Happy Birthday to....WHO?

Friday, April 29, 2011
Here goes yet another late post!! Yup...

And suddenly it came to pass, april 23rd was my last night in Aruba. And D planned out a dinner with two mutual friends!

I have to say...I had an UHMAZING time during that dinner!
The place was good, food was better than I thought and the company was THE BEST. We really did have a blast! (Or atleast I did!)

After forcing down a plate of delicious chicken wings with fries and lapsing a 10 minute break...came time for dessert!
I knew I'd be full, so I ordered one cake and asked D to share it!
The ultimate shocker was when the dessert was brought to the table and one of our friends said to the waiter "sir, we forgot to mention...it's her b-day today!" (Pointing at me)

Oh boy,...I had to quickly switch off the synchronization between my mental reaction and my actual reaction(read facial expression and posture). The waiter quickly grabbed my dessert and took it back to the kitchen and brought it back with a candle and 2 other waiters came along singing happy birthday.
Really, my mind was screaming "OMG, what?" while I still managed to paste a "happy, birthday-girl smile" on my face and I guess I even appeared to blush.

But in the end it was super fun...
And FYI, we paid for both desserts...even the fake b-day girl one!

(P.S. I did save the candle and the silly hat my friend made me as a reminder of this joke. Too good!)

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