2 Distance...it also works the other way around!

Monday, March 26, 2012

We've all heard them say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. And in certain way it has proved itself to be true.

Then again  sometimes distance simply made hearts grow apart...indifferent...cold...DISTANT!!!
Whatever you used to feel for each other vanishes like ashes in the wind... love, infatuation, admiration, appreciation...GONE!
No I don't mean to say that they' d seize to exist in full. Because strong feelings, like love...real love, will difficulty go away just like that. But simply, that person or situation doesn't trigger the same (warm) feelings anymore in you after distance came between the two of you. Be it physical, mental or just emotional distance.

At times we may even come to forget that which caused the separation in the first place. And sometimes when you mentally and/or emotionally mature, old reasons you might have used for separation...may even seem futile. Meaning that, some of us will come to regret at times that we burned the bridges that connected the two of us...that we've built some kind of a fortress in between. Because sometimes, only when it's too late, we'll realize that the relationship was actually too important to have meaningless momentary perceptions and feelings ruin it...forever.

Something always grow between people who are in contact with each other. Sometimes it's a warm and beautiful feeling towards the other person, consisting of appreciation, like, love, passion, admiration, respect, understanding, care etc. And at times...chills break loose and build up a frozen cold, tall, hard wall that separates the two of you.

If it's the one or the other....only you decide.

I think we ought to be careful about decisions we make concerning the people we say that matters in our lives.
If a person means to you, what you say they do...then be careful what you allow to grow between the two of you....a cold hard wall or a warm comforting flame..choice is yours.
I mean,....just saying...

0 Day 30: weighting to exhale... :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012
(cheerful music in the background)
Master of ceremony: "Ladies and gentlemen..."


Nah...never mind that entrance!

So hey lovebugs!!! Today was day 30 of the weight-loss challenge!!!! Which means, (drum-roll) only TEN more days to go. And I can hardly wait...

This weekend was...uhm... interesting!

On saturday we headed to Caraasbaai...
Not for a relaxing dive, but for a suffocating boot camp session. The trainer chose nothing more than all the streets with hills. What happened next, was a nightmare... Sprint uphill, lunge, squat, jump, jog, balance, step-ups...and culminate it all with a "no mercy" ab training when we finally sprinted back to our cars and got there totally out of breath and shaking...

Today we went to the Kenepa Chiki beach. Normally beach means relaxation and fun...and, you know, stuff like that.
But in this case all it meant was more boot-camp (Course we could swim and relax..and enjoy. THEREAFTER!).
50 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 30 plank 'n punch, 30 push-ups (no it's not just a bra thing), 40 ab training,then  get in the water and swim 3x back and forth and just when you think you can't move another hair on your body you hear that you'll get to repeat the whole circuit 3 times. Yup, from the jumping jacks allll the way to the swimming and once more to the darned jumping jacks and back...

Surprisingly enough...I survived!!! And my body's not protesting (YET). Yeay for building up endurance...
Cool thing was, one of the trainers drove my car when coming back to civilization. Drove to her house (which is like 7-10 minutes from my house, and I only got to drive the last part from her house to mine.

By the way, yesss...I weighed in as well...:P
Results? Well, another kg went down the drains this past week! (WHOOT-WHOOT!!!). This brings me to a total of 8 kgs lost. Nice job babeh!!
Imma try and lose at least 2 more in this last week so I can reach my goal of losing (at least) 10 kgs during these 40 days. If I lose more than 2 that'll be awesome of course, but if I happen to lose less I'm still proud of myself for taking the challenge and surviving it so far. And of course, for getting back on track with my weight loss..

Steak diet is also doing well so far by the way. The portions are reaaaally small and I still need to get used to eating steak and sweet potatoes so early...but it's totally doable! Of course, I cooked me some fiiine steak with minimum fat, which makes it all more delicious to survive... yummie!!

Uhm...I guess that's enough for an update now, huh? I mean, enough info for the night, right?

hehehe..anyways..need some rest, tomorrow is frigging drag-ass Monday again...
Lemme go finish the movie I was watching before I paused to update and then turn to some well needed sheep counting.

See you guys soon.



0 Day 26: I can open a restaurant...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
And JUST when I thought this weight loss challenge would have no more surprises to offer...BAMMM...I was almost knocked unconscious by their e-mail just minutes ago.

