2 You're my favorite cup o' tea...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

“Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea” (Henry Fielding)

Pass me a cup of tea…with the juiciest news about another person’s story of love or irrevocable scandal and I’ll drift away for a while in the sweet aroma of… a gossip. Whether the love story is true or if the scandalous story really happened? I couldn’t care less… Right now, this is pure hot news.

We all love ourselves some juicy story…don’t deny, don’t deny! But at the moment you realize how some of those stories started…it is simply hilarious.

A male friend of mine occasionally visits me during lunch break to walk around, chit-chat, have lunch…or just hang. Nothing out of this world…

A couple of colleagues noticed his visits and almost immediately started making insinuations.  You know, giving you that look that says “hm, I know something about youuu” and a huge significant smile every time they see you guys together.  And in moments like these you don’t even mind correct them; Let everyone believe what they want…we know the truth.

So yesterday my friend came again for lunch break! He’s used to greet me with a hug, and since I’ve received a wonderful news earlier that morning (which I’ll have to share later) he hugged me extra hard to give his congrats on the wonderful achievement…on the parking lot at the office!!!

Logically people would see huh! And bingo! Two colleagues(say, Colleague 1 and colleague 2) walked out and found us in the middle of our hard greeting & congratulating hug.
One of them remarked immediately (in a joking tone) “What is this? What is this? What is this?” And as far as I can remember we just smiled and shrugged…

Funny part was, when I came back in after lunch and was going to the toilet…
Upon seeing me walking by her office, colleague 1 started commenting loudly to another colleague. (The short dialogue went something like THIS! C1 is the colleague who saw me and O is the other)
(C1): “You should have seen Sy today during lunch break, fully wrapped in a hug….with a guy…ON THE   PARKING LOT!!”
(O): “(Gaaaaaasssppp)No kidding me, what else?”
(C1): “I think there was even kissing…French kissing. With tongue and everything! They were holding each other so tight!”
(O): “You can’t be serious….you mean…SYYYYY?? On the parking lot???? OMG!!"

And while passing their office I dropped the first thing that came to mind, “ow ahum, remember to mention that the next minute, we were lying on the floor…”. And we all laughed about the remark…

Moments later another colleague came to me and all laughing she told me that colleague 2 also mentioned (I supposed in the canteen) that there was A LOT of hugging going on on the parking lot this noon. Between Sy and a guy…

And I can imagine what’s next… when whoever from the office (that doesn’t know us, and how we behave around each other) sees me and this male friend together on any other occasion…

Lol….yup….Cup o' tea anyone?
Cause in the end, we all love ourselves some gossip!!! Don’t we? =)
“Show me someone who never gossips and I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people” (Barbara Walters)
Just remember:
“Don’t repeat anything you will not sign your name to” (Author Unknown)

0 It's just a pain in the butt!

Monday, May 30, 2011
Some things in this world just makes you go "huh?" 
There’s this woman I know, who’s been losing weight too; so far she’s lost 31 pounds.
Excellent achievement!

