False hopes???

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Where exactly does an unkept promise go? Does that trust which comes to die, ever get a chance to be restored again, when in fact it has been taken away and smashed to the wall? And when the feeling dies? Then what?
We’ve all been promised something at some point in our lives. And we’ve all made promises sometime; be it big or small.
Some promises can have an enormous emotional value to a person, to the point where it literally takes over some part of his/her existence.
Regardless of the high level of importance a promise can occupy, we choose sometimes not to be careful with our promises. We throw promises around without even giving it a second thought. And these words only land in a bottomless pit.
Do we ever realize how profoundly we can hurt someone that took that promise we’ve made to heart? Do we realize the damage we can cause?
Do we even know, how we actually sign a pact with every single promise made? Verbally, emotionally, mentally...literally...an irrevocable settlement is made.
What happens if you don’t keep yourself to your work contract? What if we sign an agreement with the bank and fail to comply? We lose our job, we get locked up or the bailiff pays a visit to your house... In some way, we pay!! So, why than are we so not careful with our promises?
You promised your love, your heart and dedication to a certain someone, be it your spouse or simply someone you fell for. Should that promise ever come to lose value, because to your opinion “you‘ve met someone else that tingles your dingles”?
You promised your friendship... “In spite of it all, you can depend on me...”. Comes along one disagreement or that person hurts you in some way or another, and that instantly gives you the right to undo your promise. Right?
We promised we’d be there for one another... But are we REALLY there? ARE WE?
Think of all the promises you’ve been made. The ones that weren’t kept, how did they affect you?  But wait!!! Most important of all, trace back for a moment...all the promises you’ve made to people. Put them down on paper, for as far as you can remember... How careful have you been to bringing these to completion? Come on, be honest with yourself.
Is there anything (ANYTHING) that really gives us the right to break a promise? If so, enlighten me please...
One thing I now know for real, promises are put to the test at some point. They all do! Eventually they’ll get shaken, like earth quakes, to prove how deep they were really anchored when they were made. Then, when that moment comes, what will remain standing?
Don’t be too quick to make a promise; whether with your attitude or with words. A broken promise literally tears something from within the person; it tears away their trust, it touches their hopes and even a moment of joy it takes away. And if the person buried the promise deep within their hearts, like a valued treasure, than it does tear away a corner of their heart as well. If you couldn’t care less about the other person (which I doubt), at least stand still that this attitude also tears away YOUR CREDIBILITY...
It is better, always, to promise little and accomplish much; than to promise the world to people and yet give nothing...
I mean...just saying.


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