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Saturday, March 19, 2011
THESIS: To Hate Every Single Inch, Seriously!
I have been working on my thesis lately; reason why I couldn’t really blog as much as I wish I could.
The abbreviation above definitely resembles my thoughts about this whole thesis thing. Graduation has never before been such a pain. And I’m hating it. I totally detest the idea of making a thesis. I mean, why a thesis? Who invented thesis? Couldn’t that person have a better idea? Like, wasn’t there another form of examination? (Sigh)
And on top of it, you provide me with someone who’s supposed to support & guide me through the process that clearly has NO idea what she’s doing. Lucky me! Or, she does not want me to graduate (LOL).  But hey...I see no logical reason why she’d want to do such a thing. So,…we discard the latter!

Anyway, I’ve written something for the past months that felt like a thesis. I wasn’t really comfortable with it, I must say. But neither was I getting any feedback or indication that what I have been writing was just not exactly the assignment.
Last Wednesday I handed in what should have been one of the last concepts of it. And, decided right before clicking the send button that I just HAD to make some astronomical changes.
First reaction I’ve gotten? “Sy…you have NO time!!” But I believe such a thing just doesn’t exist when the ultimate goal is just as important to a person as graduation is to me. I’m not comfortable with what I previously worked on and I’m going to make the necessary changes. PERIOD!

Thus, Sy has been working on it the whole weekend (since Thursday night). ‘Cause Monday morning I’m mailing her a totally re-written, graduation material thesis. YES SIR!
You are just not going to tell me it’s impossible and that there’s no time. I’ll work my butt off and prove you wrong.

Just a couple of months left to fight this “thesis virus”. And by June 2011 I’ll be stronger, wiser, better &


Piso Says:
March 19, 2011 at 6:28 PM

I Wish you loads of strength....
But as you already know...........

Remember to rest !!!!!

Sy Says:
March 19, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Knew you'd say that =)

I'll just do the necessary ;)

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