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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
I am a woman with perfectly crazy friends. And among the things I love about them, I adore that pinch of craziness as well...

A couple of days ago one of them friends messaged me asking if the Resolute January Photo Challenge counts only for January...

"uhhhh...obviously...(raised eyebrow)...why?"

Well he wants to do a picture a day for the whole YEAR (yup, you read that right!). But as he says, the daily "guideline"helps him achieve this.
So we decided that he'll choose a theme for each month and I'll try and help him with the guidelines.

For the simple heck of it,
for if you feel crazy enough to go on another photochallenge or
if you missed the january one and wanted to embark in the true challenge of taking a photo a day...here's the February one.

The theme he chose was "THE WORLD". And after pondering for quite a while I came up with these pin points. How do you see the world? The World through your eyes...

So here it goes.
Take a picture a day of something that you think fits to the daily description. It doesn't need to be generic and people don't necessarily need to agree with you. It's how YOU see it!
Share your pics with the rest of us. If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #TrueMyEyes .

I don't yet know if I'll do February... I might or I might not.
For as long as I can endure the challenge to make a monthly photochallenge...you'll receive one of these monthly hihihi. I might have to discuss some of the upcoming themes LOL

p.s. It's no mistake that February starts and ends with the same words. :P

Have fun while at it!!! :)

If you have any suggestions (maybe for upcoming themes or daily words) or questions you can always mail me at hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com and let me know. Or leave your comments below of course...

Bueno lovebugs,

See you guys around.

X's n' O's


0 My mother, the matchmaker

Friday, January 18, 2013
I know, I know...I have not been taking proper care of this blog. And no I'm not going to give you a whole sermon about being too busy to post and all the usual stuff.
I have been paying more attention to my other blog... hellodazzling.blogspot.com. Other than that I have been too lazy to elaborate on topics that DID matter of fact go through my head. I have posts in draft here which still await to be re-read, finished and posted...and blah and blah and blah...

Happy 2013 to you by the way...it's good to know I still have you...
Here's wishing you the very best and much love and happiness!

Now without any further a due...our first topic of 2013...


Mothers are quite predictable. Especially if you know yours well. I can still recall the countless times I battled with mine because she's say "Saidiri, that guy is not for you."

Most of te times they were just male friends thou. And there were no ulterior intentions whatsoever. But my problem with the statement always was "How do you know who's for me?" And yes, at some point the strong character in me sarcastically added "come on mom, you've already chosen your man. Can I now at least have the space to choose mine myself?"
But I know now where I got that strong character from; she wouldn't lay it down a bit. The very next friend she thought I was getting to close to, she'd repeat the same sentence she always did. "I tell you Saidiri...that man...he's not for you."

Things escalated to the point where, I'd barely introduce my mother to my male friends and I try as much as possible not to mention names when I talk about them. Hahaha
'Cause as soon as a name is mentioned too much...you know what comes next.

But little did I know that her constant hum-drum got stuck in my head so intensely, that I choose possible partners through her eyes. No seriously...once things get over the normal friendship barrier I unconciously find myself asking "Would mom accept you?" Hahahahaha as if mom was to have a relationship with them.

Today another male friend sent his greetings to my mom. And mind you, yes, he's just a friend. At first I was going to do nothing about the greeting. But in an act of total madness (and I believe it might have been the flu), I gave my mom the greetings.
And she replied "He seems like a very serious guy to me."
Immediately my brow went up in surprise..."Where is my mom and what have you don to her????"

Those of you, male friends of mine, know what I'm talking about. Some of you have even been THROUGH embarrassing moments when my mom "tried-to-make-her-point"

How surprising, how surprising....
Anyways...happy birthday to her!!! All by all...she's the best I could have ever asked for. Stubborn, old-fashioned, silly at times, hard working and a bunch of other things that would take up a lifetime to mention.
She is, by all means, my very own (matchmaking) mom.
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