Day 30: weighting to exhale... :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012
(cheerful music in the background)
Master of ceremony: "Ladies and gentlemen..."


Nah...never mind that entrance!

So hey lovebugs!!! Today was day 30 of the weight-loss challenge!!!! Which means, (drum-roll) only TEN more days to go. And I can hardly wait...

This weekend was...uhm... interesting!

On saturday we headed to Caraasbaai...
Not for a relaxing dive, but for a suffocating boot camp session. The trainer chose nothing more than all the streets with hills. What happened next, was a nightmare... Sprint uphill, lunge, squat, jump, jog, balance, step-ups...and culminate it all with a "no mercy" ab training when we finally sprinted back to our cars and got there totally out of breath and shaking...

Today we went to the Kenepa Chiki beach. Normally beach means relaxation and fun...and, you know, stuff like that.
But in this case all it meant was more boot-camp (Course we could swim and relax..and enjoy. THEREAFTER!).
50 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 30 plank 'n punch, 30 push-ups (no it's not just a bra thing), 40 ab training,then  get in the water and swim 3x back and forth and just when you think you can't move another hair on your body you hear that you'll get to repeat the whole circuit 3 times. Yup, from the jumping jacks allll the way to the swimming and once more to the darned jumping jacks and back...

Surprisingly enough...I survived!!! And my body's not protesting (YET). Yeay for building up endurance...
Cool thing was, one of the trainers drove my car when coming back to civilization. Drove to her house (which is like 7-10 minutes from my house, and I only got to drive the last part from her house to mine.

By the way, yesss...I weighed in as well...:P
Results? Well, another kg went down the drains this past week! (WHOOT-WHOOT!!!). This brings me to a total of 8 kgs lost. Nice job babeh!!
Imma try and lose at least 2 more in this last week so I can reach my goal of losing (at least) 10 kgs during these 40 days. If I lose more than 2 that'll be awesome of course, but if I happen to lose less I'm still proud of myself for taking the challenge and surviving it so far. And of course, for getting back on track with my weight loss..

Steak diet is also doing well so far by the way. The portions are reaaaally small and I still need to get used to eating steak and sweet potatoes so early...but it's totally doable! Of course, I cooked me some fiiine steak with minimum fat, which makes it all more delicious to survive... yummie!!

Uhm...I guess that's enough for an update now, huh? I mean, enough info for the night, right?

hehehe..anyways..need some rest, tomorrow is frigging drag-ass Monday again...
Lemme go finish the movie I was watching before I paused to update and then turn to some well needed sheep counting.

See you guys soon.




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