When the minor takes control...

Friday, August 26, 2011
This morning I read some very wise words. And I personally took them as an advice to self, on the quest to building up a smarter and stronger character.
It said;
“Try to remember to think long-term and don’t let minor annoyances distract you from more important issues”

Thinking long-term... I guess sometimes we all need to be reminded to do this, don’t we?
 We’re all human, and sometimes we fret so much about the small insignificant stuff that we forget to focus on the bigger pictures of life. And so do I sometimes, even if I might not always show.
Beautiful things, valuable lessons and awe filling moments can easily pass us by...’cause we’ve got our attention fixed on the wrong stuff.
These days I’ve had some of those minor annoyances. The problem is not exactly having them. The problem is letting them linger in your mind enough to worry you, push you down and become a major cancer ball that takes away your peace of mind, your joy of living, your love to life and in times, even your health.
It is sometimes inevitable, for these small drops that fill our buckets are right there to deal with at each step of our ways. You can actually do nothing to avoid them. They are sometimes in our families, in our work environment, at school... You name it!
The art is to find a way to not let them distract us from the important issues in our lives. Not to let them push us down.
I believe in order for something to distract us, it simply needs to get a good grip of our attention. It should in some way or another arrest our mind, rationality and emotions and obstructs clear thinking.

For a minor annoyance to distract us from an important issue it needs first to get powerful enough to push down whatever else occupies your thoughts at the moment.
And the mind and emotions are a pro at doing that if we’d only let them have their way. All of a sudden you FEEL as thou the person greeted you in a strange way, you THINK they must be right you can’t do certain things, you BELIEVE that you’re bound to become no more than this heap of problems and then suddenly you are CONVINCED that the world might end for you because of this.

It is, truly a challenge in life...for each one of us, to start believing we are extraordinary creatures; big enough to tackle whatever circumstance that crosses our path. Definitely bigger than any small and insignificant annoyance.
And  that we’re meant for bigger things in life...meant to attend important issues. Meant for BIGGER, BETTER and more CHALLENGING pictures.
And at the moment we realize this, the minor annoyances start appearing so small, so unimportant, sooo diminutive they diminish from being as important as to distract us from the more important stuff in live.


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