For there must have been a first...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
For as much as I'd like to write the first post about just so many things that are going through my mind at this exact moment, I guess I'll control myself and stick to basics for this one.
For I guess when writing first things, you should start at the beginning....where it all started!

I used to be the kind of girl who'd write about just anything. If I was overly happy I'd write, I write when I was puzzled, write when I was angry, write when sad....from the silliest to the most intriguing stuff. The only difference,...I never really liked it for people to read the writings.
I've always considered them, "notes to myself"...just to get out what was pressing so hard inside. In some way...SACRED!. Always kept in a safe place only I knew...

To date I have almost 50 (unpublished) poems and countless papers full of stories, laughters and tears.

So,...a random idea of a blog popped up...and say I'm just giving it a try. Hoping that someone out there might someday find one of these and say "Hey, that's just like me!". And just maybe it'll help that person out....not to commit the same mistakes I might have committed,...or to see a light at the end of the tunnel (that certainly is not a train =D) or just to know....they are not the only person that's going through.

So feel free to relate, subscribe,reply, repost,....and enjoy.


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