Check in at day 16

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Well here we are,...after the much dreaded Fort Nassau Climb. Thou I must admit, the trainer was merciful today. People called in sick, overslept and had billions of other reasons why they couldn't make it, and in the end it was just me and another girl (with the trainer). So in compensation of our effort, he was gentle on us.

My triceps hurt like someone who's been beaten and my legs feel like someone who ran a marathon! All from yesterday's workout. But I'm hanging in there...

Yesterday was weigh in nr. 2. and I've lost another 0.5kgs. Might sound extreme, but I'm not satisfied...yes, it should have been more! Then again, maybe it's due to the delayed shark week...
But nevertheless I intend to push harder this week.

Eggs are served. (Yuck) lemme go have breakfast and continue on todays routine.
Hmmmm....Maybe a little swim later on will do me good. We'll see...

Anyways...see you all later, gators!

The Super Stiff Sy (todays special)
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