Game over!

Monday, April 30, 2012
Sat down and had a serious conversation with myself today.

The place where I had this conversation might have been questionable, but the content of the conversation was too serious to wait for a more suitable place to happen...

"Are you satisfied with your life?" I asked myself. And right when I realized it was taking me a couple of seconds too many to answer, I knew it...things had to be shaken up in this life of mine. ASAP!

I don't know if it's just me, but life can get pretty monotonous at some point. You know, same things, same places, same people...
Not all too many exciting things happen. Not enough challenges . No (or little) progress. And living becomes not more than a constant hum-drum...a cassette tape on repeat!

But I realize excitement isn't going to add itself... Either you move your behind or accept the bore...
And there's no way an active soul like mine can just "die" way! So I decided it's time to move it. No matter how...
 Every second of dissatisfaction is a precious second waisted.
The idea might sound brilliant and all. But I must admit, I don't even have a master plan as yet... I just know things need to change. I can't cope with this dragging much longer... Can't...and honestly don't even want to.

I guess working on "change" without a direction is also worthless, so worry not, that's not going to happen. I'm much smarter than that.
 I actually do have some kind of a big picture in my head of where I want to head. But with that picture comes two things;
1. The picture isn't quite finished yet and
2. Frankly, I'm not quite the person to broadcast my plans so early (if at all). So you'll have to be informed of the step by step progress of this new...idea... You'll know!

I think it's an important step in life thou. Not just for me...but for just everyone that know in their hearts that there must be more to life.
Are you happy/satisfied with your life as it is now? If yes, than good for you. Keep doing whatever you've been doing up until now. If no, do whatever is in your power and might to change things around. Push your limits... Surprise yourself!

I'm at it...for I am not satisfied. Whoever/whatever wants to stay can stay (as long as you're not hindering my progress), whoever/whatever wants to leave is free to go (maybe the space you leave will be filled with something/someone better), whoever/whatever needs/wants to come back...well if it's needed and beneficial for this new picture i'd like to paint in my're always welcome back. And whatever/ whomever new this new thrill brings along..good...let's make the best of it!
Either way, I don't intend to sit still and watch my life pass by just as if I'd get another chance to live this moment...

Game over!


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