Day 10; WEIGHT and see

Monday, March 5, 2012
SO, last Saturday was the first weigh in after the start of this 40 days weight loss challenge...

I'm that type of a person who normally feels it (physically) when I've lost weight. You know, I feel altogether lighter!
But last Saturday I simply did not know what to expect. I guess it was all due to the ever present muscle pain and some light bloating thanks to the upcoming shark week.

"6:45am at SDK... BE ON TIME!", said the trainer on Friday night, "and bring a fruit or something to eat thereafter, cause we're having boot camp!"
(SHEEEEZZZ...seriously?!?! THAT early on a Saturday morning???)


But when you truly want something, you'd go for it no matter what, right? All the way...
So there I was last Saturday, right on time!! And... (Sy does a weird happy dance here)... I've lost a total of 3.7 Kgs already!!!!! WHOOOOOHHOOOOOTTT!!!

AHA! And I also survived boot camp. Even if that meant to sprint with my last strength, kicking the sneakers off and keep on sprinting, squat, jump and staying breathless and shaking thereafter. (Read: boot camp was the harshest hours of training in the past week. SOME SERIOUSLY SEVERE TRAINING; to my humble opinion) But, I survived!

So, here we stand, at the beginning of week # 2...with blisters on my toes and sore muscles that just won’t ease up. Besides that all, today I feel HUNGRY! I'm seriously craving FOODDDD. I guess I have shark week to thank therefore too...
But I'm determined to absorb as much of the positivism as possible from this experience. So chill out, I'm not cheating! I'm going to behave...

Signing out in wait for lunchtime :)

A slightly lighter Sy!


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