Chronicle # 4; How'd u call that again?

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Words are a cardinal mean of communication, Right?

 If we had to rely on just humming and sign-language I guess communication would have been awfully frustrating!
Or maybe, we wouldn’t know that there is something to call ‘a word’, so the humming and the sign-language wouldn’t sound irritating at all.

But aside of all this “communication-talk” did you notice how word usage become more and more interesting with time? We sometimes choose words that…uhm…do not have any other meaning but to replace what would otherwise be an awkward silence. Sometimes we make up our own macaronic language…or perhaps someone once played with words and used whatever came out…and thus, a word was born.

For example, a nonsensical filling word we use in Papiamentu is, ‘awel si’(lit. well yea). Like, when someone tells you “I can’t quite understand why I can’t figure this out” and you just don’t feel like starting a conversation, you just answer “awel si” and leave it to that. Makes no sense when you think about it really…

“meh” is one of the common  sonsensical words in English, an expression of boredom or indifference. Used in cartoons like,…The Simpsons; integrated in the 2009 edition of Collins English Dictionary as being an actual word. What exactly is a “meh” other than the sound that goats make?

And if you browse to you’ll find a wide variation to choose from…like,
·         Boolame (Possessing an above average lameness
·         Bunkus (which stands for nonsensical itself)
·         SNUH
·         Dumbified (feeling less smart, becoming dumber due to some experience or event)
·         Zenergy ( a combination of the words “Zen” and “energy”
·         Goshemel (an acronym for goat, sheep & camel)
·         Macram (a common name for stupid people and people who try to be cool and fail
·         Dystextia
·         And a lot of other strange words I personally found hilarious

Well it seems that nonsensicality is IN…  go see for yourself on the web!

And to top it off I just used nonsensical words myself and totally enjoyed the bunkus of it! My colleague stretched out and her belly was showing…I just had to tell her that her “whatchamacallitagain” was showing. (face palm)

Don’t you just love nonsense sometimes… LOL


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March 10, 2011 at 5:50 PM

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