She looks great and I can imagine... it feels damn awesome too.
The only thing is, she’s been experiencing a terrible pain in her butt every time she sits for a long time.
Every time she gets up to go do anything, I hear “aaaaaaaiiiii CHANCHAN!!” (ouchhhhh my BUT!!).
The thing has come to the point where I think she isn’t really aware she says it anymore. (YUP, she said it in a couple of embarrassing situations already). Before she lost any weight, she never before experienced this pain.
Question is; what in the world is wrong with her butt? Is it that, after you lose years of accumulated padding around your butt, your tailbone starts letting the world know it exists? I mean, logically thinking...that could be it. Maybe the tailbone was hidden all the time behind a housing of extras and now feels so free that it has chosen to make its presence known in quite a harsh way.
But, I searched it up (duh!). And it seems to be that this woman's not the only one with this problem. Many women (and some men) worldwide seem to be living through this pain every day. Some of them went through surgery to remove their tailbone and some others use doughnut shaped pillows or tailbone pillows to relieve the pain. The internet is full of information about this uncommon phenomenon; from personal experiences, to doctors’ recommendations. It appears to be that pain in the tailbone should heal by itself with time. And it seems that permanent tailbone pain is very hard to explain. A doctor said the pain can be minimized depending on the way you sit. Leaning backward causes more pressure on the tailbone and thus more pain. Doctors too recommend a doughnut pillow, for comfort and relief. More than forums and some small, very medical articles I haven’t found much explanation for the tailbone pain after this woman’s weight loss. But I’ve found some pretty interesting facts about the tailbone itself.
Here are just 5, for your enjoyment...
·         The proper name of the tailbone is the “coccyx”, derived from the Greek word for cuckoo. Not because of the tailbone’s function, but because it looks like a cuckoo’s beak;
·         The tailbone isn’t really (completely) a bone. It is rather an appendage of skin and fat and occasionally some bone. (Well, that could explain the link between losing weight (fat) and tailbone pain). Dr John Loeser M.D. calls it a disorganized hunk of tissue on the bottom of the butt;
·         Women have (a little) more protection in the tailbone area than men. The female pelvis protects the tailbone somewhat. Plus, women have more fat on their buttocks, which protects the tailbone, says Dr. Haldeman.;
·         Even thou injury to the tailbone happens rarely (because you’d most likely land on your buttocks rather than on your tailbone), this type of injury is called “coccydynia”. Which just means “pain in the tailbone”;
·         Some people still discuss whether the tailbone is a remaining of a tail that lost its function during evolution.
So, no answer for this woman’s literal pain in the butt, yet still an inch smarter...

0 Skirty Belle =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011
There is a saying in Papiamentu (my native language) that reads:

"Hende hòmber gusta saya." (Literal translation: "Men love skirts")

In other words, "men will do a lot of silly stuff for women" or simply "men love women". (With the natural exceptions of course xD)

But for THIS post, let's take this saying literally..."men love skirts".

If you've read my previous post you know that I've lost a considerable amount of weight by now. And one of the consequences of losing weight is...you're clothes won't really fit anymore.
So that's exactly what's happening to me! And among those clothes that don't fit any longer we have TWO PANTS I NORMALLY WORE TO WORK!

Two weeks ago, against my own volition, I wore a skirt to work!
Boy, I was hating it. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate skirts. I just disliked how I had to sit with my legs snuggly closed like a tightly closed cookie jar at my desk. 'Cause we sit facing the door and our desks has no front coverage. It's not that I normally sit with wide open legs like a garage door, but comfort isn't all too tight either. (If you get what I mean).

But anyways...point is, I wore a skirt. And walking down the streets that day I noticed I was flooded with cheap pick-up lines and disturbing stares. Thou I didn't know if I had to relate it to the weight loss or if it was the skirt...

So I decided to do the test!
This week I wore a skirt on Monday and Wednesday and pants on Tuesday and Thursday.  And indeed, men (in general) happened to show more attention on Monday and Wednesday than they did on Tuesday and Thursday. Downright funny!

I did a short search online and it seems true. Men are attracted to skirts, especially miniskirts. They say the view of it gives them kinky thoughts. The more skin it shows, the kinkier the thought!
Some men say  it's just easier...you go to the nearest restroom, let the woman bend and pull the obstacle aside. From there it's just BAM (the last part is a literal reaction from a guy on a website)
Other men just find it sexy or says that with a miniskirt they get to see more of what they like.

It seems thou that men and women have totally different views on the "why men are attracted to skirts –especially miniskirts". That was the most interesting finding of all.
A guy explained on a site (and I quote):

"My conclusion is that "the function of giving meaning" plays an important role in these cases. In other words, an important point is the act of giving meaning in that what I saw was a mini-skirt, not culottes. A characteristic of the mini-skirt is not merely that the length is short. An important point is that a fantasy rang through a man's head, specifically, the fantasy that from the hemline, he may catch a glimpse of a woman's panties.
    In talking with women about mini-skirts, I notice that a considerably high amount of women do not understand my sexuality. When asking women, "why are men sexually attracted to mini-skirts?" the most popular answer is, "mini-skirts make legs look beautiful, don't they? Therefore, men like them." Of course, I, too, think that if I see slender or moderately full-figured legs, they are attractive. [15/16] While, at the same time, the reality of my being aroused by mini-skirts is a completely different thing. This is an instance where the expression, "men and women are on different wavelengths," just slips out. It seems that when we synthesize the views of women, they think that men are sexually aroused when beautiful legs are exposed. And it seems that they desire to enhance the beauty of their legs to be gazed upon by men. However, in actuality, the only thing about mini-skirts that I am really particular about is the possibility of seeing panties."

