Subliminal messages

Saturday, July 7, 2012
"Ever felt as though you're having a "subliminal" conversation?"

You know, one of those conversations in which you know you both have so much to say...yet neither of you really says any of it?
Haha..I'm having one of those conversations right THIS instant, and it's actually quite disturbing and interesting at the same time.

A lot is said...
You even joke and laugh at silly things said and done during your superficial conversation and at some point you might even switch to talk about some OTHER (more) serious matters. But whatever really needs to be said is kept unsaid by both of you. Yet it boils on the inside! :D
But I don't know, maybe sometimes it's better that way... Maybe you just... feel the urge for some things to be said but maybe it's so that life can go on perfectly without them ever being said. Maybe it's just you, wanting to hear certain things...clear up whatever clog there is somewhere up there...say a couple of things yourself.

LOL...why would people have such conversations anyways?
I know what you're thinking..."why wouldn't you take the first step into uncovering the lid of the untold then?"
Pshhh...that's the thing with subliminal don't want to be the topic-starter...yet you want it to be said (somehow).

Haha..complicated much!!!

Anyways..blogging and chatting isn't really doing the conversation any good at all...
As you can imagine...I gotta go continue my weird chat.

AAAARRGGHHH!!! I wanna screammmm... hahahahahahaha

See ya again in a while, love bugs!



Piso Says:
July 8, 2012 at 9:58 AM

I know those type of conversations. After a while if you don't watch it you start playing cat and mouse. Just to corner the other into saying it...I usually enjoy cat and mouse but it can be quite nerve racking. So enjoy ;)

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