She; Difficult much

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suddenly she remembers once again, the speech she heard some weeks ago. And as it vividly comes back to her mind how she sat at the humorous speech competition and laughed about the irony of the situation, she can only smile and think “Gosh, I wouldn’t have dared thinking that I’d be tested so fast?”
Her eldest niece had just turned 8 a month ago. This little lady is smart, loving, bright and most of all....considerably curious. And at those times when her inquiring mind strikes, there’s no stopping her storm of questions.
“What’s this?”, she asks as she grabs the colorfully wrapped tampon from the box on the bathroom shelf. Her aunt, who was standing in the bathroom mirror putting up her make-up couldn’t possibly imagine what she was asking an explanation for this time. And little did she know that this question would have required thorough pondering and better preparation. She turned around to see her niece inspecting the tampon from side to side and shaking the wrapping next to her ear trying to figure out the answer herself.  
She quickly turned back to her make-up application and did as thou putting up her mascara required quiet dedication... Can’t answer yet!
Can you blame her? No matter what, she needed to win in some extra time to think...
Her brain was cracking like a bat out of hell and the situation made her feel pretty much uneasy. “Uhmmm...those are stuff adult women use in the bathroom sometimes my dear”, she managed to say “You’ll figure them out when you get older.” And by saying so she dared hope she’d be saved somehow from her niece’s persistent interrogation.
“Oh...but what do adult women use them for?”, asked her niece while bringing the bright colored peace nuisance to her nose and smelling the wrapping. “Missy you shouldn’t smell the unknown, you know? What if it’s poisonous?” she exclaimed uncomfortably. “Well, grown up women use these to uhm...they...eeer...I mean for aaahh...for some specific needs they have as adults.” And she unnoticeably rolls her eyes at the futility of her own explanation. “Oh I know...” her niece’s face brightened up, “They stick it on the wall to hang their towels!!!”
She couldn’t contain herself from blurting out a laughter at the cutesy and innocence of a child’s mind. But shortly after this reaction she had to regain her posture, as she noticed that her niece was seriously inquiring an explanation for having such interestingly colored attribute in the bathroom. ('Cause those who know this brand, might be aware that there are MORE bright colored tampons in the black box where this one came from. In this case yellow, green and blue attention catching ones.)
So she chose her next words as carefully as she could...
“Naaah honey,” she then difficulty uttered with a kind but nervous smile on her face “It’s not used to hang towels. I would explain the usage of it to you, but there are things you are just still too little to understand. Why don’t we make a deal? When you turn twelve, and you probably attained the uhm needed "knowledge", I myself will explain the usage of these to you. Then you’ll understand better and you'd be able to decide whether you want to use these in your bathroom too. Pinky promise...”
Lil' miss detective was satisfied with the her biggest relief. She took the bright pink tampon from her niece's hands and, as she did the last touch-ups to her make-up, she continued... “So... how was school today?”


Piso Says:
October 29, 2011 at 8:03 AM

Dear Sy,

just have to say
Hail to the hole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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