Double Packed Celebration Day!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Today it’s double celebration day for us...
Yeah baby!
Today is a double packed cool-astic day!!!
As you might already know, today is international women’s day (originally international working women’s day).

And every woman observes this day differently.
I choose today, to observe it (partly) by publicly recognizing some of the most beautiful, awesome and hard-working ladies in my life...
·         First... My grandmother; such a marvelous example of how a lady should be. She’s my teacher, my foundation, sometimes my toy, my love, my all in all.
·         My momskins ( duh!! How can I leave her unmentioned); the molding that has been used by the Almighty to make me. Smart guy...that Almighty guy; He couldn’t have chosen a better one. She’s the physical lips He used to teach me, the eyes He used to watch over me, the hands he used to nurture me daily and correct me when needed. A heart of gold. A hard-working deserve a prize!
·         My aunts and nieces; yes all of you! I guess it’s not exactly boastful (hihihi well of course it issss)...but I have such a beautiful family. Both inside and out... Gosh, you’re all SOOOO divine.
·         Special attention to my daughters from another mommy (Nhompie, Nahna & not to forget, Chery-Berry); precious, super intelligent, beautiful young ladies. You own a special piece in my heart and life; and nothing will ever change that.
·         My two borrowed sisters (-in-law) (Jeanha and Jhullie); you’re both irreplaceable. I guess you were exactly the reasons why I wasn’t given any biological sisters in the first place. ‘Cause I was scheduled to be blessed with two of the most stupendous sisters-in-law.
·         My beloved headache (Suly-Puly); a true friend through it all... Girl, you endured oh-so-much with this hard headed friend of yours!!! I still can’t figure out how you do it, woman! (Lol) But I’m grateful you still do!
·         My beautiful girlies (Clau, Shuki & Soniadora); women I’ve had ecstatic, loud and uncontrollable laughter with, we’ve had moments of venting out, moments of sadness, moments of pure celebration and enjoyment, moments of unforgettable fun (in and outside work), moments we stood perplexed and moments that can only be described with a sigh...and Shuki and Clau, we’ve had (ahum) OUR moments hahahaha. (Won’t mention that stuff on my blog). I have come to appreciate the three of you immensely. And words aren’t really enough to describe your value.
And of course, to each and EVERY woman reading this blog today, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being part of the complicated life of Sy somehow. Even if it is by just reading my posts :P
You all deserve a medal, a trophy, a wide range recognition...simply for being strong, one of a kind, brilliant and beautiful women.
Congrats on your special day, babes!!!

I told you the day was double packed, right?
So, before I go... (and on a totally different topic)
(Yup, I insist to borrow another couple of seconds of your valuable time)
(Sy smiles so wide it hurts)
Drum roll...
Champagne bottle pops open...
Balloons and confetti everywhere...
All because THIS blog is also celebrating its first anniversary today!!!
Aha year blogging... (and some of you made it through completely one year of reading whatever crosses this crazy life/mind of mine. So yeay for you too!!!)
Uhm, I’m not going to make any promises for what the blogging is concerned. The intention is to simply keep on doing whatever I’ve been doing here for the past year. Hoping you’ll enjoy, relate, get informed and cope with me for another blogging year.
Now go out there and buy yourself a big slice of cake and refreshments, sing me a happy blog-year and eat...devour it...enjoy to the last crumble in honor of my celebration.

Anyways...I certainly have work to do here. So imma have to leave you for now. (Sure, so you can go back to work as well. You don’t get paid to be reading blogs, do you? Hihihi)
So, see you guys in a while my lovebugs!
In celebration, Sy :)


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