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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Someone recently told me they're going to sue me for Blog abandonment. I had no choice but to tell them to go ahead and do it if they believe it'll make them happier somehow. I wouldn't even bother to fight my case. I know...I'm guilty!!!
Come on...Face it, seeing the magnitude of my absence, if I was your mother I would have lost custody already by now!!! Lol

Well...as a matter of fact, in my absence there's been zillions of blogworthy material, yet little time to process it all. I have one post thou on draft (read: paper; cause that was the closest thing I found to empty my mind on) & I have this exciting  "mission" which just misses the last step before I tell you all about it (and no, I'm not pregnant nor am I getting married yet... Cause I've been asked). But you know now...there's stuff to stay pending for!

But now besides that all...Uhmmmm.....

Oh...Le weight...I still had to give you an update about the weight.
Well, I've done my best after the challenge. Doing my best as in, the fact that I'm not on a strict regime no more, but I watch what I eat.
Ever since I have lost 3 more kilos...which isn't much, but EVERYTHING is better than gaining! Lol

Found a very motivating (visual) way on Pinterest to keep track of my ultimate goal (yup, am partially addicted too)...

Take a look at it...(made with empty Picalilly bottles, nail polish, stickers and marbles )

Shows the amount I still have to go...and what's already gone... Love it!

Talking about pics...I've also gotten the pics of the before and after of the weight loss
 challenge by the way !!! And I've compared them to see the differences, OH BOY I loved them. But I felt too shy to publish somehow. Whahaha

Yes...ME...SHY. Come on it's weird...lol

Now...well...these two past weeks I haven't been to training, and my body needs needs neeeeeddddsss it. So I intend to pick it back up in no time. It keeps my condition level up, relieves stress and eventuality tones up here and there. So, gotta keep the booty moving. And that's ASAP...

So there...

Uhmmmm....well...I guess I'm closing this envelope now. Licking the stamp, adjust it in the right corner...and send this post your way. Stay pending, the draft I said I have on paper is coming really  soon...
So see you in a while lovebugs!

Be safe! Be good! Be happy always!



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