Twenty things to do before you turn 35 :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012
I'm exactly one month (and 18 days) away from my birthday and even thou there's not going to be a party and stuff, the whole anticipation as another year is nearing is always a nice feeling.

Those who know me well also know that I'm kind of addicted to Cosmopolitan (the magazine). I like everything about it! I buy it every month, yeah, and usually I'm done reading it in two days maximum. Yet when we reach the middle of the month I'm already craving for the next issue (lol). So this time I decided to read it slowly... to NOT devour the pages so hastily. :)

And I came across the next list. "20 things you should do before you turn 35 (whether this birthday is several years off or only a candle or two away, our checklist will guarantee that you rack up a few key experiences now...and are fully prepped for an awesome future)---> Says the author!!!
(For those of you who already passed this magical number...turn it around...pick the stuff you should do before you reach 53 :P)
I found some of theme hilarious, a couple sound veeeeerryyy interesting, others sound appealing, some I already did and some are not really reaching my to-do list...but still...I thought I'd share...

1. Give up a grudge.
    Letting go of the old frees you up for the new.
2. Decide on a Wednesday which country you'll be taking a bargain flight to on Friday.
    Last-minute travel gets harder, not easier, when the responsibilities pile on.
3. Ditch the "you know" or whatever little vocal habit you got into during high school.
    It's, like, not doing you any favors.
4. Create a photo album that's not exclusively on Facebook.
    It gives you tangible proof that you rocked the hell out in your youth.
5. Take your boyfriend to a cheap motel for sex
    After age 35, you wont be able to tolerate the low thread count.
6. Work full time? Ask your benefits manager about opening an IRA.
7. Still single? Sleep with a bad boy. 
    If it's good, do it a few more times.
8. Take yourself out to dinner.
    Sit at the bar, bring a book, and just chill without checking your phone every minute.
9. Host your first cocktail party.
    The kind with LBDs and wineglasses.
10.Agree to a blind date without asking a million questions about the guy.
     Just go.
11. Have a cause.
      Committing to a specific charity (1) makes you more interesting and (2) is more productive.
12. Buy a piece of jewelry that signifies all you've achieved so far.
      It will boost your confidene every time you see it.
13. Clean up your social circle by getting rid of the dead-weights.
      (you know who they are).
14. Expand your social circle by asking a friend you admire to fix you up with a friend she admires.
15. Learn to curse in at least one new language.
      Because "shut the eff up" sounds so much more sophisticated in French.
16. You know your favorite type of wine...
      Now figure out why it's your favorite, so you can describe the flavors, body and acidity you prefer to
      a sommelier and ask for recommendations.
17. Stop wearing clothes that aren't you.
      Start wearing clothes that are you, yet even sexier.
18. Ask for a raise when you've earned it.
      It is nerve-racking, heart-pounding, and essential to growing your carreer.
19. Buy the big vibrator, the smutty e-book, or anything else you used to be too shy to purchase.
      You're a woman with needs. Own it.
20. Choose a larger-than-life old-school-idol
     - Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Mick Jagger (it doesn't have to be a chick)- to be a fun, fearless model
      for your style and/or attitude.

So, saw anything interesting? Adjusting your to-do list anytime soon?
I sure saw some reasons to make a couple of tweaks in mine (wink-wink). Whether that happens before of after my 2012 b-day.

By the way..I'm not turning 35 this year :)

(All credits to the Cosmopolitan Magazine. This list has been featured in the June 2012 issue, written by Anna Davies p, 132)


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