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Friday, May 6, 2011
It just crossed my mind, I didn't blog in like, AGES.
Many blog-worthy things happened between my last post and today!! But hey, you know the syndromes...laziness, procrastination, a lack of right words, packed schedules...and an ongoing avalanche of motives.

And yesterday when I decided I'd finally mind was BLANK!
                                                                 Simply.... unacceptable....xD

So, here's what I tried to do....
I tried to focus on one specific thing I'd find exciting. You know, something that makes you sit up straight in your chair with a (perhaps) mischievous grin on your thoughtful face. Something you can spent hours thinking of; adding details and making it a big, full body boom! But after holding on to any thought for a couple of minutes...capoof! Gone in thin air...
So I decided to try searching the internet! I mean, hey, I can pick a topic I find interesting and get lost in search. But that interesting topic was nowhere to be found.
Well, I gave a shot to recent events. There is ALWAYS a thought-provoking event you've recently been through, right? And yes,...the event was there... But as easily as it disappeared. Like magic, one second it's there and then the next it isn't!

I could picture my mind all quiet and alone...sitting on a swing in a dark place...
Doing nothing else but swinging back and forth...without saying a word. hahahahaha. It's eyes fixed on something in the distance without really looking at anything. Occasionally shrugging, nodding, sighing and shifting positions on the swing when it gets tired of sitting in a certain posture. And then, out of nowhere, breaking the awkwardness with a smile as the silence becomes uncomfortable and raises questions.
LoL.... I KNOW...sounds like a monologue of such a drama-momma :D But it's the way I pictured the whole blank mind state I was lingering in.

It was just weird! It's relaxing, stimulating and yet so apathetic and scaring at the same time, can't really explain.
It's not that I've never been through this before,'s just the first time I write about it :D
How I wrote this with a blank mind? I don't know! I just EXPLAINED the actual mental state I went through yesterday. Consider it... my actual best shot on the explanation of a blank mind state.
If you've never had one and want to know what it feels like...purchase one here!

They say they have the BEST deals!!!
I'm sorry,I can't offer you mine. Mine can't be bestowed mine that easily, it's worth way too much...

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