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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Well...here's a small update before I hit the sheets. Ahum, I am actually already under the sheets physically, but you know...I still need to turn off the darned laptop and take half an hour to turn face down to sleep.

You read that one right...HALF AN HOUR!
Exaggerated..I know!!! But it gives you an idea of the time it takes for me to do EVERYTHING tonight...

Today was day 2 of the work-outs and my body is aching all over. Just when I thought I'm finally overcoming the cravings, I find myself facing this mountain... Jeez!!
But that's what a challenge is all about, right?
Yup...read that one right. The cravings are minimizing. Not totally gone...but they are definitely less. Of course...how am I suppose to crave while the pain in my body constantly reminds me of the Calvary I need to endure for attending my cravings?

I personally like my personal trainer...
Whoa, the lady is THOUGH. But she pushes you over the edge, and (even thou I might protest while at it) I love her for that.
She still claims to be one of the easiest ones... I don't even want to imagine what else is waiting ahead!!! Gosh...

Fact is....I'm intending to go all the way... So bear with me while I plan to give you updates of the particularities of the days to come.

Now....one last thing, how am I supposed to sleep for 8 hours, if I'm taking so much liquid and my bladder won't even give me enough time to walk back from the toilet to my bed (which now takes another two hours) and lay back down (hour and a half)?


Anyways...I'm signing out for tonight

Yours still

The bundle of pain!

0 40 days to progress. Day 02/40

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Promised I'd write about it...so here it goes!

Yesterday was the start to a challenge, and I have to say, these two first days of it are truly, undoubtedly, totally a torment!

Incredible Nutrition and More decided to do this 40 days weight loss challenge during lent and I said to myself "hey why not?". Sounds like fun, right?
Besides, I have gained back some of the weight I've lost last year, so this would be the perfect opportunity to flush it back out!
Little did I know, that I'd be craving like a pregnant woman... I crave the stupidest things. And I'm constantly thinking about food; to the point where I got a headache for thinking so much. My FB wall is suddenly full of food pictures and mom decides to cook one of my favorite dishes... (Sigh) Just so you get the picture...partly!

We will be working-out every day (starting tomorrow), we may not use pills or stuff to help the weight loss, we received our diets last night by mail and we have a personal trainer assigned(pretty awesome huh?).
The person who loses a bigger percent of his/her total body weight, wins a prize in cash. It's not a big price at all. And for me, it's more about getting back on track with the weigh, not about winning. But this is torture brother...torture!!!

Well...lemme go sleep a bit to suppress the cravings for chocolate.
I'll try to keep you updated as often as I can about the progress...

We'll keep in touch.

In total starvation,

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0 Mid-week snack

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
It's mid-week,...and day # 53/366. 
It's also the start of lent and it's a time a lot of people take to reflect...

Here's some positive words to help you along the way.
Not just for lent, but I hope they help you for life.





Last but not least

0 Feast of hats pt. 2....by Sy

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

0 And I loved!

So yesterday was V-day and... I hope you had a beautiful one!
Red and white EVERYWHERE, arrangements being sent by (secret) admirers/ lovers, candle-lit romantic encounters, beautiful wishes, kisses, tight hugs, sweet poems, teddy bears, chocolate boxes, heart-shaped balloons, declarations of love, cuddling...Have I forgotten something?
A widely commercialized holiday, yes, but to my opinion with an important meaning and a life-lesson behind it.
When you come to think about it, which holiday isn’t really commercialized these days?
V-day is truly about LOVE...
The feeling that makes the world go round. In the end, what is a human-being without love?
Mr. George Sand quotes: “There’s only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.” Of course, life’s got other things that bring happiness to a person’s heart... and maybe we should discuss the topic of happiness on another occasion; but love is surely one of the most important ingredients to a fulfilling life.
People may think about romantic dinners, lovely cards, secret admirers and “couple-to-couple-kissy-kissy-love” when the name valentine is mentioned...but in the end it’s more than just that...much, much more.
It is about the love of your family, the companionship of a friend, the thoughtfulness, feeling you are important to people, feeling appreciated...simple silly reminders that you matter to those around you and that they matter to you in return.
No, I wasn’t showered with gifts yesterday, but I’m sure that each one that I received was given directly from the heart. And each one that I have given out was undoubtedly meant to translate sincere love and appreciation to the people in my life.
You don’t NEED to buy the commercialized stuff to celebrate LOVE...make a card of your own, write ‘I love you’ on your loved one’s arm, give them a  spontaneous heart-warming hug, SHOW some love...love some more.
And even if next time you choose to buy a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolate, a hallmark card or invite the person out for an expensive dinner...that’s all good...as long as it’s given wholeheartedly.
Thou I believe it is important to constantly show love...not just on February the 14th. And it’s not  even the material gifts that matters most, it’s the gift of you...to the people you love.
So, go ahead and act totally silly....send out a message to wish someone a happy love day; cause you loved them yesterday and you still love them today.
And, by the way... happy love day to you too while you read this...
Have a meaningful, heart-warming, happy one...
Yours always,
A lovebug

0 she; falsely extinguished

Thursday, February 2, 2012

He called it desire; that feeling she had when she saw someone or smelled something that reminded her of him.
She? She called it stubborn persistence of the memory. 'Cause other than those moments when she suddenly gets all warm inside again, there was nothing but ashes.
She can't complain, has such good set of brains... The brains that stood her by through many times when she engaged in a mind game with any pretentious individual.
The only downside of these brains would be the ability to play these mind games to herself from time to time. Consequently causing a total short circuit in her performance.

Like, when she sees someone that reminded her of him... (sigh)
You see, the person didn't necessarily need to have ANYTHING that looked remotely identical to his; any gesture, body movement or piece of clothing could do the trick. And don't even mention catching a random sniff of his perfume in the air when someone passes by...

It's kind of an indescribable mixture of nostalgia, spasm, a physical warm tickle, passion and wanting...igniting in her, like when you pour gas on a fire. There isn't a single part of her that doesn't experience it, even to it's deepest intensity.Yes, even the little hair cells on her head! So intense, it feels as thou it's consuming her completely.

When it happens, it happens in less than a blinking of an eye. Old memories arise like a swarm of bees...a whole multitude of them.
And  she momentarily completely loose herself in "if-only", "never-again" and "would-have-been"...

But than again, come on,  it's just THAT...nothing but a momentary flame. A fire that looses its vigor as fast as it catches it. A fire who's momentary furry can be easily stored in the deepest darkest corner of her being ...until next time;...yes, until the moment comes when she re-encounters whatever reminder of him along her passage of life... any vague memory able to enkindle it all again.

Yet she won't call it desire. Isn't a desiresomething more intense?
When itcomes to her, in between fire and fire, stays nothing but cold insignificant ashes...ashes that won't even recal his subsistence sometimes,let stand remembering him with such ardent fervor....such ravenous wanting..such genuine ferociousness.