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Sunday, August 21, 2011
So, blog has been in a state of weird comma for the past month. I owe it to myself thou. Vacation, busy schedules, procrastination... The whole package!

I tell you, there's been millions of blog-worthy topics...hope I get the time to share it all bit by bit these coming days. If not, I'll mention them someday. You can be pretty sure of that...I've got that kind of a random mind. :p (I think my friends can tell you)

Well, vacation...??? (Sy puts a wide grin)
Vacation was simply "aaaaaahmazin'" !!! It was relaxing, enjoyable, unforgettable 'n plain cool. I enjoyed the views, the stay, the people, the food, the warmth, the cocktails, the free-vacational spirit...I've enjoyed it all! Mind, heart, body and spirit came back satisfied.
Celebrated my 27th b-day there and it was one of the very best b-days EVER.
Pointing out every single second of my two weeks vacation would be waaaaaaayy too much. So I spare you the (not so juicy) details. LoL
One thing's certain, the Dominican Republic knows how to make me gain weight each and every time I visit. But regardless of THAT bogus point...I might be planning a visit soon again. Maybe....just maybe!
But,sadly enough I've been back to reality for two weeks now. And some parts of reality suck!

One thing I've been pondering about...
It's amazing how one single action can sometimes change our whole perception of someone...
Panic not, maybe my perception of you moved up, instead of down! But some people...argh anyways, I'll figure my way out!

Turning the page , next week I'm starting my Master degree... LAW! I have to admit thou; with mixed feelings. Some part of me really wants this new adventure, new knowledge, new people, new achievement.
But then the other part's so unsure if THIS is what I really want... Packed schedules, study study study, stress, less blogging time and minus zero social life (compared to my already antisocial state).
(Sigh)....THOUGH ONE!!!

On yet another note, as you could deduct from the vacation paragraph...I gained weight on my vacay.
Six whole depressing kilos came back home to momma!!! Told everyone the word "diet" wasn't known where I went... I mean, are you crazy?? Dieting on an all inclusive vacay's absolutely insane! A vacay is a vacay... So I left whatever belongs home right home!
But as soon as I came back I picked it back up, and as for last tuesday when I weighed in, I've lost four of the six. So, "yeay" for still winning the battle against weight gain! This tuesday's weigh in again, we'll see what victory brings us this time!

Anyways dudes and dudettes...I need to go catch a snooze now really... Tomorrow (later on) promises to be a long day!
Every time I can I'll be catching up on the blogging. And if there is a particular topic you want to see me blog about just lemme know...
We'll see what I can do about that. :p
Signing out and laying down the duties for the night...
Yours always,

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