First of all... weight loss percentages are in!! Up until now I've lost 7% of my total weight...
I don't know what that should mean for what the challenge is concerned, but to me it means something like "hmmmm, progress Sy!"
I have no idea how they count those, and I was never good with numbers anyways...so save me that trip around the block. Only thing I know is that it's got to do with the body weight, the Body Mass Index (BMI), the fat percentage and the fat millimeters... From there....BLANK!!

But anyways...7% and still three weigh in to go....

With those results I also received diet # 2...
Oh Loooooorrddd....I stood there like a block of concrete as I read it! LOL.
It all went something like this...
I opened the mail on my BlackBerry while on the phone with a lady from court. Suddenly I chuckled out loud, excused myself to the lady on the phone, opened my eyed wide, nodded and exclaimed "WHAAAAT?!?!?" (Without actually saying it out loud of course).
My new diet contains steak, steak, steak and more frigging steak. Yup...five times a day STEAK! Starting from 6am.
Lol What the..?

Uhm...I read the mail yet a couple of times after that first reaction. And I even opened it on my computer to be sure... And yes...that's what there is on my menu now...STEAK!!!!

I mean.....lol....really????? Steak with sweet potatoes at 6am? I have never in my live eaten such a thing as breakfast before! whahaha...Goshhh...

Now I'm stuck with two dozen eggs, a sealed bag of boneless chicken thighs, baby food... (pfff) Anybody want to buy them from me???

I'm literally out of words to say now...
But steak it is!!!

Bon appetite for me these two coming weeks...

On another quick note, I got a knee support from my doc today since my knee has been acting up in training lately.
And I'm altogether hoping these last two weeks go by fast enough, 'cause I'm getting worn- out, tired, exhausted and a bunch of other things I don't even find the words to describe.

But okay,
Commitment is commitment! I'm going to push on, until April 4th. After that, we'll see what happens to the remaining excess body weight.

Almost time for me to head home. Lemme go wrap up.
I'll keep you guys posted!

Totally Flabbergasted,


0 The remote...

Monday, March 19, 2012
Somewhere deep down, I feel kinda shitty today.
The WHOLE weekend (literally all three nights) I dreamt about this same person...

I don't believe the dreams had specific meanings at all, but my wild guess would be that my subconscious is trying to play filthy tricks on me somehow.

But the dreams they left me thoughtful, worn-out, worried, sad-ish...quite uncomfortable from the inside.
Like if I want to take some kind of an action to stop it all from bothering me, but at the same time there's this something holding me back.

I KNOWWW what kind of action to take, but refuse to yield to that voice for some reason.
It's really like a ferocious battle inside. Of things I want, wish and hope...yet...


Ever had such a feeling? A feeling that kinda eats at your brain cells?

I need a vacation! Temporarily stepping out of it all...
Then again I need to make up my mind, sort out what to do...and then do...something...anything...whatever.

I know...sounds confusing and all. But it's exactly like this (x 10) in my head right now.

I guess a rewind button would have helped perfectly in such a moment like this.
Go back, erase and re-write...replay, relive, redo.
Zap the channel...pause...whatever!

Yes, I would have gladly used the remote control of my life in a moment like this...
For specific situations and specific moments...with specific intentions and specific reasons wich I am yet not even willing to admit aloud.

3 Day 22: Weigh beyond my expectations :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Weigh in nr. 3 brothah...

I was waiting on the fat percentage results before posting. But it seems as thou I won't be getting those today...
So I decided to give you the scoop as I now have it.

I'll be short thou, my lovebugs...sorry for that, but I have a workshop to give this coming week (again). And seeing the crammed schedules of these past weeks, I'd better work in advance. Otherwise I might as well not get anything done in time.

Anyways back on topic.
Today was weigh in again, and I did one of the silliest dances ever seen on Fort Nassau!!! (AHA!! we did Fort Nassau again. I hate that hill with deep fervor).
But, I've lost another 3Kgs this past weeks (Grins widely  and does another silly move). Isn't that reason enough to crazily dance around? YES, IT ISSS...!!!
This brings me to a total of 7,5Kgs in 3 weeks. It's been purely hard work, deprivations, sweats, a diet that's finally yucking me out, protests, muscle pain and even tears of anger at some point. But as you see...benefits are showing up!

Thou the weight in Kgs isn't important for this challenge, I'm surely proud of myself. All the efforts are surely paying off in the end.
I'll have to write another post as soon as I know the results in fat percentage...

