOTE: Just to make things clear, men DO have estrogen and women do have testosterone. A good balance between the estrogen and testosterone level in men is important for a healthy libido, mood improvement, a healthier heart and strengthening of the bones.
Doctors say that IMS is mainly caused by andropause (which is the male version of the menopause... and not penopause) and aging. The higher the estrogen and the lower the testosterone, the greater the likelihood of irritability in men.
Men who experience IMS complain of symptoms like
·         Anger
·         Mood swings
·         Impatience
·         Depression
·         Sarcasm
·         Stomach Cramps
·         Anxiousness
·         Hot flashes
·         Tension
·         Lack of libido
·         Hostility
·         Back- and headaches
·         Being argumentative
·         Unloving
·         Frustration
·         Being withdrawn
·         Demanding
·         Defensiveness
·         Sadness and
·         Dissatisfaction
I tell you, this search sure was interesting. And the amount of information gathered was more than I could blog about in just one time. As for my male followers who want to know just HOW irritable you really are, here’s a quiz to help you figure it out:
(Sigh)Too bad men don’t have this whole thing on a monthly basis, accompanied with cramps and a week of bleeding. But I guess that’s also something that can’t be changed (too bad). I now, go deal with my June edition of PMS. For the time being it’s comfortable enough to know that men at least have the mood fluctuation too somehow.
(By the way, for the men wanting to track their wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or friends cycle to know when to be extra careful or when things can get intense AND for the women who die of curiosity... check this out http://www.pmsbuddy.com/ . They count almost 42,000 people tracking their or other’s PMS, you could be the next!.)

0 The Victory

Friday, June 24, 2011
Promise made is a debt unpaid.  ~Robert Service
The day before yesterday, when I was drowning in my anguish about the exam, I made a promise; that I will inform you in due time about the results.
By now, most of my actual followers know the result already... HA-HA you guys couldn’t handle to just wait huh? Impatient!!!
But hey, it’s totally understandable. Having to wait is a virtue only a few have mastered...lol
Most of you know how much I “loved” working on this thesis. And most of you know how much I’ve been through to make it this far. Including totally sleepless nights and completely re-writing the damn thing. In an earlier post (dated March 19 2011) I expressed myself for the first time on this blog about the frustration of making a thesis. But surely I finished the post saying (and I quote) :
“Just a couple of months left to fight this “thesis virus” and by June 2011 I’ll be stronger, wiser, better & GRADUATED.”
The moment I stepped in the meeting room where I had to defend my thesis, I had nothing else in mind but this.
Don’t ask how the conversation went. I can still remember how I was shaking, thinking hard, hoping, fighting and trying to look strong...ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And I can’t recall much, the minutes went by fast, the questions were unexpected and the faces of the 4 people sitting at that table were (at that moment) blank...no approval and or disapproval was to be read on their faces. My heart was beating in my throat, my hands were shaking...and it almost felt like crying from pure nervousness.
And it did go though my head...”What if I didn’t make it?” But the need to finish was much stronger, and continuously it hushed that voice that wanted to doubt.
My mom was the person who has strengthened me the most. She didn’t do much neither did she say much. But the whole morning, only with her attitude and her being, she was mega supportive and calming.
And at the moment I left the only thing she said, “In the name of God, my child”. That was enough to boost me for the last mile...
The moment was unforgettable! And as nervous as I could have been, I’m glad I went through it. All of it has contributed to make me indeed stronger, wiser, better and yes...also GRADUATED.
And I wouldn’t trade the feeling for a dime...
Seems as thou I faced another barrier, I fought a giant...and I came out victorious. Next monster...HERE I COME!!!
As I said in my previous post...THIS WAS IT! And indeed...it marked the reaping of 6 long years of hard work, tears, sweat and perseverance. But I tell you, the fruit sure is sweet!

0 Meltdown...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
And here we are...hours away from the final exam. And I must say...it feels like screaming and running away!

I'm a nerve wreck!!! Totally dying from within...
My stomach's turning wildly (and yes I've been to the toilet like a thousand times already tonite), my head repeats parts of the thesis I think are important all the while going through a whole "to do" and "to remember" list, my heart is beating like thunder in a storm and I have cold feet and sweating hands...

And I know...I should be asleep by now! Resting and powering up for tomorrow! I should be fit and fresh right?
But sleep's nowhere to be found... The situation's so terrible that I can't even seem to find the sheep to start the count...
So it seems as thou sleep has been permanently cancelled for the night. Rain delay, default, the unforeseen... You name the reason,diagnose the fault, point out the guilty... I say "ok".

