Check in: day 04 The wreck

Tuesday, February 28, 2012's a small update before I hit the sheets. Ahum, I am actually already under the sheets physically, but you know...I still need to turn off the darned laptop and take half an hour to turn face down to sleep.

You read that one right...HALF AN HOUR!
Exaggerated..I know!!! But it gives you an idea of the time it takes for me to do EVERYTHING tonight...

Today was day 2 of the work-outs and my body is aching all over. Just when I thought I'm finally overcoming the cravings, I find myself facing this mountain... Jeez!!
But that's what a challenge is all about, right? that one right. The cravings are minimizing. Not totally gone...but they are definitely less. Of am I suppose to crave while the pain in my body constantly reminds me of the Calvary I need to endure for attending my cravings?

I personally like my personal trainer...
Whoa, the lady is THOUGH. But she pushes you over the edge, and (even thou I might protest while at it) I love her for that.
She still claims to be one of the easiest ones... I don't even want to imagine what else is waiting ahead!!! Gosh...

Fact is....I'm intending to go all the way... So bear with me while I plan to give you updates of the particularities of the days to come. last thing, how am I supposed to sleep for 8 hours, if I'm taking so much liquid and my bladder won't even give me enough time to walk back from the toilet to my bed (which now takes another two hours) and lay back down (hour and a half)?


Anyways...I'm signing out for tonight

Yours still

The bundle of pain!


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