0 The art of....sleeping!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Anyone who knows me personally is aware of how much I love my 2 nieces and 3 nephews. I mean, what's there not to love about these schnuklepums of mine?
Each one with their very own unique character and traits, and each one so beautifully made... It's love at first sight.

Two of them just LOVE to sleep over at my place any time I can. There are weekends when I'll have to give them a full report of where I'll be going and whether I'll be late...in order for them to calculate if they can come over or not.
And it's very cool to have them over. Until it's time to sleep...then, my love, you'd come to realize how sleeping becomes a total work of art.
My niece ( 9) and my nephew (3) slept over the other night. And nope, I haven't had another sleepless night (technically speaking). They share my bed when they come sleep over...and THAT'S the artistic part of it all.

First, there's the preparations. They want to play, they want to drink, they need to pee, they feel like singing and making music, they want to talk and tell, they want to watch tv, they want to play silly games ( and I need to participate)...and so on.
The last time they slept over, the preparation part went pretty easy. Some music, a silly tickling monster game and as a movie played on my laptop, they both fell asleep around 21:00.
Ant then...ART ACTIVATED!!!

  • My niece slept on my nephews' arm and when I finally got up and rolled her over, my nephew climbed right on her back.
  • Again I sat straight to get him off her back.
  • In just a while he crawls to the end of the bed and places his head on her feet.
  • Sat up again and pulled him up, putting his head to rest on the pillow between me and my niece.
  • But then it was my niece's turn to turn around and sleep with her legs on the wall and her head on my nephews stomach.
  • Got up to put her as she should be...
  •  But not long thereafter my nephew decides to sleep horizontally between us. Leaving me sleeping half off the bed and my niece all the way against the wall.

Somehow...somewhere in the middle of the night I managed to fall asleep. Only to wake up to the small hand of my nephew at 7 am, patting me on my face...claiming that it's time to wake up, 'cause it's no longer dark outside.
With my eyes still shut I answered : "No honey, come...sleep a while longer." But there was no way convincing him...he was sure...it was time to wake up. And after fighting the circumstances for about 10 more minutes I sat up straight in bed yawning like a hungry lion. Still very sleepy and majorly exhausted from the whole 'wrestling match'I endured the night before.
As thou it wasn't enough, he randomly jumped back on the bed and straigth on his sisters' back to wake her up. This boy is a tornado...full of energy!

My niece took it differently thou...
She furiously got up and jumped out of the bed; and with a whiny", high pitched voice she stormed out  of the bedroomsaying "...and I didn't EVEN get the chance to sleep!!!

How ironic!

2 That's rather...inappropriate

Friday, October 19, 2012
Everybody has inappropriate stuff right?


Of course I mean that kind of stuff that is not exactly prohibited but yeah, you prefer not to broadcast their existence.

FINE!!! I’m the only one who has them. Now sit down and let me do my whole talk-of-shame.
Well I have this…this…inappropriate THING. And up until now it’s been perfectly fine to have it. No worries!!! It does its job excellently and I never had to explain its existence…ever!
My days have been pretty long lately. So much to do, so little time. One of the consequences of this schedule is that when I reach home at the end of the day…my physical battery is drained and my internal system is hibernating. EXACTLY what came over me the other day!!!
I’m also house-sitting these days, so I almost only go home to pick up clothes and do the basics. And in my trip home the other night I’ve left the inappropriate object…well…I’ve left it in QUITE an inappropriate place!
And it wasn’t until the next morning when I reached home to pick up some stuff before leaving for work…..that. I. noticed. OMG!!!! I’m deliciously caramelized by nature (speaking of my skin tone of course), but I think I went death pale. This could simply NOT be happening to me…
In a quick maneuver to try and avoid any possible interrogations and mentally remediate the mistake I picked it up and put it in the pocket of the working pants I was wearing. With the intention to put it away as soon as I walk by the… (Cough cough) place I normally keep it. (Read: hide it). It’s been just one night...Just a couple of hours…maybe no one saw it, so I should be fine. Finish this, put it away and close the chapter...
At work later that morning, as I was thinking about what to get for lunch, I reached in my pocket and O to the MG… I never remembered to put the object away. Now I have it in my pocket…AT WORK!
I’m not going to lie to you thou, as uncomfortable as the thought was, I inwardly laughed my butt off. Silly inappropriate object…slept in a visible place and now traveled to work with me…just how COOL is that! What’s next??
In that one second with my hand in my pocket feeling up something that should definitely not be there at THAT moment, I felt like when something randomly bleeps on your body when going through the metal detector machine. But I had no choice; I had to carry my ‘metal’ with me the whole day. The WHOLE day… But every single time I reached down my pocket, it made me secretly smile.

