40 days to progress. Day 02/40

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Promised I'd write about it...so here it goes!

Yesterday was the start to a challenge, and I have to say, these two first days of it are truly, undoubtedly, totally a torment!

Incredible Nutrition and More decided to do this 40 days weight loss challenge during lent and I said to myself "hey why not?". Sounds like fun, right?
Besides, I have gained back some of the weight I've lost last year, so this would be the perfect opportunity to flush it back out!
Little did I know, that I'd be craving like a pregnant woman... I crave the stupidest things. And I'm constantly thinking about food; to the point where I got a headache for thinking so much. My FB wall is suddenly full of food pictures and mom decides to cook one of my favorite dishes... (Sigh) Just so you get the picture...partly!

We will be working-out every day (starting tomorrow), we may not use pills or stuff to help the weight loss, we received our diets last night by mail and we have a personal trainer assigned(pretty awesome huh?).
The person who loses a bigger percent of his/her total body weight, wins a prize in cash. It's not a big price at all. And for me, it's more about getting back on track with the weigh, not about winning. But this is torture brother...torture!!!

Well...lemme go sleep a bit to suppress the cravings for chocolate.
I'll try to keep you updated as often as I can about the progress...

We'll keep in touch.

In total starvation,

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