0 Happy Birthday to....WHO?

Friday, April 29, 2011
Here goes yet another late post!! Yup...

And suddenly it came to pass, april 23rd was my last night in Aruba. And D planned out a dinner with two mutual friends!

I have to say...I had an UHMAZING time during that dinner!
The place was good, food was better than I thought and the company was THE BEST. We really did have a blast! (Or atleast I did!)

After forcing down a plate of delicious chicken wings with fries and lapsing a 10 minute break...came time for dessert!
I knew I'd be full, so I ordered one cake and asked D to share it!
The ultimate shocker was when the dessert was brought to the table and one of our friends said to the waiter "sir, we forgot to mention...it's her b-day today!" (Pointing at me)

Oh boy,...I had to quickly switch off the synchronization between my mental reaction and my actual reaction(read facial expression and posture). The waiter quickly grabbed my dessert and took it back to the kitchen and brought it back with a candle and 2 other waiters came along singing happy birthday.
Really, my mind was screaming "OMG, what?" while I still managed to paste a "happy, birthday-girl smile" on my face and I guess I even appeared to blush.

But in the end it was super fun...
And FYI, we paid for both desserts...even the fake b-day girl one!

(P.S. I did save the candle and the silly hat my friend made me as a reminder of this joke. Too good!)

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2 OMG! He skipped the blowjob

Friday, April 22, 2011
Actually I had to write this one ever since we landed in Aruba. But blame me for enjoying my vacation so much I barely had time to really blog about it all.

But here's the thing...

You know how at the start of your flight on any commercial airline the flight attendant would stand in front and give a demonstration of the safety instructions during the flight?

Well, we had that too on our flight to Aruba! (Duh)
The flight attendant, a neat and educated looking guy, stood in front and mimicked as a recording played the well-known instructions which he must have heard and mimicked yet a thousand times already!

And then, he came to the life jacket part...
(A female voice on the recording)
"A life vest is located in a pouch under your seat..." (Of course I reached down to make sure mine was there indeed. And there it was!)
"... When instructed to do so, open the plastic pouch and remove the vest. Slip it over your head. Pass the straps around your waist and adjust at the front. To inflate the vest, pull firmly on the red cord, only when leaving the aircraft..." (And the flight attendant graciously demonstrated how it should be done) "... If you need to refill the vest, blow into the mouthpieces...". (GASP,....straight face...raises one eyebrow and turned to my friend sitting beside me; "uhm, he didn't show us how to blow!!!!")

(Sy uses a fake high pitched dramatic voice)
What if something happens and I suddenly need to blow in that orange/ red colored tube to keep myself alive?...I wouldn't know how to!!!!


But seriously, was that part of an issue? Was he too lazy to blow? Or,... what exactly was it?
Let's see if the flight attendant on the flight back home shows us how to blow...

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1 I think, it's called an escapade...

Something really had me pondering about this word these last two days.

Reason why it suddenly lingers in my mind? No idea...

I'm still in Aruba, almost at the end of my well deserved and widely enjoyed vacation. And somehow it has been an adventure. Been through so much during this trip...it's hilarious. But worth every minute...

Uhm...which aspect of an adventure I have been thinking of?
Well,...let's call it...the "sparkle" that can make you sometimes do stuff you normally wouldn't have done in your sane mind!
That type of an adventure that can make you cross the thin line between caution and safety! (Note: I use "can", cause it doesn't necessarily have to be that extreme). Whether or not I crossed that line here in Aruba? LoL...I'll make use of my right to be silent! (Wink)

The borders of adventure can differ from one person to another.
Dictionary.com defines an adventure as being 1. A risky undertaking or 2. An exciting experience.
What's risky for me isn't necessarily risky for one of my brothers and that which I categorize as being exiting might not be exiting for my friends.
So, being adventuresome is really quite relative...

But, to be specific, I've been pondering upon that type of an adventure that takes one deep breath, an upset stomach, difficulty to swallow and cold feet before you undergo it.
Exactly that type that makes you smile afterwards and say "OMG, I have something else to tell my grandchildren!" ('Cause being your old self then, your grandchildren won't even believe YOU did THAT) Hahaha
I don't know if that's to be categorized as risky or existing...I think it is (or can be) both! One thing's certain...it's an adventure!

I personally think, life's worth an occasional adventure...whether the risky type, the exiting type or both! It adds some flavor to the same ol' routine of an everyday life.
That, at least, is what I could conclude out of the avalanche of thoughts from these last days...

So, if you were thinking of doing something totally crazy just for the heck of it...I'd say "go". Just be save, so you'd live to regret or enjoy the results of it.

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1 Hope they pay you Xtra for that missy...

Friday, April 15, 2011

"No seriously, do u charge extra for this?.....I mean, hey, you're serving me after your opening hours, right?"(Big sarca grin)

That was actually what I would have liked to tell the lady working at Taco Bell last night.

I don't know if it's pure ignorance or if there's something else behind it. But hey, welcome to Taco Bell Aruba!! Where the ladies would serve you food around 8pm, even when the sign on their door says they're open from 10am- 12pm.

Hey, no complaints about the service. The lady treated us nice! :D and the food was hmmm-mmm-mmm good.
But if someone in charge is reading this, would u please correct your door sign? XD...I mean, really....please!
It's misleading!!!

A friend of mine apparently called their attention about this last December. Yup, he did!
The manager plus 2 of the workers went outside to check. But alas...

