Mighty madness conference! :p

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Funny...how the voices they portrait in cartoons as the angel and the devil truly exist in our heads. Only, there are not only 2 of them. Behold, I have oh so many!

Am not sure if I should call it a conscience, unless a conscience is like an island with multiple inhabitants. Inhabitant sometimes so peaceful and quiet and at other times simply loud, difficult to understand and plain annoying.

Like now,...

It's like a conference! A big one... with so many voices deliberating about the same subject at the very same time. Just one inch of bringing you to the edge of craziness...

You have the selfish voice, the shy one, the religious one, the one on repeat, the philosopher, mr "I think", the 'laizes faire', the sarcastic momma, the revolutionary, the timid, the frightened, the cautious girl, the very proud and arrogant lady, miss diplomatic, mz nerdy bookworm, sassy-pants, 'doña introvertida'...you name it,we have it!

And aside of it all, you have THAT totally wrong voice that shouts it's opinion so very much louder than all the other ones...and sounds just so convincing and satisfying.
A voice that makes total sense...and paints an evil grin on your face out of nowhere.
And don't be surprised if I tell you...that voice can bring you to action.

Carelessly (and with a cold and rigid tone) it would say "leave the regrets for later missy...just do it. You only live once"

When it speaks lately, confident ratio doesn't have a voice and sensible logic can't work it's magic. Emotions are plainly thrown under the rug. And a cold and hard heart stands up in all it's glory.
The voice's just smart and oh so convincing...easily selling the idea of acting, talking and being evil-ish....just for the fun of it. It sells you the pro's behind it, 'facts' that it's simply inevitable and wraps it overall in the best and most beautiful wrapping of it's collection.


I'm sorry, I can't give out too much info about the "conference" itself, and all the other characters. It just won't be a good idea...LOL!

Fact is...my mind's had much traffic lately...high way traffic!
I don't know if you can read me, but I know I'm definitely not crazy. And if you still think I am...well that's ok too. Then I'd be the best crazy woman I can be! :)
And hey, if you happen to see me sitting somewhere with a blank stare on my face...think before you interrupt. I might be listening in on one of those international conferences and loose a thad bit of important information!
And if you catch me doing or saying something totally uhm...(Idk how to call it), consider it might just be "one of those moments in my head". LoL

The mentally busy xD

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Piso Says:
April 5, 2011 at 9:39 PM

As a fellow conference holder I can only say this.

Every time the LOUD voice says do it now, regrets for later !!!

Ask yourself if you can truly live with the regrets before you go to action.



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