Day 20: 1...2...3..PUNCH!

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Today we officially split the challenge in two...

Woooooohhhoooo (Sy jumps and wiggles)

As a friend of mine said, the countdown starts!

Allow me a moment of sincerity here... For a moment there today, I so totally cheated. I had a piece of cake, and hell yea I enjoyed it too.
(Let's not start about the guilty feeling that followed thereafter thou.)

But's done turning back!

Today was also day two of kick-boxing training. OMG... I looooved it today!!! Have I told you that I really really really LOVED it??? Hahah We got the chance to punch and kick our stress (and calories) away today. (In a high pitch) AWESOME!!!
As the (male) trainer stood in front of me I said "brace yourself mister, here comes storm!" I pictured miss Witchy Bitchy (name has been changed of course) and released my frustration like a pro. Lol
Oh boy....that was de-stressing!!!!

Hahaha anyways, I just thought I'd give you guys an update, since the first experience last Tuesday was a total pain in the innermost part of the bottom.
But I thought I'd let you know I feel quite energized after todays training session again.

Ps. Miss Witchy Bitchy would better not mess with me anymore...I can kick ass now for real!!! Lol

With boosted energy,

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