Million dollar questions

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I have two...questions today really eating at my brain cells.

Question 1. (And I just need to get it off my chest before moving on)
Why would someone literally ridicule himself on a social network site in order to catch someone else's attention?
I mean, can u really be that desperate? Dude, nobody's a lollipop....quit the sucking.

Commenting on one thing is normal. Commenting and liking 2 or 3 things is still acceptable. But commenting and liking EVERYTHING the person synonym to despair! Ahum,....boy....the sink's full and the laundry's dirty. A.k.a. GET A JOB! It shouldn't be decent at should just be a get you off the internet.

Nope, didn't happen to me this time (and I'm grateful)....lucky dog! It just gotten to my attention...and I blogged about it. If it happened to me, I think I would have....uhm you know what, let's jump to the nxt question!

Question nr 2. Why would is it that we hide what we really feel for a certain person?
This question really popped up after a small convo with a friend.

Made me really ask myself whether all the people around me (atleast the most important ones) really know how I feel about them...
And I conclude,... they probably don't.
He doesn't know I love him so much it's almost uncontainable, she doesn't know an intense burst of hate wells up in me every now and then towards her, they don't know I'm tired of it all,  I'm sure she doesn't know how much I appreciate her, he doesn't know I think he can be a whiny cry baby at times.... many things to say, so little courage.

Cuz yes, I think that plays a cardinal role...COURAGE. We are afraid how the person will react, we don't really know if we SHOULD tell anything, a bunch of 'what  if's' pop u'p, our own head tells us to better shut up. And the heart reaffirms..."Yes keep it to the grave". Lack of courage is not the only motive of course.... Nah I don't think it is.

But what if it didn't really matter? What if you could tell me straight up to my face what you really feel for me..without the occurence of something awkward or dreadful? Without all the masquerade and all? What if the standards of the world didn't matter? What if my reaction to your confession wouldn't be that frightening for a moment? What if my ears could hear you say it and my eyes could watch as the words dance out of your lips. What if you gained all the courage in the world....would you tell me? Would you tell me the truth?

I would....but if I only had the courage!

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Piso Says:
March 31, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Answer 1:
Because some people although they do have a life, they feel using the social media may at times show more caring. In the sense look I care soo much for you I don’t mind the whole world knowing. I’m gonna say I love you in as many different ways as I can, and if that’s liking every post u ever put up.
That means I will do that, u will eventually start talking to me and it will grow into something more. (at least that’s what they think) I think :S

Answer 2: It is not courage we lack, but in most cases conviction. We lack the conviction to stick to our believes, to trust our feeling, to be honest with ourselves and others. We lack the simple strength to accept that I wasn’t born to be liked and loved by everyone. Some people will dislike me, other will hate me, while some won’t even know who the heck I am.
I don’t believe it’s courage cause we have courage every day to get up and go to work ( a job we hate), we have courage to face everything that comes our way. But when it comes to sticking to our guns, our believes we have no conviction for it.
we have courage to believe we are right, we have courage to scream it out load when we are alone, but not the conviction and strength to stand behind it when needed.
But not having conviction is not totally our fault, in most cases we were brought up not to have it. As children we all know that we once, twice or more times may have opened our mouths at the wrong time and wrong moment. What do our parents do, they tell us to hush, stay quiet, don’t say that its not nice.

We are mostly telling the truth but they tell us to keep quiet because the truth hurts and yet in that same sentence they tell us that lying is BAD. So instead we keep quiet so we DON’T lie, but we DON’T speak the truth either. So we are brought up with the knowledge some things are better left Unsaid.

I for one learned from experience that being truthful ALWAYS, has it’s very harsh and real consequences. I have had people not talk to me anymore just because I was blunt about how I feel and other plain and simple feel totally insulted because a referred to them as acquaintance. But it all was the truth, I won’t say I am a person that’s full of conviction that I can say and do it always. But I am a person that knows to trust and defend its believes and if that means being truthful and saying.
Dear Madam, what you are saying is wrong.
Dear sir I really dislike you, and excuse me you don’t know me well enough to call me friend.
I’m sorry for the person that’s at the other end and has to hear it, but it will be said. And you can either take it, learn and grow from it or do as the rest hate/dislike me forever.
“Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be”

Sy Says:
April 1, 2011 at 2:27 PM

First and foremost...thanks to Claudia for replying per mail and saying "MOOOOII!!!" :D\

To Piso:
So if I rephrase what you're saying; you believe it's a lack of fixed or firm belief (conviction), combined with our upbringing that keeps us from telling each other what we really feel for/ think about them. hmmmmmm...
Could as well be. As I said in the blog; I belief lack of courage is just one of the reasons why someone would keep their mouth shut and keep it all in. Cuz let's face it, not knowing or fearing the reaction of the other person IS a perfect motive to swallow twice and keep our mouths shut sometimes. But indeed, culture, upbringing, lack of conviction, disinterest,ignorance and (you name it)can all be reasons why the people around you might not know how you truly feel about them sometimes. Sometimes it's just one reason...and at other times it's a combination of a few.

Daniel Says:
April 2, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Dear all i will give my on the second question... one of the reasons why i think ppl don't tell others how the feel, is because of fear and not knowing how to deal with others reaction... In my opinion ppl are afraid of how the other person is going to react. cuz to be honest, i don't think a lot of ppl knows how to deal with the reaction of the other person. And i don't mean the all positive or negative reaction. Like they say "hope for the best and prepare for the worse". And unconsciously i think we all do this... But how to prepare for the unknown that is in between??? I think here is where the fear kicks in... cuz how can you start to deal with a reaction that is neither the extreme good or the extreme bad??? so to me a reason why we keep shut is that we are afraid of the middle possibilities cuz we are not prepared or don't know how to deal with it...

Sy Says:
April 3, 2011 at 6:45 PM

:) and then I say again...if we only had the needed sparkle of courage which it takes to stand against the unknown...only God knows how much we would've discovered :)

Besides, I think we'll never be prepared enough- or know the very best way to deal with the unknown. But if we could only conquer THAT fear of facing the unknown, maybe (just maybe) we'll gain more insight into dealing with certain ways ppl react.

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