Day 18: So you think you can kick

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
And yes love, another update. Just for the sake of keeping you informed...properly!

Today's topic..kicked butts!!

On the training schedule of the challenge we have regular indoors gym sessions, boot camp...and we have kick boxing.

Now, there's been different reasons why we couldn't get to kick boxing as yet since we started out the challenge. The trainer went abroad for a competition, came back sick blah blah blah...
Point is, today we were finally introdued to kick boxing after two weeks...and ohhh daaaaaayyyuuuummmn ... I feel KICKED!!! 
Now of course not literally, you silly. So do me a favor and change that facial expression :D
But seriously, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??????

If I ever told you that boot camp was hard...please allow me to take back my words. Kick boxing is THE killer.. LOL Mega hard!! Supersize..with fries on the side!...OMG (sigh)
And they expect us to be there again this Thursday...GAWD...someone bail me out!!! 

Naaahhhh nevermind the bailing...Imma have to level up to kick this work-outs' butt back one of these days...You know, Sweet revenge...

Anyways, I'm supposed to be getting 8 hours of snooze. And according to my schedule I'm already late. So, lemme sign out for a well deserved physical recharge.
Write you soon (as soon as I can)

Butt kicked,



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