A letter to you...yes...YOU!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey hi
Dear you,
Sorry I can’t tell you this up straight; for the obvious stupid reasons which we both already know. But I write you to give you my warmest congratulations. You'd never know how much it delighted me to hear about your achievement. I can imagine you’re ecstatic. I still remember the feeling, I’ve been there too. It’s incredible...indescribable...really...I know.
I know too, that it might come to you as a surprise, this letter. And I don’t blame you. I haven’t exactly been expressing anything positive at all in my dealing with you. So if you’re shocked, it’s totally justified.
Sure, it is more important to show one’s feelings about certain things then it is to just say it. Words are futile if the actions contradict them. I know, but I’m sorry, I’m too proud to do so. Can we just pretend this writing suffices?
But I swear my heart skipped a beat of joy when I heard the good news. I could barely contain it, you should have seen me. I straightened up and smiled brightly...and I bet my eyes had a spark. I even asked twice to make sure what I heard was correct. But not to raise any questions I lowered my head to hide the contentment...my moist eyes and the big smile of relieve.
I never really doubted it was possible thou. I’m happy for you...really! Genuinely happy.
If you ever read this and get the feeling as if this post was meant for you, I hope there’s this something deep inside your heart that convinces you that it really is. I know I wasn’t all too specific here, but do I need to be?
No, I didn’t have a lot to say, but I chose to just write...shortly... to congratulate you on your happy moment. You know... a simple silly note to share the joy! 
Way to go...:) Keep them coming, fighter!
With love,   Sincerely,
Me! (From the tiny spot that’s still soft)


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