0 My "relationship" with... (And another special announcement))

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
I know some of you were drawn here only by the title of the post. HA! Well, I'm very pleased to announce that this very post is about nothing else but my "relationship" with salamanders.
It's important thou to mention that this is more of a hate relationship than it is about love.
(Sigh) I detest them!!! I find them utterly repugnant!!! And somehow these days they've been appearing CONSTANTLY in my bathroom...

Like this morning; just about to hit the showers I saw something move quickly under the bathroom sink. I held my breath and stepped in the shower curling my toes and feeling a cold breeze going down my spine as I lowered my head to see what it was. And yes, mr. salamander quickly ran up the wall and back down again in no time. I stretched my hand and closed the lid of the toilet...If anything, I'm stepping on it!! (As if the animal didn't just climb THE WALL...pshh)
My heart sank...and I almost started crying. If I only knew it was there I would have gone to the other bathroom instead... But now I'm stuck...half naked in the bathroom with a salamander.
I once again held my breath, balled my fists and tiptoed out of the bathroom as quick as I could.
Now what?!?!?! I need to shower to get to work...and I wasn't particularly on time...
So I decided the animal needed to be killed!! I grabbed some insecticide and went back to the bathroom with movements similar to those the police would make in an action movie when doing a raid.
Luckily enough it disappeared...so I had the chance to tiptoe back in the bathroom (looking around), take a shower and then tiptoe back out.
E-ve-rything was going well...until mid-makeup I saw something move again. This time the insecticide was right beside me, so I picked it up and emptied the can on the salamander. Surprised by the obstruction of oxygen I guess...it decided to run towards me. Now, I don't know if it was running to me for help or if he was just trying to attack me; to me it looked like the latter. So there I was, jumping like a mad puppet...covered in goosebumps...and again I felt like crying as the salamander ran straight towards my direction.
After delivering it some more puffs of what was left in the insecticide can (to "calm it down" and divert the direction in which he was heading), the salamander struggled its way to  a rug on my floor and crept underneath it. I wanted it to die right away!!! But seeing the amount of insecticide I wasted on it...it wouldn't have a chance to live anyways. So I tiptoed around finishing my make-up and picking up my things to go to work; all the while keeping an eye on the rug. Time came to leave. And I decided to leave the animal to die in "peace"...I'll take him out when I come back from work. In the end it at least deserved the time to say its last prayers.
Back from work I thought of ways to bribe my little brother into lifting the rug. But in the end, imagining how he'd laugh his butt off at my silliness I decided I'd have to finish the job myself. So I approached the rug with curled toes, breathing quicker than normal and shivering all over my body... I slowly lifted the rug with a broomstick...


Pushed the broomstick underneath it, lifted it up and shook the rug to see if the corpse will fall out (all the while havint all these unrealistic scenarios playing in my head; of the animal attacking me or something and so on)....but NADA... NULLITY ( In my head, chaos broke loose and I paralyzed.)
The salamanders has vanished!!! :( I looked around and I still can't see the slightest glimpse of it. Whyyyyyy?? Why? Why? Whyyyyyy?? Why meee??? (Sy makes a crying sound)
Dead or alive (probably dead)...I don't know where it is...and I'm freaking out!!!

But anyways....

On a complete other note... (the other important announcement of course)

My brother's personal website has finally been launched!!! (Sy does a very weird happy dance and grins widely)
And of course I want to share the joy with you.
You can visit his website anytime and admire his impressive artwork. (I know that sounded kind of boastful..but (ahem) I have reasons to boast here hehehehehe)

Share the amazing art with your friends and fam, contact him (my brother) if you have any questions and enjoy the truth behind every art piece which can all relate with...
(You can also like him on Facebook and follow him on twitter if you'd like to stay up to date)

This is his latest Piece of Art named ITSaGirl. Done live in the past weekend at RouteDuNord 2012
It gives me such a warm feeling inside...the deepness of this piece...aaaaaahhh


Hmmmm...ok...that was everything for now. (Actually there's more, but the post will become too long)
Lemme go chek again if I can find any trace of the salamander before it turns dark.
(Sigh) who would believe I have thissss much "love" for those animals...

0 The Colourful Addition...

Monday, June 25, 2012
Ever since I removed acrylic nails I got into a nail polish craze.

I now have around 80 different shades and I try to change the nail colors as often as possible.
This morning I got the crazy idea to start a blog with the nail designs I try out (and some other crazy ideas).

So here it is:


Enjoy, Subscribe & Share.



