Show 'em!!! (Just needed to get it out. LoL)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
You know when someone commits a lot of bullshit, says a lot of bullshit and acts bullshitty altogether and it suddenly starts working on every small nerve you've got in your body to the point where you can barely stand the person any longer?

Like, when everything they do or say pinches your nerve tract?

Like, when you wish you could tell them to go (bleep) a (bleep) and stay their (bleep) (bleep) where the (bleeping) bleep) doesn't (bleep)?


Yes you do huh? Phew, and I was starting to think that I stood all alone in this.

Mark Twain said; "if angry, count four; when very angry swear."

I say, why swear while there's a silent classic antidote? I mean, at least it worked for me!

Allow me to present you an antidote that might lighten the burden and lessen the stress of dealing with PITA's.
I must warn you thou to use it with caution since it can cause volcanic eruptions,life-threatening tornadoes, storms and extreme flooding. LoL, not THAT graphic, just kidding...but still you are warned, USE WITH CAUTION! =)

All warnings and precautions aside, I must say that satisfaction (at least temporary) is guaranteed.

I mean, it's silent, (combined with the right expression) it's sarcastic, it's satisfying, it often catches the other person off guard, you'll say much with less effort and most important of all it's. totally relieving!

What else do u want?

A weapon we all have, but some of us rarely use.

When dealing with snobbish people, when that neighbor is so stuck-up it makes you want to puke, when you have the "me-centered" colleague, if dealing with a co-worker who thinks he/she is always right.... If you have to suck-it-up with a whinny cry baby and undoubtedly when the nagger once again unleashes it's venom.... You name the unpleasantly behaving person and I say "yes" to the use of this weaponry.

My dear blog-reading friend,

All you have to do SHOW 'EM THE FINGER! (At least when they turn and walk away)

And hey, enjoy the feeling...(But DON'T overdo the usage!)

And when the situation's to extreme for the finger to help... Uhm...use BOTH fingers. And, smile while at it...the smile's important! Keep the fingers up for as much as it's needed!

If all fails, knock the bastard's stomach upside- down !!!

NOTE: use of all weaponry has it's consequences. Consider every possible consequense before usage!

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Piso Says:
May 21, 2011 at 10:01 AM

Dear Sy,

when you reach the point to use that weapon.
Most times you don't care about the consequences no more !!!!

So you will use the weapon for sure !!!


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