Threw a coin into the wishing-well

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Just like a tree loosing it's leaves at some point during the year, or a lizard going through a periodical cycle of changing it's skin....stuff change. And so it happens in the human life too.
And we don't always embrace these changes. But just as the tree and the lizard, we cannot always do something about the changes in our lives.
(All thou some changes are just the result of choices we've made)

There sure comes a time when, going through a tumult of wanted and unwanted changes, we wish things were just different...and that this season would just pass!
We wish so intense, so fervently...that the whole wishing literally starts eating us inside. We wish with such intense inner strength that even the biggest thing around us seems foolish.
And we wish...

But what now, if the wish reaches a point where you suddenly want to mute the wishing, shut it up, delete it from your system... What if you suddenly want a wish undone?
I mean,....then what?

You could say; "well you wish things were different? CHANGE THEM; it's your life!"
Easier said than done! We just can't control everything in our lives... Not everything is up to us to be changed.
I believe some things are just brought into our lives by nature (or whatever you want to call it) to bring us life lessons, to mold us into a new person, to broaden our perspectives...or maybe just to shake things up and bring some variation to life.
Everyone's life's made out of mountains and valleys...and no, we cannot change that. And I can imagine at some point down one of those valleys...u wish!
U wish things were different!
Sometimes you wish you could tear all your hair out in frustration and sometimes you wish you had any more strength left to wait until you reach the next mountain.

Life is all about changes!!!
Sometimes we can do something about them, but sometimes we simply can't. And then there are times when nothing's left but to wish.
So you wish away...
You wish you had control over it all. You wish you could find the remote control of your own life. You wish it would just stop eating you so cruelly inside. You wish you had an antidote. You wish you could just magically step back and zap things into the way you want them to be. You wish sometimes, that you could stop all the thoughts from continuously overwhelming you...
But more than anything you wish sometimes so deeply...
That it makes you wish that you had never wished what you've been wishing for.
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Piso Says:
May 15, 2011 at 9:27 PM

Be careful of what you wish for!!

Wishing upon lots of Wishes and then Wishing for not Wishing! It gets confusing and you get the impression you might be the only one in the world with this dilemma!

Well right now I can only say darling you have read mind.

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