0 A letter to you...yes...YOU!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey hi
Dear you,
Sorry I can’t tell you this up straight; for the obvious stupid reasons which we both already know. But I write you to give you my warmest congratulations. You'd never know how much it delighted me to hear about your achievement. I can imagine you’re ecstatic. I still remember the feeling, I’ve been there too. It’s incredible...indescribable...really...I know.
I know too, that it might come to you as a surprise, this letter. And I don’t blame you. I haven’t exactly been expressing anything positive at all in my dealing with you. So if you’re shocked, it’s totally justified.
Sure, it is more important to show one’s feelings about certain things then it is to just say it. Words are futile if the actions contradict them. I know, but I’m sorry, I’m too proud to do so. Can we just pretend this writing suffices?
But I swear my heart skipped a beat of joy when I heard the good news. I could barely contain it, you should have seen me. I straightened up and smiled brightly...and I bet my eyes had a spark. I even asked twice to make sure what I heard was correct. But not to raise any questions I lowered my head to hide the contentment...my moist eyes and the big smile of relieve.
I never really doubted it was possible thou. I’m happy for you...really! Genuinely happy.
If you ever read this and get the feeling as if this post was meant for you, I hope there’s this something deep inside your heart that convinces you that it really is. I know I wasn’t all too specific here, but do I need to be?
No, I didn’t have a lot to say, but I chose to just write...shortly... to congratulate you on your happy moment. You know... a simple silly note to share the joy! 
Way to go...:) Keep them coming, fighter!
With love,   Sincerely,
Me! (From the tiny spot that’s still soft)

0 Difficult demeanor; look past the book cover

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Someone told me recently "You know Sy, when you're good, you're amazing. But when you're bad..... girl you're catastrophic!"

I rolled my eyes... And as thou I didn’t already understand what he meant by that comment, I asked for an explanation.

And yes, it was exactly what I meant to understand. He explained that, even thou he doesn’t know me all that well yet, he senses that I’m that kind of a person you shouldn’t really play with. That I’m jolly, fun and kind as long as someone’s good to me; but if someone wronged me, they’d better run.
“People simply should not push your wrong buttons I guess”, he said.

I tilted my head, raised my eyebrow, crossed my arms and gave him a meaningful half smile. “Well, you’re always free to try and see for yourself if that’s true or not.... Willing to put your people skills to the test?”, I answered in yet a challenging tone.
Can’t recall the exact words he used, but I think I can conclude that he’s game.
"So this book has been judged by it's cover huh?", I smirked pointing to myself. He let out a loud laughter and answered,"Well, who knows, maybe your cover's transparent".

But then he paused for a couple of seconds and his expression took yet a serious tone again. At last he took deep breath and asked “Sy, are you indeed as difficult by character as you portrait to be?”

(Sy thinks)
Well..uhmmm...difficult? me? Ahhh... No, I don’t think I’m that difficult at all. Or am I?

The rest of the conversation is really none of your business.
I just thought it was quite interesting... that moment when someone who merely knew me at all thought they could see through my cover... Funny even!
For as far as I can remember, I’ve always been considerably introvert. And I still am. Not as much as I used to be, but I am. But some people mean to be able to read past that introvert label...beyond the cover of our books...and some of those readings (not all) might be dangerously right.

0 Twenty things to do before you turn 35 :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012
I'm exactly one month (and 18 days) away from my ...th birthday and even thou there's not going to be a party and stuff, the whole anticipation as another year is nearing is always a nice feeling.

Those who know me well also know that I'm kind of addicted to Cosmopolitan (the magazine). I like everything about it! I buy it every month, yeah, and usually I'm done reading it in two days maximum. Yet when we reach the middle of the month I'm already craving for the next issue (lol). So this time I decided to read it slowly... to NOT devour the pages so hastily. :)

And I came across the next list. "20 things you should do before you turn 35 (whether this birthday is several years off or only a candle or two away, our checklist will guarantee that you rack up a few key experiences now...and are fully prepped for an awesome future)---> Says the author!!!
(For those of you who already passed this magical number...turn it around...pick the stuff you should do before you reach 53 instead...lol :P)
I found some of theme hilarious, a couple sound veeeeerryyy interesting, others sound appealing, some I already did and some are not really reaching my to-do list...but still...I thought I'd share...