And there we were last night, having dinner in a place that (according to it's door sign) closes at noon! How fantastic is that? LoL

But seriously, if you're a Taco Bell worker in Aruba, you might want to ask for extra payment for working overtime...to my most humble opinion. (V_V)
And hey, if you're not in Aruba (and you have a Taco Bell in your area)...lemme know at what time they close! If yours DO close at the time it says on the sign, come over here...maybe you're lucky too!

(FYI: they mean to close at midnight and not ay noon)

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2 Chronicle nr? That feeling deep down in your gut!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
I've been meaning to post since friday. And as a matter of fact, I've started a draft about "the paradox of a complex personality"... Was going to be hot, uncut and pretty confrontational! And for the records, it wasn't about me!
Call it bad luck or destiny if you may...I've lost the whole draft!!! (Pfff, everything happens for a reason. Or at least, so I've been taught xD)
So I decided to ditch the whole topic for the time-being and start a whole new post. From scratch!

And talking to a new acquaintance last sunday I got just the perfect topic!

Crushes, having secret crushes!!!
Been there? Done that? Bingo, who hasn't?

(Catches a sarca tone)
Oh the butterflies...oh the warm feelings in the tummy...the silly smiles at the very memory of that extraordinarily attractive/ interesting person! Blah blah blah....=)
(Ahum)I'm sure u know the drill!

But take note...we're talking about a secret crush. In other words, the person has no idea (or pretends to have no idea) about your butterfly farm...
But the fluttering reaches to the boiling point where it makes you confide your secret feelings to a bare stranger(me) who inspired trust...

You think it's insane? =) I think it's totally justified when talking about these feelings.... You're full of that person and you need to get some of it out!
(Happy to know I inspire trust to strangers thou)

But back to the topic! First thing I asked this person; ehhh,is this the "butterfly n' sighs" kind of feeling? Or is it just a momentary/superficial thing?

Not aware at that moment that there are actual names to state these differences...
Found out that the gap between a CRUSH, an INFATUATION and being IN LOVE (and all that happens in between) has raised a lot of discussions and questions around the whole web. And I find it very interesting to read of the whole variety of opinions. The one says a crush and an infatuation are purely physical attraction and thus they come down to just the same, and yet another says there IS an order of significance between a crush, an infatuation and being in-love. (I think they need to incorporate lust somewhere in between)

Here's the definition of each; read, evaluate and form your own opinion. I have formed mine, but will rather keep it in this time :p

A crush (or puppy love, calf love or kitten love) is seen as being strongly emotionaly attracted to a person involving passion and strong emotions running havoc in the system. But it usually doesn't last...

an infatuation is defined as:
"A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction."

And love...uhm well u know what love is, right?
In case u don't...
It is defined as:
"A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness"

So, again I ask, what is it really that you feel towards that person huh? Is it really THAT intense?
Either way, I'm happy for this acquaintance of mine and the uhm secret crush..cause that's what it is, right? Or is it an infatuation? Or perhaps...ehhh should we call it being in-love?

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1 Seriously? LoL (refer to my 4th post)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Didn't know it really existed!!!!

kEwL! :D
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1 Mighty madness conference! :p

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Funny...how the voices they portrait in cartoons as the angel and the devil truly exist in our heads. Only, there are not only 2 of them. Behold, I have oh so many!

Am not sure if I should call it a conscience, unless a conscience is like an island with multiple inhabitants. Inhabitant sometimes so peaceful and quiet and at other times simply loud, difficult to understand and plain annoying.

Like now,...

It's like a conference! A big one... with so many voices deliberating about the same subject at the very same time. Just one inch of bringing you to the edge of craziness...

You have the selfish voice, the shy one, the religious one, the one on repeat, the philosopher, mr "I think", the 'laizes faire', the sarcastic momma, the revolutionary, the timid, the frightened, the cautious girl, the very proud and arrogant lady, miss diplomatic, mz nerdy bookworm, sassy-pants, 'doña introvertida'...you name it,we have it!

And aside of it all, you have THAT totally wrong voice that shouts it's opinion so very much louder than all the other ones...and sounds just so convincing and satisfying.
A voice that makes total sense...and paints an evil grin on your face out of nowhere.
And don't be surprised if I tell you...that voice can bring you to action.

Carelessly (and with a cold and rigid tone) it would say "leave the regrets for later missy...just do it. You only live once"

When it speaks lately, confident ratio doesn't have a voice and sensible logic can't work it's magic. Emotions are plainly thrown under the rug. And a cold and hard heart stands up in all it's glory.
The voice's just smart and oh so convincing...easily selling the idea of acting, talking and being evil-ish....just for the fun of it. It sells you the pro's behind it, 'facts' that it's simply inevitable and wraps it overall in the best and most beautiful wrapping of it's collection.


I'm sorry, I can't give out too much info about the "conference" itself, and all the other characters. It just won't be a good idea...LOL!

Fact is...my mind's had much traffic lately...high way traffic!
I don't know if you can read me, but I know I'm definitely not crazy. And if you still think I am...well that's ok too. Then I'd be the best crazy woman I can be! :)
And hey, if you happen to see me sitting somewhere with a blank stare on my face...think before you interrupt. I might be listening in on one of those international conferences and loose a thad bit of important information!
And if you catch me doing or saying something totally uhm...(Idk how to call it), consider it might just be "one of those moments in my head". LoL

The mentally busy xD

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