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Monday, July 30, 2012
Yesterday was my 28th Birthday (on the 28th of July) and THIS is my 100th post...
Again one double slamming reason for celebration.

I really had an amazing time yesterday. It was really more than I could dare ask for. Sublime. Really an unforgettable birthday!

For my 100th post I actually wanted to do something different, but really...nothing came to mind.
While showering last night (yes, I tend to get my ideas at the most non convenient moments) I came to the idea of simply posting 28 of the most important things I've learned up until now...

So here goes:

  1. I've learned that YOU need to fight for what you want in life. If you don't do it, nobody's going to do it for you. Nothing's going to just fall in your bosom, you want it? Go get it!;
  2. I've learned that most mistakes CAN be corrected. The mark of the white-out will still be visible, scars will still be there, maybe even a stain as a constant reminder...but the actual mistake won't be no more.;
  3. I've learned that you really never stop missing some people...or at least not for a long long LONG time;
  4. I've learned that whatever we've lost in the course of life, it shouldn't be hope. Even when strength is gone and the courage to persevere is nowhere to be found;
  5. I've learned that we sometimes need to take a risk and do the unexpected in order to discover parts of ourselves we might have never before explored;
  6. I've learned that it is way more important to be your own friend, before trying to befriend anyone else. If you want others to accept you just as you are, start by accepting yourself;
  7. I've learned that change is inevitable, but it is your choice how YOU deal with the changes that take place in your life;
  8. I've learned that people should sometimes stop hiding behind shimmer and shine and just do what they feel in their hearts to be right, in the end you can never please everybody. And there is no need to do so. No matter how hard you try, someone's always going to disagree;
  9. I've learned to stop and cherish each moment. The 29th of July of the year 2012? It will NEVER happen again...and I'm only 28 once in my whole lifetime. Each single minute is valuable;
  10. I've learned that my family is one of the most important bolts in my life; these people help holding my whole existence together;
  11. I've learned that the mind's not always right. Sometimes the mind's too rational, sometimes we should simply follow our hearts;
  12. I've learned that  to trust is an art. Trust's not freely given, we earn trust! And by the way, I believe if real trust is earned it shouldn't be that easy to lose.
  13. I've learned that people need to have solo time every now and than. Hit the cinema on your own? or cozy out in a restaurant with some yummy food and a magazine? Totally re-energized!!
  14. I've learned that love's really a big word, used indeed too often and wayyyy too easily;
  15. I've learned that music is really very similar to a drug. A beautiful melody? Lyrics that speak? A simple good song? Who can really have enough?;
  16. I've learned that a whole world might lie behind one unspoken word. Undiscovered poets, uncaught thieves, unsung heroes, simple nobles, heartless villains, or sometimes a simple unquenchable lover. My advice? speak up if you must;
  17. I've learned that real, meaningful, heartfelt relationships don't come with price tags. Otherwise they would have been too pricey, wouldn't they?;
  18. I've learned that setting great goals mean nothing if you don't intend to move beyond your own boundaries to achieve these goals. Great goals require great guts.
  19. I've learned that we sometimes need to be more willing to help someone out without expecting anything in return;
  20. I've learned that no fancy words are needed  to genuine and sincere;
  21. I've learned that it is more important to have a bouquet adorning my table today than a wreath at my grave;
  22. I've learned that a relationship with God isn't quite necessarily the soap play that people has made it to be nowadays;
  23. I've learned that creativity makes life overall more beautiful and enjoyable;
  24. I've learned that we sometimes need to stop expecting people to give meaning to our definitions. We all have our own definition for beauty, intelligence, stupidity and other behavioral matters. Expecting people to fit in our definitions frustrates us, the relationship and cripples the person somehow;
  25. I've learned that big wars really originate from small meaningless arguments sometimes;
  26. Likewise I've learned that little things can brighten up our whole day. Think of the smile of a little child, a little unexpected note, a hug from a dear one, a simple thank you, an encouragement from someone who matters...;
  27. I've learned that  it takes a mature, responsible and secure person to admit a fault. Small people always try to find something or someone else to blame;
  28. I've learned that when spoken words don't suffice, writing can be a marvelous aid. ( haha ;), sure...ask me about it)

So this was parts of it all...Hope you found something that inspired you. If so, write it down and hang it somewhere you may see it frequently...
And by the way...congrats to you too...for having been through 100 mile stones in the chronicles of a woman named Sy.

I appreciate you mucho! 


0 Hottie or Hooker?

Friday, July 27, 2012
We all know it! The color red on a woman usually symbolizes sexiness, confidence, energy or...you name it...