But as for now... a PowerPoint presentation awaits to be made for next weeks' workshop. Tonight it's early to bed again. For tomorrow morning it's 7 o'clock in Banda Bou for some water aerobics. (Yeayyyy!!)

So, see ya around loveroos!



0 Day 20: 1...2...3..PUNCH!

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Today we officially split the challenge in two...

Woooooohhhoooo (Sy jumps and wiggles)

As a friend of mine said, the countdown starts!

Allow me a moment of sincerity here... For a moment there today, I so totally cheated. I had a piece of cake, and hell yea I enjoyed it too.
(Let's not start about the guilty feeling that followed thereafter thou.)

But yea...it's done so...no turning back!

Today was also day two of kick-boxing training. OMG... I looooved it today!!! Have I told you that I really really really LOVED it??? Hahah We got the chance to punch and kick our stress (and calories) away today. (In a high pitch) AWESOME!!!
As the (male) trainer stood in front of me I said "brace yourself mister, here comes storm!" I pictured miss Witchy Bitchy (name has been changed of course) and released my frustration like a pro. Lol
Oh boy....that was de-stressing!!!!

Hahaha anyways, I just thought I'd give you guys an update, since the first experience last Tuesday was a total pain in the innermost part of the bottom.
But I thought I'd let you know I feel quite energized after todays training session again.

Ps. Miss Witchy Bitchy would better not mess with me anymore...I can kick ass now for real!!! Lol

With boosted energy,

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2 Mid-week snack

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Here's a laugh to split the week in two...

(Weekend is near again whoohooott!!!)

p.s. Think before you ask sometimes...Or just google it! :P

0 Day 18: So you think you can kick

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
And yes love, another update. Just for the sake of keeping you informed...properly!

Today's topic..kicked butts!!

On the training schedule of the challenge we have regular indoors gym sessions, boot camp...and we have kick boxing.

Now, there's been different reasons why we couldn't get to kick boxing as yet since we started out the challenge. The trainer went abroad for a competition, came back sick blah blah blah...
Point is, today we were finally introdued to kick boxing after two weeks...and ohhh daaaaaayyyuuuummmn ... I feel KICKED!!! 
Now of course not literally, you silly. So do me a favor and change that facial expression :D
But seriously, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??????

If I ever told you that boot camp was hard...please allow me to take back my words. Kick boxing is THE killer.. LOL Mega hard!! Supersize..with fries on the side!...OMG (sigh)
And they expect us to be there again this Thursday...GAWD...someone bail me out!!! 

Naaahhhh nevermind the bailing...Imma have to level up to kick this work-outs' butt back one of these days...You know, Sweet revenge...

Anyways, I'm supposed to be getting 8 hours of snooze. And according to my schedule I'm already late. So, lemme sign out for a well deserved physical recharge.
Write you soon (as soon as I can)

Butt kicked,


0 Check in at day 16

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Well here we are,...after the much dreaded Fort Nassau Climb. Thou I must admit, the trainer was merciful today. People called in sick, overslept and had billions of other reasons why they couldn't make it, and in the end it was just me and another girl (with the trainer). So in compensation of our effort, he was gentle on us.

My triceps hurt like someone who's been beaten and my legs feel like someone who ran a marathon! All from yesterday's workout. But I'm hanging in there...

Yesterday was weigh in nr. 2. and I've lost another 0.5kgs. Might sound extreme, but I'm not satisfied...yes, it should have been more! Then again, maybe it's due to the delayed shark week...
But nevertheless I intend to push harder this week.

Eggs are served. (Yuck) lemme go have breakfast and continue on todays routine.
Hmmmm....Maybe a little swim later on will do me good. We'll see...

Anyways...see you all later, gators!

The Super Stiff Sy (todays special)
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0 Double Packed Celebration Day!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Today it’s double celebration day for us...
Yeah baby!
Today is a double packed cool-astic day!!!
As you might already know, today is international women’s day (originally international working women’s day).

