Another thought bubble, gone! "You wouldn't have to try so hard if..."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Say…you choose to be a pilot. Then, a pilot is what you are! (Unless you choose to change careers at a certain point) Right?
Now say…you walk around town in your pilot uniform. Everyone who sees you will identify you as a pilot, right?
Would you tell someone that you’re a doctor, when everyone sees you wearing your pilot uniform?
Might sound like nonsense; but there ARE people who’ll do such thing. As a matter of fact they’ll try all their best to convince you of the contrary of that which is so visible. In some cases, fooling no one but themselves.
I’ve always heard of a very interesting theory that teaches us that if we repeat something long enough we might end up believing, acting and living according to that.
But why would you try so hard if what you are is totally ok? Are you ashamed of being a pilot? Is being a pilot a handicap? Or is it that you're not sure you are a pilot?
I think, you wouldn’t have to try so hard to portray something to the people around you if you were sure and comfortable in your own skin. You KNOW who you are and you know where you're going and couldn't care less...
Listen here, there’s nothing wrong with repeating something to yourself (according to the theory).  As a matter of fact, in some cases I think you CAN and SHOULD. As long as what you are trying to convince yourself- AND the world of is totally realistic. For instance, you have a certain goal you want to reach, you have dreams you want to come true, things you want to achieve or a drastical change you wish to make…GO FOR IT! Boost yourself every morning with a good dose of positivism.

But there are some things…dude…you will just need to accept and live with or REALLY change 'em!!! If you are a pilot, and everyone can see you walking in your pilot uniform…don’t try to convince me that you're a construction worker!
Like, the totally homosexual guy trying to convince other people that he’s into woman… Why dude? Ashamed of who you are? Afraid people will judge you? Afraid of being stigmatized? Afraid they won’t accept you?
As for a fact, you ARE a human being (no matter who or what you are); and you don’t need to do anything to convince me of that.
You HAVE a certain skin color, and you didn’t need to reassure that fact to anyone who sat beside you today.
You DO possess certain features which anyone can see without you having to make any special efforts.
Accept who you are...and be you, in total grandeur.
Cut all crap hunny…stop trying so hard to be something/someone you're not. Be who you really are, do what you do best, have what you have…


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