A woman wrote on her blog "hmm I'm feeling confident and I want to be noticed today; a red dress it's gonna be!" And her blog says that the color suggests a more outgoing person and that the person who wears red is trying to draw more attention to themselves.

All of which is basically true. It has been proven scientifically that the color red increases our enthusiasm, stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat and pulse, encourages action and confidence, provides a sense of protection from fears and anxieties. So, theoretically...the above IS true. But than again, the following discovery basically also is...

A well known blog published recently an article about a psychologic study that has been conducted at the University of South Brittany in France on 120 men; researching their reaction on women wearing different colors of clothing (blue, white. red and green to name a few).
They were asked to rate the attractiveness of these women on a scale of 1 to 9 and also were they asked to rate how likely they thought the probability was that the woman would sleep with them on the first date (based only on the womans appearance).

And as you can already imagine, red rated higher as the most attractive color on women (followed by white, blue and green) and also the women wearing red rated higher as being those most likely to go to bed with a man on the first date (followed by blue, green and lastly white).

Well, if indeed red has an effect on the respiration, heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure...these results might as well be true in some way.... or not?

The psychologists then concluded that a men would most likely ask intimate questions of the woman wearing red on a date and also sit closer to her. And also a female hitch hiker wearing a red blouse would most likely get a ride from a man than from a fellow female.

So these French Psychologists state that their studies show clearly that the color red is connected to lust, romantic love and the female fertility between a man and a woman

Interestingly enough I came across a similar research that was conducted in 2008 in two universities of Rochester. In this case the men were shown the very same woman wearing different colored blouses and/or with a different frame color for the picture.
They were asked several questions among which the attractiveness of the woman and how much money they  would be willing to spend on the person if going to a date with her with $100 in their pockets.

Again...the same results... When the woman wore red (or when even just her photo was framed in red), the men found her to be prettier, sexually more desirable and were willing to treat her to a more expensive outing.

In both studies they linked this reaction with the men's primal instinct; saying it to the be the same reaction as baboons, macaques and chimpanzees have towards the females of their specie. They say that the female's perineum of these animals actually reddens conspicuously when nearing ovulation so to send a clear sexual signal to the males of their specie. So, they said, this reaction in human males might be connected to their "wild" side.
But they also say it might be cultural. Red roses, hearts, lingerie, Valentine's Day... all linked to romanticism.

It is also important to mention that one of these studies explains that this red effect extends only to (heterosexual) males (homosexuals and men with red-green color blindness were not used in the research). And also, that men are really unaware of the role of color play in their attraction.
Red did not increase the attractiveness level from females rating other females. And the high rating of a men to a woman wearing red had nothing to do with the woman's intelligence, likability, competitiveness, personality or kindness;  it's plain sexual.

So both studies state that the attractiveness factor of the color red on a female to a male is actually nothing more than the sexual edge the color adds to the woman. And there are plenty of other researches that send out the same information about women wearing the color red. It does, whether subtly or out loud, send out some type of "take me to bed easily" card beside signaling just the hotness & attractiveness in a woman.
Now does this information change the way we (women) will use the color in the future? (To our advantage maybe?)

I say do the test for yourself! Wear the color and rate the reactions you get...
And if you have any (not all too personal) experience with the effect of this, please let us know!

1 Subliminal messages

Saturday, July 7, 2012
"Ever felt as though you're having a "subliminal" conversation?"

You know, one of those conversations in which you know you both have so much to say...yet neither of you really says any of it?
Haha..I'm having one of those conversations right THIS instant, and it's actually quite disturbing and interesting at the same time.

A lot is said...
You even joke and laugh at silly things said and done during your superficial conversation and at some point you might even switch to talk about some OTHER (more) serious matters. But whatever really needs to be said is kept unsaid by both of you. Yet it boils...really..it boils on the inside! :D
But I don't know, maybe sometimes it's better that way... Maybe you just... feel the urge for some things to be said but maybe it's so that life can go on perfectly without them ever being said. Maybe it's just you, wanting to hear certain things...clear up whatever clog there is somewhere up there...say a couple of things yourself.

LOL...why would people have such conversations anyways?
I know what you're thinking..."why wouldn't you take the first step into uncovering the lid of the untold then?"
Pshhh...that's the thing with subliminal convos...you don't want to be the topic-starter...yet you want it to be said (somehow).

Haha..complicated much!!!

Anyways..blogging and chatting isn't really doing the conversation any good at all...
As you can imagine...I gotta go continue my weird chat.

AAAARRGGHHH!!! I wanna screammmm... hahahahahahaha

See ya again in a while, love bugs!