And every woman observes this day differently.
I choose today, to observe it (partly) by publicly recognizing some of the most beautiful, awesome and hard-working ladies in my life...
·         First... My grandmother; such a marvelous example of how a lady should be. She’s my teacher, my foundation, sometimes my toy, my love, my queen...my all in all.
·         My momskins ( duh!! How can I leave her unmentioned); the molding that has been used by the Almighty to make me. Smart guy...that Almighty guy; He couldn’t have chosen a better one. She’s the physical lips He used to teach me, the eyes He used to watch over me, the hands he used to nurture me daily and correct me when needed. A heart of gold. A hard-working example...you deserve a prize!
·         My aunts and nieces; yes all of you! I guess it’s not exactly boastful (hihihi well of course it issss)...but I have such a beautiful family. Both inside and out... Gosh, you’re all SOOOO divine.
·         Special attention to my daughters from another mommy (Nhompie, Nahna & not to forget, Chery-Berry); precious, super intelligent, beautiful young ladies. You own a special piece in my heart and life; and nothing will ever change that.
·         My two borrowed sisters (-in-law) (Jeanha and Jhullie); you’re both irreplaceable. I guess you were exactly the reasons why I wasn’t given any biological sisters in the first place. ‘Cause I was scheduled to be blessed with two of the most stupendous sisters-in-law.
·         My beloved headache (Suly-Puly); a true friend through it all... Girl, you endured oh-so-much with this hard headed friend of yours!!! I still can’t figure out how you do it, woman! (Lol) But I’m grateful you still do!
·         My beautiful girlies (Clau, Shuki & Soniadora); women I’ve had ecstatic, loud and uncontrollable laughter with, we’ve had moments of venting out, moments of sadness, moments of pure celebration and enjoyment, moments of unforgettable fun (in and outside work), moments we stood perplexed and moments that can only be described with a sigh...and Shuki and Clau, we’ve had (ahum) OUR moments hahahaha. (Won’t mention that stuff on my blog). I have come to appreciate the three of you immensely. And words aren’t really enough to describe your value.
And of course, to each and EVERY woman reading this blog today, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being part of the complicated life of Sy somehow. Even if it is by just reading my posts :P
You all deserve a medal, a trophy, a wide range recognition...simply for being strong, one of a kind, brilliant and beautiful women.
Congrats on your special day, babes!!!

I told you the day was double packed, right?
So, before I go... (and on a totally different topic)
(Yup, I insist to borrow another couple of seconds of your valuable time)
(Sy smiles so wide it hurts)
Drum roll...
Champagne bottle pops open...
Balloons and confetti everywhere...
All because THIS blog is also celebrating its first anniversary today!!!
Aha aha...one year blogging... (and some of you made it through completely one year of reading whatever crosses this crazy life/mind of mine. So yeay for you too!!!)
Uhm, I’m not going to make any promises for what the blogging is concerned. The intention is to simply keep on doing whatever I’ve been doing here for the past year. Hoping you’ll enjoy, relate, get informed and cope with me for another blogging year.
Now go out there and buy yourself a big slice of cake and refreshments, sing me a happy blog-year and eat...devour it...enjoy to the last crumble in honor of my celebration.

Anyways...I certainly have work to do here. So imma have to leave you for now. (Sure, so you can go back to work as well. You don’t get paid to be reading blogs, do you? Hihihi)
So, see you guys in a while my lovebugs!
In celebration, Sy :)

0 Day 10; WEIGHT and see

Monday, March 5, 2012
SO, last Saturday was the first weigh in after the start of this 40 days weight loss challenge...

I'm that type of a person who normally feels it (physically) when I've lost weight. You know, I feel altogether lighter!
But last Saturday I simply did not know what to expect. I guess it was all due to the ever present muscle pain and some light bloating thanks to the upcoming shark week.

"6:45am at SDK... BE ON TIME!", said the trainer on Friday night, "and bring a fruit or something to eat thereafter, cause we're having boot camp!"
(SHEEEEZZZ...seriously?!?! THAT early on a Saturday morning???)


But when you truly want something, you'd go for it no matter what, right? All the way...
So there I was last Saturday, right on time!! And... (Sy does a weird happy dance here)... I've lost a total of 3.7 Kgs already!!!!! WHOOOOOHHOOOOOTTT!!!

AHA! And I also survived boot camp. Even if that meant to sprint with my last strength, kicking the sneakers off and keep on sprinting, squat, jump and staying breathless and shaking thereafter. (Read: boot camp was the harshest hours of training in the past week. SOME SERIOUSLY SEVERE TRAINING; to my humble opinion) But, I survived!

So, here we stand, at the beginning of week # 2...with blisters on my toes and sore muscles that just won’t ease up. Besides that all, today I feel HUNGRY! I'm seriously craving FOODDDD. I guess I have shark week to thank therefore too...
But I'm determined to absorb as much of the positivism as possible from this experience. So chill out, I'm not cheating! I'm going to behave...

Signing out in wait for lunchtime :)

A slightly lighter Sy!