After the 40th day: Tha- Tha- That's all folks!

Friday, April 6, 2012
Should have written you like 3 days ago...
But believe it or not, a lot has happened in these past 3 days.

First, we got to what would have been our last training last Tuesday...all excited and confident; only to learn that the challenge has been prolonged with a few days. "We'll weigh in on Friday morning instead of Wednesday," said the Managing Director of the INM (and our Kickboxing Trainer), "one of your mates messaged me and asked me to give you guys an extra few days, since she cheated". (Sy raises the right eyebrow and turns bitchy-mode on) At that exact moment I knew exactly who did that, because she asked me the weekend before what I thought about this same idea and I told her there's no way I'd support such a request. To top it all off...she wasn't coming to the training sessions...I cannot even remember the last time I saw her!
WHAT??? If she cheated...why should we all pay??? Believe me, heaven knows why that girl wasn't present at this particular training, 'cause I would have turned all Shaniqua on her for being so selfish...
Good thing we got to punch and kick our stress off that night. And with every punch i ranted about this being unfair, and how she'd probably be home relaxing now while we were being abused, and how I'd like to explain some things to her right about now, and blah blah blah so on...
The bad thing is, that the trainer assumed that while I had breath to rant I still had strength to fight I got to train longer than the other folks...DANG IT!

In the end we sat with the Managing Director and fought our cause (kind of) and only got one extra day of training (instead of two). So instead of weighing in on Wednesday morning, we trained that night and weighed in on Thursday morning instead.
Man, it took me every last drop of endurance to make it. The steak-diet was starting to "yuck" me out, I was worn totally out physically and mentally I already closed the chapter... But I did it!!!

And yesterday morning...FINALLY....the last weigh in and photo session. I didn't loose any more weight since Saturday, so the final mount of weight lost over the past 40 days is still a slamming 9,5 Kgs. Proud of myself...VERY PROUD!! :D.  (Sy takes a gracious bow)
The Managing Director of the INM said he knew I could have actually lost more than that. And he was right. I didn't always give my all in training, and I cheated too here and there. But hey, I can't complain about the results either...
About the photo sessions, well on day one they took front and sideways pictures of us, so yesterday we stood again in that same place in front of the white door in the INM store to take our after-pictures. I'm excited to see those pictures being compared. If I can get a grip on those I might post it so you can see it too... (NOTE: I said "might".) :-p

Last night I finally got to sleep all the tiredness off. And I slept for more than 12 hours straight. Didn't even wake up to use the toilet. Boy, that rest felt SO GOOD!!!! AMAZING....
This Monday the Weight Loss Challenge crew is having a celebrate, de-stress, and I don't know what else. I'm really looking forward to it...

For what my weight is concerned, I subscribed with the Managing Director to keep up with the kickboxing training after this... 2x a week. And I have a deal with my sister-in-law about further weight loss efforts. I just hope she cleaned out the fridge of microwaveable pizzas and put her peanut butter crackers aside...LOL.
We still need to define how this weight loss thing is going to have to be... I'm up for it!

Anyways folks, I'm going to have to leave you now. Not that I have anything to do in particular (actually I do have, but I'm procrastinating), but this is supposed to be something like a laaaazzzzzyyyy Friday for me here...

So see you guys around!

A bit thinner, happy, relaxing and definitely stronger,



Piso Says:
April 6, 2012 at 3:41 PM

Congratulations on the weight loss :) and off course for making it !!!!

S.A.E. Sling Says:
April 6, 2012 at 5:06 PM

Thank you very much P... and thank YOU for the support! :D

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