That night I reached home around 21:30pm… Inappropriate thingy went straight to the place where I had to put it since the morning. But undoubtedly, every time I reach for it now…I remember…I remember…

0 Feather-weight...kind of...

Saturday, October 6, 2012
I have some amazing colleague-friends!!! Truly...wouldn't trade them for no other...
Why colleague-friends?? Well they're both colleagues and friends of mine...the kind of woman you can vent, cry, smile, laugh, joke and discuss with. But also the kind of women you can go out with in your free time and have one heck of a good time.
Right after my birthday we went for a Sushi night (Thou only two of us really eat sushi hihihi). And while enjoying the night...the waiter brought me this wonderful gift with my drink... in the name of my colleague-friends. My reaction? Mega silly!!! But THIS gift right here, was heaven-sent...

(the card with the 2 beautiful balloons...)

Would you tell..
Fifty minutes of deep-tissue massage at the Hotel Kura Hulanda to a woman that had several nerves and sinews tied in pretty complicated knots!!

These ladies know me well, the gift came right in time. (sigh) Really, could there be a better gift?
Just the thought of it sent a glorious feeling all through my body... Fifty minutes straight of pure relaxation and getting pampered! AAAAHH!!!

That very night when driving home, I looked around to see if I didn't have an audience from any of the cars that rode beside me and screamed several times in my car...purely out of excitement!! (clears throat) I'd appreciate if you don't tell them that... hahahaha! (Just kidding...they read my blogs)

But...well..today was THE day...
I had my appointment this morning at nine! Could hardly wait...

Right after arriving, the lady led me to a dark and cozy room with a soft, relaxing aroma and lit only by small candles. Whispered the instructions kindly, to undress and lie down on the bed and start relaxing...she's be right back!
As soon as she came back and started massaging, my senses danced of pleasure..releasing all the built-up tension. And I felt right how the knots were all letting go...  At some places the masseuse simply pressed harder, but I couldn't even move a finger in protest. It was such a pleasurable pain...breaking down the walls of stress.
I lied there with a silly gigawatt smile on my face drifting away; simply indulging in every minute of such a fascinating moment  So, from my neck right down to every single toe I thoroughly enjoyed of a mind-blowing massage this morning.

But the inevitable moment... right in the middle of my enjoyment...in the blinking of an eye...time ran out. "Nooooooo!!!", I wanted to scream in protest, "you just CAN'T be done yet! I want moooreee..Go on please, go one."
But I just lied there....and smiled as the lady bent down and whispered quick instructions as to how to get up when I was ready to leave so I won't feel dizzy and to drink plenty of water during the day so to get rid of the toxins that where released during the massage, otherwise I might have gotten a headache at the end of the day.
When I got out of the room it was already 10:30am and I fell totally alive, light, new....relieved! A good massage can be oh-so magical.

Even when I left the Spa and drove away to my next stop I felt so relaxed it was scary...hahaha...really! Even thought I had to pay extra attention in traffic, cause my body felt so well I think I might have drifted away...

The lady taught me of some tricks to see if I can persuade more people into giving me monthly massage coupons or so...I might consider to put them to the test and see if they work hahaha

To my colleague-friend... (Shuki, Claudje, SONbody and Johanna)
Ladies you are THE best! Once more..THANK YOU...for this well-chosen gift. I appreciate you guys so much...

And to you...tense reader...go get yourself massaged for a change...NOW!!
You'll thank me for the tip...really...GO!

Relaxed and happy,