(you can read the whole article here: http://www.lifestudies.org/insensitiveman01.html )

Interesting enough, when doing my test I wasn't wearing a miniskirt. As a matter of fact it was past the knees. So, I guess the mental imaginary of some men are beyond where the hemline reaches? or are there other explanations?

But it's interesting! If you are a woman, do the test for yourself and see. Damn hilarious how  it starts seeming as if there is an invisible magnet pulling so much attention towards you.
And if you're NOT a woman....uhm well...sit at a relatively crowded place and observe. (Or perhaps you know the thoughts when YOU see a woman in a skirt...hmmm, enlighten us!)

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0 The lost massa report

Friday, May 27, 2011
In one of my first blog posts I stated about my weight loss journey. And yes, I’m still working on it.
Sometimes the going is very easy and the motivation is sky high. But at other times not even the most motivational article online won’t do the trick. Nope, not even the colleague who tells you that you’ll gain 11 pounds if you eat THAT.
I’ve learned thou, through trial and error, that it takes a good control of that switch in the mind that makes you eat excessively, unhealthy or just wrong.
I am by nature a stress-eater; meaning that I’m used to suppress stress by eating. (Read: indulging my senses; sometimes to in an uncontrollable manner). And not to mention my harsh PMS knock downs. Stressed states and PMS, for me, normally goes paired with chocolate, chips (and dips), sweets, ice cream and junk food. 
So, in the battle for a new lifestyle, between my overindulgent self and my (now) more self conscious self, I had to find another way to deal.
And I guess you’d expect me to say that I’ve found the formula, right? Well, yes...and no!
After months of travelling the weight loss lane I have one conclusion. There is actually no super formula to the cravings for something totally satisfying when you’re wired with stress or having PMS.
The cravings will come!
And the way to deal is to have control on the mental switch that says “GO AHEAD,...satiate your wanting!!!”  and the other switch that deliberately tells you “No,...not now!”.
In other words, it’s all in the mind!!
I still get cravings. (MAYOR CRAVINGS). And I’ve managed to strengthen my mental switch quite well and can (most of the times) silent the need to gratify. Besides, I have found healthier ways to pace down the need for snacking (to mention an example. Peanuts (especially almonds), raisins or simply a good fruit juice often does it for me.
Everyone should experiment with the healthy choices and find their favorites.
At other times I DO succumb to my cravings for a good, juicy and fat burger for example; or simply a creamy chocolate bar. Of course, if I need to make this my new lifestyle in order to lose and maintain a healthy weight, I won’t be able to do a lifetime without sir!!! So I occasionally do give in... but the key is, not to overdo.
So far, I’ve lost 46 pounds (20,8 kgs) and I’ve lost track of the overall centimeters lost. Losing the extra weight feels absolutely great. You feel more comfortable in your skin, gorgeous and super self-confident.
People will soon start noticing and giving you compliments on the new you. (Even thou you have to watch out not to let those compliments boost you into allowing yourself to eat more than you should).
But the best part of it all is when YOU start noticing all the differences... It’s an achievement YOU made. And that’s such an awesome feeling! You can be sooooo proud of yourself for it...
I still have more losing to do. I’m aiming for another 44 ponds (20kgs), but most people told that much is not necessary. So we’ll see what it’ll be!  
My dietician told me I’ve reached my so called “stubborn fat”. And well ironically my friends sometimes tell me I can be quite stubborn myself. So, let’s see who wins this stubbornness battle...
Will occasionally keep you posted on the warfare updates =)

0 Interesting read...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This afternoon I changed my status on BBM to,"needs mental vacation" (for those who still live on planet Nokia and others; BBM is the abbreviation for Blackberry Messenger).

Surprisingly enough, when surfing the internet and reading random health related topics I found this...


And it's exactly what I had in mind when I unknowingly wrote that status.
It speaks about detaching yourself from your familiar environment and how this can help you get new perspectives and even make you more creative.

You bet I need one of those!!!

It sure feels good to know you're not the only person going through...

Enjoy the read!
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1 Show 'em!!! (Just needed to get it out. LoL)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
You know when someone commits a lot of bullshit, says a lot of bullshit and acts bullshitty altogether and it suddenly starts working on every small nerve you've got in your body to the point where you can barely stand the person any longer?