Normally I'm not the type of person to broadcast the news of going to an exam or having huge presentations or tests. The reason why? That's just Sy... (Was, Am and (still) is)
I don't know...it's like, having so many people pending to hear the results freaks me out! It's like feeling as thou I have too many people depending on me! That's why I told no one when I was going for my driver's license, little people know I was participating in a speech contest last year and only a small groupie knew I was applying for a new job. To save myself that "freaking out" part!
But it seems as thou I'll just have to overcome that barrier today. I can't recall at which point exactly I stepped beyond the boundaries of secretiveness and silence, but the WORLD knows Sy's going to defend her thesis today!!!! (DANG)
But I've worked my ass off for this moment...so I just can't freak out now! I've come too far!

So here we go...

Giving it our very best shot!! It's now or never!!
THIS is it...

(P.s. My phone will pro'lly be turned off in the morning. So, if you try calling me and can't seem to come through...don't panic! Send a message, I'll most likely get them when I turn the phone back on. Help me pray for the best! I'll inform you later today of the results....or maybe I'll just leave you in suspense)

Peace out!

Miss Nervosa!
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0 Femme Supreme (LOL)

Thursday, June 16, 2011
....tic- toc, tic-toc, tic, toc......
Didn’t you ever wish you were one of those figures in a comic book? What if WE were the super hero, the villain or just a powerful professor in a fiction story? What if...what if we had mega mighty, extra cool, super powers?
Maybe you’ve once asked yourself that question. Or perhaps someone once asked you...What if you had a superpower? Which superpower do you wish you’d have?
I’M UNDECISIVE! I can never decide to have just ONE superpower... There’s ohhh-soo-MUCH that I’d like to do, and just one superpower won’t suffice.
I’d like uhm, INVISIBILITY (ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye)!!! Just picture how much you could do,...if you could make yourself temporarily invisible.
Also give me SUPERHUMAN SENSES (ability to see, smell, taste, feel and or hear more than a normal human). Just the thought of it...gives me such an awesome feeling!!!
Uhm add ...MENTAL PROJECTION (ability to project one's consciousness/psyche/emotions into the astral plane, into another, or to make them real). If only I could make some mental things real...hahahah...OMG!
I think I’d also want PRECOGNITION (ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from.) But this one I’d only want to a certain extent. I just don’t think it would be so very cool to know EVERYTHING from the future. (And Sy shivers at the thought.)
TELEPATHY is also a superpower I’d like to have. The ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others. I can do sooooo much if I had telepathy... (wink-wink)
Furthermore we add powers such as:
·         Elasticity: Ability to stretch, deform, expand or contract one's body into any form imaginable.
·         Illusion: Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.
·         Teleportation:  Ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between.
·         Time manipulation: Ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it.
(Especially when you are at work and time just wouldn’t fly. Or when you just don’t want a moment to end)
·         Telekinesis: Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. (This would simply be OFF THE HOOK!!)
·         Instant learning: Ability to instantly and perfectly learn any subject. (Handy...VERY handy)
·         Invulnerability: Ability to be immune to one or more forms of physical damage.
·         X-ray vision: Ability to see through solid matter
·         Telescopic or microscopic vision: Ability to magnify vision to various levels.
...just to mention a few!
But then again... looking at my own list, knowing there are more I'd like to add and giving it a second thought I think it’s a pretty good thing we do not have the possibility to have superpowers.
 ‘Cause if there would be just a handful of people like me, who wouldn’t have sufficient with just one power, this world would have probably collapsed by now!

I want to have these superpowers...not to do anything outstandingly courageous or to save the day. Most of these superpowers I wish I’d had would have satisfied my own egotistical desires, wants and needs.
But why not just let our imaginations run wild? I know we all go through those moments when we take one deep breath and secretly wish we had the power to manipulate the given moment, person and/or circumstances.
We’ve all been a child and back then we’ve all wished at a certain point to trade places/ be our favorite character in a story and/or cartoon. Maybe because we thought that character was cool, beautiful or...simply because.
Don’t let that inner child die! Even now, you can close your eyes and imagine...YOU, a mere human being...with the incredible power/ability to do something totally WACK!!!  Whatever it is! Nothing's impossible for your imagination!
Be it by a selfish ambition or if you have a bigger dream...like SAVING THE WORLD for instance!