1. Give up a grudge.
    Letting go of the old frees you up for the new.
2. Decide on a Wednesday which country you'll be taking a bargain flight to on Friday.
    Last-minute travel gets harder, not easier, when the responsibilities pile on.
3. Ditch the "you know" or whatever little vocal habit you got into during high school.
    It's, like, not doing you any favors.
4. Create a photo album that's not exclusively on Facebook.
    It gives you tangible proof that you rocked the hell out in your youth.
5. Take your boyfriend to a cheap motel for sex
    After age 35, you wont be able to tolerate the low thread count.
6. Work full time? Ask your benefits manager about opening an IRA.
7. Still single? Sleep with a bad boy. 
    If it's good, do it a few more times.
8. Take yourself out to dinner.
    Sit at the bar, bring a book, and just chill without checking your phone every minute.
9. Host your first cocktail party.
    The kind with LBDs and wineglasses.
10.Agree to a blind date without asking a million questions about the guy.
     Just go.
11. Have a cause.
      Committing to a specific charity (1) makes you more interesting and (2) is more productive.
12. Buy a piece of jewelry that signifies all you've achieved so far.
      It will boost your confidene every time you see it.
13. Clean up your social circle by getting rid of the dead-weights.
      (you know who they are).
14. Expand your social circle by asking a friend you admire to fix you up with a friend she admires.
15. Learn to curse in at least one new language.
      Because "shut the eff up" sounds so much more sophisticated in French.
16. You know your favorite type of wine...
      Now figure out why it's your favorite, so you can describe the flavors, body and acidity you prefer to
      a sommelier and ask for recommendations.
17. Stop wearing clothes that aren't you.
      Start wearing clothes that are you, yet even sexier.
18. Ask for a raise when you've earned it.
      It is nerve-racking, heart-pounding, and essential to growing your carreer.
19. Buy the big vibrator, the smutty e-book, or anything else you used to be too shy to purchase.
      You're a woman with needs. Own it.
20. Choose a larger-than-life old-school-idol
     - Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Mick Jagger (it doesn't have to be a chick)- to be a fun, fearless model
      for your style and/or attitude.

So, saw anything interesting? Adjusting your to-do list anytime soon?
I sure saw some reasons to make a couple of tweaks in mine (wink-wink). Whether that happens before of after my 2012 b-day.

By the way..I'm not turning 35 this year :)

(All credits to the Cosmopolitan Magazine. This list has been featured in the June 2012 issue, written by Anna Davies p, 132)

1 She; heart gone wrong

Sunday, June 3, 2012
At some point she swore she'd never write about it. For, what if the writing settled down her crazy thoughts? What if she realizes something she has been deliberately and consciously avoiding? The what-ifs were many, and she thought banning the thoughts was the best idea.
But as the hours went by she suddenly knew, she needed to empty her mind. Quick! And what other way to do that than the way she's always trusted a million times before; in even worse situations...writing...like old times!
So she sat down, at a yet inappropriate moment, on a Sunday morning (just like today) with pen and paper and a stomach in knots. A lot was happening around her, but she wasn't even aware. I bet the walls could have collapsed around her, and she wouldn't have noticed.
She was going to write about it, pour it all on paper...but where exactly should she start?
"Ok...what now? What goes first?" she thought; partly annoyed at herself for not being able to come out of this spider's web. "Maybe I should write about the emotional attachment first. That impossible, deep-rooted emotional lock. Or must I try to detangle the apprehension of whether to keep on running this "race" or to pause and wait...just a while longer? Just to see if..." She shook her head,shifting do positions in her chair and played wildly with the pen in her hand. (sigh) "Than again, there were these new occurrences. New people, new thoughts, new feelings...new" (another deep sigh). THIS is the reason for all the confusion anyways. 'Cause, before them, she knew exactly what to do...right? She's sure, she had it all sorted out back then. So, should she write about them first?
She looked down on the empty sheet of paper on her lap and smiled sarcastically.  "What in holy heaps name is wrooooonng with youuu? Write...write everything, something....anything. But just frigging write now"
Her plea to the innerself was abruptly finished by a sudden thought, "write about the "clinger"... Write about his daily slime ball speech and the feelings that sprout out of those monologues he holds. Not to mention the thoughts; yes, all of the confusing thoughts."
She felt her heart tremble lightly and she had difficulty swallowing.
Why can't she sort out her thoughts? Why? Why can't her heart be at rest? Deep down she felt, as though she knew the answers but was way too coward to face them.
She shrugged and nodded lightly as she folded the blank sheets and decided to put them away.
"Fine!" she thought, "I'm not writing it!! I rest my case" She felt like crying, running away, fast forward, rewind, break loose, erase...too much to write about actually...how confusing.
She gaped in front of herself without really looking at anything specific.

"Fight on mind and heart, fight on", She murmured, " have your way. 'cause I can't choose. I just can't. Hope you find common ground some time soon. Otherwise I'll go mad... I'm sure I'll go crazy! "