Difficult demeanor; look past the book cover

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Someone told me recently "You know Sy, when you're good, you're amazing. But when you're bad..... girl you're catastrophic!"

I rolled my eyes... And as thou I didn’t already understand what he meant by that comment, I asked for an explanation.

And yes, it was exactly what I meant to understand. He explained that, even thou he doesn’t know me all that well yet, he senses that I’m that kind of a person you shouldn’t really play with. That I’m jolly, fun and kind as long as someone’s good to me; but if someone wronged me, they’d better run.
“People simply should not push your wrong buttons I guess”, he said.

I tilted my head, raised my eyebrow, crossed my arms and gave him a meaningful half smile. “Well, you’re always free to try and see for yourself if that’s true or not.... Willing to put your people skills to the test?”, I answered in yet a challenging tone.
Can’t recall the exact words he used, but I think I can conclude that he’s game.
"So this book has been judged by it's cover huh?", I smirked pointing to myself. He let out a loud laughter and answered,"Well, who knows, maybe your cover's transparent".

But then he paused for a couple of seconds and his expression took yet a serious tone again. At last he took deep breath and asked “Sy, are you indeed as difficult by character as you portrait to be?”

(Sy thinks)
Well..uhmmm...difficult? me? Ahhh... No, I don’t think I’m that difficult at all. Or am I?

The rest of the conversation is really none of your business.
I just thought it was quite interesting... that moment when someone who merely knew me at all thought they could see through my cover... Funny even!
For as far as I can remember, I’ve always been considerably introvert. And I still am. Not as much as I used to be, but I am. But some people mean to be able to read past that introvert label...beyond the cover of our books...and some of those readings (not all) might be dangerously right.


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