Like, when everything they do or say pinches your nerve tract?

Like, when you wish you could tell them to go (bleep) a (bleep) and stay their (bleep) (bleep) where the (bleeping) bleep) doesn't (bleep)?


Yes you do huh? Phew, and I was starting to think that I stood all alone in this.

Mark Twain said; "if angry, count four; when very angry swear."

I say, why swear while there's a silent classic antidote? I mean, at least it worked for me!

Allow me to present you an antidote that might lighten the burden and lessen the stress of dealing with PITA's.
I must warn you thou to use it with caution since it can cause volcanic eruptions,life-threatening tornadoes, storms and extreme flooding. LoL, not THAT graphic, just kidding...but still you are warned, USE WITH CAUTION! =)

All warnings and precautions aside, I must say that satisfaction (at least temporary) is guaranteed.

I mean, it's silent, (combined with the right expression) it's sarcastic, it's satisfying, it often catches the other person off guard, you'll say much with less effort and most important of all it's. totally relieving!

What else do u want?

A weapon we all have, but some of us rarely use.

When dealing with snobbish people, when that neighbor is so stuck-up it makes you want to puke, when you have the "me-centered" colleague, if dealing with a co-worker who thinks he/she is always right.... If you have to suck-it-up with a whinny cry baby and undoubtedly when the nagger once again unleashes it's venom.... You name the unpleasantly behaving person and I say "yes" to the use of this weaponry.

My dear blog-reading friend,

All you have to do is....smile.....and SHOW 'EM THE FINGER! (At least when they turn and walk away)

And hey, enjoy the feeling...(But DON'T overdo the usage!)

And when the situation's to extreme for the finger to help... Uhm...use BOTH fingers. And, smile while at it...the smile's important! Keep the fingers up for as much as it's needed!

If all fails, knock the bastard's stomach upside- down !!!

NOTE: use of all weaponry has it's consequences. Consider every possible consequense before usage!

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1 Threw a coin into the wishing-well

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Just like a tree loosing it's leaves at some point during the year, or a lizard going through a periodical cycle of changing it's skin....stuff change. And so it happens in the human life too.
And we don't always embrace these changes. But just as the tree and the lizard, we cannot always do something about the changes in our lives.
(All thou some changes are just the result of choices we've made)

There sure comes a time when, going through a tumult of wanted and unwanted changes, we wish things were just different...and that this season would just pass!
We wish so intense, so fervently...that the whole wishing literally starts eating us inside. We wish with such intense inner strength that even the biggest thing around us seems foolish.
And we wish...

But what now, if the wish reaches a point where you suddenly want to mute the wishing, shut it up, delete it from your system... What if you suddenly want a wish undone?
I mean,....then what?

You could say; "well you wish things were different? CHANGE THEM; it's your life!"
Easier said than done! We just can't control everything in our lives... Not everything is up to us to be changed.
I believe some things are just brought into our lives by nature (or whatever you want to call it) to bring us life lessons, to mold us into a new person, to broaden our perspectives...or maybe just to shake things up and bring some variation to life.
Everyone's life's made out of mountains and valleys...and no, we cannot change that. And I can imagine at some point down one of those valleys...u wish!
U wish things were different!
Sometimes you wish you could tear all your hair out in frustration and sometimes you wish you had any more strength left to wait until you reach the next mountain.

Life is all about changes!!!
Sometimes we can do something about them, but sometimes we simply can't. And then there are times when nothing's left but to wish.
So you wish away...
You wish you had control over it all. You wish you could find the remote control of your own life. You wish it would just stop eating you so cruelly inside. You wish you had an antidote. You wish you could just magically step back and zap things into the way you want them to be. You wish sometimes, that you could stop all the thoughts from continuously overwhelming you...
But more than anything you wish sometimes so fervently....so deeply...
That it makes you wish that you had never wished what you've been wishing for.
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2 Shit! What the Crap?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Hey, call me whatever you like for blogging about this topic.
But it's a fact, we all do it. Then why not blog about it?

Today, ladies and gents,....I'm blogging about...POOP!

XD Now,... I can't tell you how much I love the fact that I could absolutely imagine that expression on your face before I even mentioned one word! LoL...don't bother changing the expression my luv!

