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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
I've been meaning to post since friday. And as a matter of fact, I've started a draft about "the paradox of a complex personality"... Was going to be hot, uncut and pretty confrontational! And for the records, it wasn't about me!
Call it bad luck or destiny if you may...I've lost the whole draft!!! (Pfff, everything happens for a reason. Or at least, so I've been taught xD)
So I decided to ditch the whole topic for the time-being and start a whole new post. From scratch!

And talking to a new acquaintance last sunday I got just the perfect topic!

Crushes, having secret crushes!!!
Been there? Done that? Bingo, who hasn't?

(Catches a sarca tone)
Oh the butterflies...oh the warm feelings in the tummy...the silly smiles at the very memory of that extraordinarily attractive/ interesting person! Blah blah blah....=)
(Ahum)I'm sure u know the drill!

But take note...we're talking about a secret crush. In other words, the person has no idea (or pretends to have no idea) about your butterfly farm...
But the fluttering reaches to the boiling point where it makes you confide your secret feelings to a bare stranger(me) who inspired trust...

You think it's insane? =) I think it's totally justified when talking about these feelings.... You're full of that person and you need to get some of it out!
(Happy to know I inspire trust to strangers thou)

But back to the topic! First thing I asked this person; ehhh,is this the "butterfly n' sighs" kind of feeling? Or is it just a momentary/superficial thing?

Not aware at that moment that there are actual names to state these differences...
Found out that the gap between a CRUSH, an INFATUATION and being IN LOVE (and all that happens in between) has raised a lot of discussions and questions around the whole web. And I find it very interesting to read of the whole variety of opinions. The one says a crush and an infatuation are purely physical attraction and thus they come down to just the same, and yet another says there IS an order of significance between a crush, an infatuation and being in-love. (I think they need to incorporate lust somewhere in between)

Here's the definition of each; read, evaluate and form your own opinion. I have formed mine, but will rather keep it in this time :p

A crush (or puppy love, calf love or kitten love) is seen as being strongly emotionaly attracted to a person involving passion and strong emotions running havoc in the system. But it usually doesn't last...

an infatuation is defined as:
"A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction."

And love...uhm well u know what love is, right?
In case u don't...
It is defined as:
"A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness"

So, again I ask, what is it really that you feel towards that person huh? Is it really THAT intense?
Either way, I'm happy for this acquaintance of mine and the uhm secret crush..cause that's what it is, right? Or is it an infatuation? Or perhaps...ehhh should we call it being in-love?

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Daniel Says:
April 13, 2011 at 7:47 AM

Hahahahah so now i get it.. It's an Infatuation(i was going crazy for nothing >.<) =P

Hmm you know you always (most of the times) keep it in =P

Btw somehow your story just made me think of an acquaintance that my phone somehow just..... hmmm well yeah it was my phone's fault... LOL


Katie J Says:
April 13, 2011 at 8:50 PM

Hello Sy! I read your comment on's article about bilingual babies possibly having more brain power, and I was enticed by how you were brought up with a language that is spoken by such a minority! I'm fascinated to find out that you speak a language I've likely never ever heard a single time in my life.

I wanted to tell you your blog is very interesting (hehe, secret crushes) and you are very eloquent with your diction! :)

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