Distance...it also works the other way around!

Monday, March 26, 2012

We've all heard them say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. And in certain way it has proved itself to be true.

Then again  sometimes distance simply made hearts grow apart...indifferent...cold...DISTANT!!!
Whatever you used to feel for each other vanishes like ashes in the wind... love, infatuation, admiration, appreciation...GONE!
No I don't mean to say that they' d seize to exist in full. Because strong feelings, like love...real love, will difficulty go away just like that. But simply, that person or situation doesn't trigger the same (warm) feelings anymore in you after distance came between the two of you. Be it physical, mental or just emotional distance.

At times we may even come to forget that which caused the separation in the first place. And sometimes when you mentally and/or emotionally mature, old reasons you might have used for separation...may even seem futile. Meaning that, some of us will come to regret at times that we burned the bridges that connected the two of us...that we've built some kind of a fortress in between. Because sometimes, only when it's too late, we'll realize that the relationship was actually too important to have meaningless momentary perceptions and feelings ruin it...forever.

Something always grow between people who are in contact with each other. Sometimes it's a warm and beautiful feeling towards the other person, consisting of appreciation, like, love, passion, admiration, respect, understanding, care etc. And at times...chills break loose and build up a frozen cold, tall, hard wall that separates the two of you.

If it's the one or the other....only you decide.

I think we ought to be careful about decisions we make concerning the people we say that matters in our lives.
If a person means to you, what you say they do...then be careful what you allow to grow between the two of you....a cold hard wall or a warm comforting flame..choice is yours.
I mean,....just saying...


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