The art of....sleeping!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Anyone who knows me personally is aware of how much I love my 2 nieces and 3 nephews. I mean, what's there not to love about these schnuklepums of mine?
Each one with their very own unique character and traits, and each one so beautifully made... It's love at first sight.

Two of them just LOVE to sleep over at my place any time I can. There are weekends when I'll have to give them a full report of where I'll be going and whether I'll be order for them to calculate if they can come over or not.
And it's very cool to have them over. Until it's time to sleep...then, my love, you'd come to realize how sleeping becomes a total work of art.
My niece ( 9) and my nephew (3) slept over the other night. And nope, I haven't had another sleepless night (technically speaking). They share my bed when they come sleep over...and THAT'S the artistic part of it all.

First, there's the preparations. They want to play, they want to drink, they need to pee, they feel like singing and making music, they want to talk and tell, they want to watch tv, they want to play silly games ( and I need to participate)...and so on.
The last time they slept over, the preparation part went pretty easy. Some music, a silly tickling monster game and as a movie played on my laptop, they both fell asleep around 21:00.
Ant then...ART ACTIVATED!!!

  • My niece slept on my nephews' arm and when I finally got up and rolled her over, my nephew climbed right on her back.
  • Again I sat straight to get him off her back.
  • In just a while he crawls to the end of the bed and places his head on her feet.
  • Sat up again and pulled him up, putting his head to rest on the pillow between me and my niece.
  • But then it was my niece's turn to turn around and sleep with her legs on the wall and her head on my nephews stomach.
  • Got up to put her as she should be...
  •  But not long thereafter my nephew decides to sleep horizontally between us. Leaving me sleeping half off the bed and my niece all the way against the wall.

Somehow...somewhere in the middle of the night I managed to fall asleep. Only to wake up to the small hand of my nephew at 7 am, patting me on my face...claiming that it's time to wake up, 'cause it's no longer dark outside.
With my eyes still shut I answered : "No honey, come...sleep a while longer." But there was no way convincing him...he was was time to wake up. And after fighting the circumstances for about 10 more minutes I sat up straight in bed yawning like a hungry lion. Still very sleepy and majorly exhausted from the whole 'wrestling match'I endured the night before.
As thou it wasn't enough, he randomly jumped back on the bed and straigth on his sisters' back to wake her up. This boy is a tornado...full of energy!

My niece took it differently thou...
She furiously got up and jumped out of the bed; and with a whiny", high pitched voice she stormed out  of the bedroomsaying "...and I didn't EVEN get the chance to sleep!!!

How ironic!


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