The Victory

Friday, June 24, 2011
Promise made is a debt unpaid.  ~Robert Service
The day before yesterday, when I was drowning in my anguish about the exam, I made a promise; that I will inform you in due time about the results.
By now, most of my actual followers know the result already... HA-HA you guys couldn’t handle to just wait huh? Impatient!!!
But hey, it’s totally understandable. Having to wait is a virtue only a few have
Most of you know how much I “loved” working on this thesis. And most of you know how much I’ve been through to make it this far. Including totally sleepless nights and completely re-writing the damn thing. In an earlier post (dated March 19 2011) I expressed myself for the first time on this blog about the frustration of making a thesis. But surely I finished the post saying (and I quote) :
“Just a couple of months left to fight this “thesis virus” and by June 2011 I’ll be stronger, wiser, better & GRADUATED.”
The moment I stepped in the meeting room where I had to defend my thesis, I had nothing else in mind but this.
Don’t ask how the conversation went. I can still remember how I was shaking, thinking hard, hoping, fighting and trying to look strong...ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And I can’t recall much, the minutes went by fast, the questions were unexpected and the faces of the 4 people sitting at that table were (at that moment) approval and or disapproval was to be read on their faces. My heart was beating in my throat, my hands were shaking...and it almost felt like crying from pure nervousness.
And it did go though my head...”What if I didn’t make it?” But the need to finish was much stronger, and continuously it hushed that voice that wanted to doubt.
My mom was the person who has strengthened me the most. She didn’t do much neither did she say much. But the whole morning, only with her attitude and her being, she was mega supportive and calming.
And at the moment I left the only thing she said, “In the name of God, my child”. That was enough to boost me for the last mile...
The moment was unforgettable! And as nervous as I could have been, I’m glad I went through it. All of it has contributed to make me indeed stronger, wiser, better and yes...also GRADUATED.
And I wouldn’t trade the feeling for a dime...
Seems as thou I faced another barrier, I fought a giant...and I came out victorious. Next monster...HERE I COME!!!
As I said in my previous post...THIS WAS IT! And marked the reaping of 6 long years of hard work, tears, sweat and perseverance. But I tell you, the fruit sure is sweet!


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