I think, it's called an escapade...

Friday, April 22, 2011
Something really had me pondering about this word these last two days.

Reason why it suddenly lingers in my mind? No idea...

I'm still in Aruba, almost at the end of my well deserved and widely enjoyed vacation. And somehow it has been an adventure. Been through so much during this trip...it's hilarious. But worth every minute...

Uhm...which aspect of an adventure I have been thinking of?
Well,...let's call it...the "sparkle" that can make you sometimes do stuff you normally wouldn't have done in your sane mind!
That type of an adventure that can make you cross the thin line between caution and safety! (Note: I use "can", cause it doesn't necessarily have to be that extreme). Whether or not I crossed that line here in Aruba? LoL...I'll make use of my right to be silent! (Wink)

The borders of adventure can differ from one person to another.
Dictionary.com defines an adventure as being 1. A risky undertaking or 2. An exciting experience.
What's risky for me isn't necessarily risky for one of my brothers and that which I categorize as being exiting might not be exiting for my friends.
So, being adventuresome is really quite relative...

But, to be specific, I've been pondering upon that type of an adventure that takes one deep breath, an upset stomach, difficulty to swallow and cold feet before you undergo it.
Exactly that type that makes you smile afterwards and say "OMG, I have something else to tell my grandchildren!" ('Cause being your old self then, your grandchildren won't even believe YOU did THAT) Hahaha
I don't know if that's to be categorized as risky or existing...I think it is (or can be) both! One thing's certain...it's an adventure!

I personally think, life's worth an occasional adventure...whether the risky type, the exiting type or both! It adds some flavor to the same ol' routine of an everyday life.
That, at least, is what I could conclude out of the avalanche of thoughts from these last days...

So, if you were thinking of doing something totally crazy just for the heck of it...I'd say "go". Just be save, so you'd live to regret or enjoy the results of it.

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Piso Says:
April 22, 2011 at 5:39 PM


And will do as soon as the next one comes up...
Or did it come up already (wink).

Just have to wait and see I guess

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