She; Lorerei

Thursday, October 27, 2011

She noticed him a while ago. He was constantly eyeballing her and on occasions he would shamelessly let his eyes slid down to her cleavage.
But every time she looked up from her scribbles, he would nervously look away.
Thou he tried to be as cautious as he could, she could almost smell the depth and intensity of his attention. And it ignited her drive to be lascivious. Thus without skipping a line from the pointless drawing she made, her whole air lightened up as wrong thoughts tiptoed through her already corrupted mind. And the flirty switch was turned on…

Already enjoying his seemingly lack of self-control she recklessly smiled as she doodled away. “So you like what you see, huh?” she thought, raising up one eyebrow and playfully leaning back in her chair and meaningfully pushing her breasts up.
 She paid indirect attention to his reaction and saw from the corner of her eye how he uncomfortably tried his best not to rest his gaze on her for too long. And she was satisfied.  “Fool,” she thought in a sarcastically tinted fake tone of concern, “you’re another woman’s private property….why you still want to play with fire?”
As the meeting proceeded, so did the silent squander. What could have seemed so sweet and innocent from the outside, was really another heartless pastime she didn’t really care about. But there she sat, with such angelical smile on her face… killing time. Who could accuse her of womanizing on prohibited grounds? Who could tell her off for being immoral?
He could, of course, since right after her next disguised coquette he nervously started shaking his leg, licking his lips and breathing faster.
She refused to let his behavioral change go unnoticed and raised her eyes to meet his. And it was obvious how he forced himself to keep focused. She locked gazes with him for 5 seconds, smiled sheepishly and looked away mimicking a fictitious blush. And he just sat there starring …with a completely red face.
The game kept on… And she triumphantly smiled as she saw all the effect her actions had on him. And simply knowing he now could do no more than this, gave her a feeling of satisfaction.
As soon as the meeting was over she stood up straight and strutted her stuff to the door paying no more attention to him. “Game over honey,” she thought demonstratively tilting her chin up, “You now go back to being the unimportant acquaintance you were meant to be.”
But it seems as thou he had something else in mind. He stood there and obtrusively scanned her from top to bottom as he bit on his lower lip.
Little did she know that much more was welled in him, than that which was allowed…
Later that week he messaged her: “I’m sorry if I might be too bold. But I can’t take it any longer,” the message read “I wish I could get just one chance to taste every cell on your body. I can promise, you won’t regret it. If only my desire could be made a reality…just once.”
She mentally answered his request; “Come back to planet earth already, moron. You were just an object to kill boring time…not even in a nightmare would I find even the most insignificant cell of you attractive”
At the slightest further thought of him, she almost puked.


Piso Says:
October 27, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Damn woman that was good...

And nice job, just be carefull...
Some people don't like to hear NO

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