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Saturday, May 28, 2011
There is a saying in Papiamentu (my native language) that reads:

"Hende hòmber gusta saya." (Literal translation: "Men love skirts")

In other words, "men will do a lot of silly stuff for women" or simply "men love women". (With the natural exceptions of course xD)

But for THIS post, let's take this saying literally..."men love skirts".

If you've read my previous post you know that I've lost a considerable amount of weight by now. And one of the consequences of losing weight're clothes won't really fit anymore.
So that's exactly what's happening to me! And among those clothes that don't fit any longer we have TWO PANTS I NORMALLY WORE TO WORK!

Two weeks ago, against my own volition, I wore a skirt to work!
Boy, I was hating it. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate skirts. I just disliked how I had to sit with my legs snuggly closed like a tightly closed cookie jar at my desk. 'Cause we sit facing the door and our desks has no front coverage. It's not that I normally sit with wide open legs like a garage door, but comfort isn't all too tight either. (If you get what I mean).

But anyways...point is, I wore a skirt. And walking down the streets that day I noticed I was flooded with cheap pick-up lines and disturbing stares. Thou I didn't know if I had to relate it to the weight loss or if it was the skirt...

So I decided to do the test!
This week I wore a skirt on Monday and Wednesday and pants on Tuesday and Thursday.  And indeed, men (in general) happened to show more attention on Monday and Wednesday than they did on Tuesday and Thursday. Downright funny!

I did a short search online and it seems true. Men are attracted to skirts, especially miniskirts. They say the view of it gives them kinky thoughts. The more skin it shows, the kinkier the thought!
Some men say  it's just go to the nearest restroom, let the woman bend and pull the obstacle aside. From there it's just BAM (the last part is a literal reaction from a guy on a website)
Other men just find it sexy or says that with a miniskirt they get to see more of what they like.

It seems thou that men and women have totally different views on the "why men are attracted to skirts –especially miniskirts". That was the most interesting finding of all.
A guy explained on a site (and I quote):

"My conclusion is that "the function of giving meaning" plays an important role in these cases. In other words, an important point is the act of giving meaning in that what I saw was a mini-skirt, not culottes. A characteristic of the mini-skirt is not merely that the length is short. An important point is that a fantasy rang through a man's head, specifically, the fantasy that from the hemline, he may catch a glimpse of a woman's panties.
    In talking with women about mini-skirts, I notice that a considerably high amount of women do not understand my sexuality. When asking women, "why are men sexually attracted to mini-skirts?" the most popular answer is, "mini-skirts make legs look beautiful, don't they? Therefore, men like them." Of course, I, too, think that if I see slender or moderately full-figured legs, they are attractive. [15/16] While, at the same time, the reality of my being aroused by mini-skirts is a completely different thing. This is an instance where the expression, "men and women are on different wavelengths," just slips out. It seems that when we synthesize the views of women, they think that men are sexually aroused when beautiful legs are exposed. And it seems that they desire to enhance the beauty of their legs to be gazed upon by men. However, in actuality, the only thing about mini-skirts that I am really particular about is the possibility of seeing panties."

(you can read the whole article here: )

Interesting enough, when doing my test I wasn't wearing a miniskirt. As a matter of fact it was past the knees. So, I guess the mental imaginary of some men are beyond where the hemline reaches? or are there other explanations?

But it's interesting! If you are a woman, do the test for yourself and see. Damn hilarious how  it starts seeming as if there is an invisible magnet pulling so much attention towards you.
And if you're NOT a woman....uhm well...sit at a relatively crowded place and observe. (Or perhaps you know the thoughts when YOU see a woman in a skirt...hmmm, enlighten us!)

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