But hey...it IS a blog-worthy topic...
Take for instance the topic of pooping somewhere other than your house."

This is the thing,.... I know people who think it's quite normal to defecate wherever the urge manifests itself. They'd just do it ANYWHERE, as long as they can relief the war in their intestines. But on the other hand there are people who'd preferably only "cut a crap" in the comfort of their homes. So there, something to blog about...

What is it that contributes to such a difference in opinions while we're talking about something that everybody undoubtedly do?

To stool is a part of human nature. We all do it! No matter if you are the king and queen of Persia, an executive at a local bank, a cook or the person that sweeps the streets. C'mon it's one of our body's most important waste disposal methods... If that waste don't get disposed it becomes even dangerous for our health!
But regardless of the health risks it remains difficult for some people to get rid of it in public toilets, at work or anywhere else but home...

Maybe it's a matter of hygiene, privacy or maybe it's just....I don't really know.
I think thou that it has to do with people being self-conscious....or with the way we perceive things.
The human discharge has a naturally offensive smell and we usually react disgusted when someone else drops their stink-bombs in our vicinity....

Now,...take that reaction, and picture someone else reacting just the same to your foul scented aromatherapy. We wouldn't be too fancy of that, would we? XD
Well I think that's one of the prime reasons why some people won't excrete in public toilets. Embarrassed of the odor they'll produce because of knowing how they would react if they'd feel someone else's.

What I found interesting in my poop quest on the internet is the Bristol stool chart. A medical aid that classifies human feces in seven categories, from constipation to diarrhea.
And also the different methods of wiping ones bottom. (Depending on the upbringing, the place and the cultures). Hilarious, gross, fascinating and just overall good to know!

You should really look them up!!

Also, if you have ever used chinese medicine, you might like to know what's a "Radix grycyrrhizae Cum Excremento Hominis Praeparatum" xD

And be not ashamed of emerging yourself into a poop-related search on the net sometime. You'll find some quite amusing facts and info...
May I suggest printing them out and taking them to the toilet on your next voyage to take a dump?

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1 The blanco sheet...

Friday, May 6, 2011
It just crossed my mind, I didn't blog in like, AGES.
Many blog-worthy things happened between my last post and today!! But hey, you know the syndromes...laziness, procrastination, a lack of right words, packed schedules...and an ongoing avalanche of motives.

And yesterday when I decided I'd finally blog....my mind was BLANK!
                                                                 Simply.... unacceptable....xD

So, here's what I tried to do....
I tried to focus on one specific thing I'd find exciting. You know, something that makes you sit up straight in your chair with a (perhaps) mischievous grin on your thoughtful face. Something you can spent hours thinking of; adding details and making it a big, full body boom! But after holding on to any thought for a couple of minutes...capoof! Gone in thin air...
So I decided to try searching the internet! I mean, hey, I can pick a topic I find interesting and get lost in search. But that interesting topic was nowhere to be found.
Well, I gave a shot to recent events. There is ALWAYS a thought-provoking event you've recently been through, right? And yes,...the event was there... But as easily as it came...it disappeared. Like magic, one second it's there and then the next it isn't!

I could picture my mind all quiet and alone...sitting on a swing in a dark place...
Doing nothing else but swinging back and forth...without saying a word. hahahahaha. It's eyes fixed on something in the distance without really looking at anything. Occasionally shrugging, nodding, sighing and shifting positions on the swing when it gets tired of sitting in a certain posture. And then, out of nowhere, breaking the awkwardness with a smile as the silence becomes uncomfortable and raises questions.
LoL.... I KNOW...sounds like a monologue of such a drama-momma :D But it's the way I pictured the whole blank mind state I was lingering in.

It was just weird! It's relaxing, stimulating and yet so apathetic and scaring at the same time, can't really explain.
It's not that I've never been through this before,...it's just the first time I write about it :D
How I wrote this with a blank mind? I don't know! I just EXPLAINED the actual mental state I went through yesterday. Consider it... my actual best shot on the explanation of a blank mind state.
If you've never had one and want to know what it feels like...purchase one here!

They say they have the BEST deals!!!
I'm sorry,I can't offer you mine. Mine can't be bestowed mine that easily, it's worth way too much...

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