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Friday, April 15, 2011

"No seriously, do u charge extra for this?.....I mean, hey, you're serving me after your opening hours, right?"(Big sarca grin)

That was actually what I would have liked to tell the lady working at Taco Bell last night.

I don't know if it's pure ignorance or if there's something else behind it. But hey, welcome to Taco Bell Aruba!! Where the ladies would serve you food around 8pm, even when the sign on their door says they're open from 10am- 12pm.

Hey, no complaints about the service. The lady treated us nice! :D and the food was hmmm-mmm-mmm good.
But if someone in charge is reading this, would u please correct your door sign? XD...I mean, really....please!
It's misleading!!!

A friend of mine apparently called their attention about this last December. Yup, he did!
The manager plus 2 of the workers went outside to check. But alas...

And there we were last night, having dinner in a place that (according to it's door sign) closes at noon! How fantastic is that? LoL

But seriously, if you're a Taco Bell worker in Aruba, you might want to ask for extra payment for working overtime...to my most humble opinion. (V_V)
And hey, if you're not in Aruba (and you have a Taco Bell in your area)...lemme know at what time they close! If yours DO close at the time it says on the sign, come over here...maybe you're lucky too!

(FYI: they mean to close at midnight and not ay noon)

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Piso Says:
April 15, 2011 at 11:46 PM


You could look at it this way.
That's being client friendly and making sure the customer is always happy !!!!


or at least almost since they didn't change the sign yet !!

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