Succumb to the awkward gaze-lock...

Monday, August 27, 2012
Last Saturday there was yet a new post from one of my favorite Youtube Channels; Community channel.
This chick is simply funny, real and altogether very cool.

This is the video that was posted...

So true.

Now, in addition to what Natalie states in this video and all I already wrote in one of my previous posts (Tinted Windows), it happened yesterday that I discovered yet another awkward thing concearning the eye...
Behold..."The awkward eye-lock"
In church yesterday they made us turn to the person beside us, look him/her in the eye and repeat a certain phrase. Pfff, yeah...that's pretty common in churches...I personally hate that act as a matter of fact. No, I'm not the" look-the-stranger-in-the-eye-and-tell-him-you-love-him" kinda girl. But some people in church believe it to be effective thou (sigh). Yet, since there was no one else sitting beside me on either side, I thought to myself, "Phew, I'm saved babeh!!". And I smiled in relieve...
Did my victory dance too soon. I didnt realise that the guy sitting in front of me was in the exact same situation...until he turned around, looked me in the eye and started executing the assignment without even giving me enough time to react.
One thing I thought immediately, "Wait...What? ...Shit!!!...Really?!?!....Whyyyyy?????"

I tell you, it was plain awkward.
The longest conversation that ever happened between me and the guy was "Hi, how are you?". Now, there I stood, looking him in the eye. No kidding me...
As an only escape to the uneasy feeling and the minutes that suddenly seemed to slow down, I decided to make his whole "declamation time" a bit uncomfy as well. I mean, why not?

Like, ever noticed there's a difference between just simply looking eachother in the eye and really locking eye sights with the person to the point that you can almost pierce their souls?
Well, I did the latter...
As he was quoting the phrase, I looked him in the really...IN the eye. And no matter how strong the urge I had to look away, I didn't. "Focus Sy...Focus"
And yes, it didn't take long before he started shifting uncomfortably on his feet.
The effort it took him to maintain his posture, was visible all over. His eyes were moving back and forth in his head like darts. And the phrase that started loudly and full of conviction slowly diminished to a low, stuttering out of, what seemed as, a dry (parched) mouth.
In the contrary, I now found it amusing...and I believe I even smiled widely and nodded. Don't worry, he might have mistaken the whole facial expression as an encouragement.  But the more signs I received of an awkward reaction, the more it encouraged me to keep the eyes locked...firmly in place.

As soon as he finished, he quickly turned around and didn't look back again for the rest of the service. Would you tell... yesterday I didn't even get the regular "Hi, how are you".  Lol, how funny...

Some of you might find it wicked, but what was I supposed to do?
If I haven't thought of an escape so quickly, I would have been the one to succumb under the pressure of the piercing gaze-lock. And I don't like that... oh hell no I don't.


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