Femme Supreme (LOL)

Thursday, June 16, 2011
....tic- toc, tic-toc, tic, toc......
Didn’t you ever wish you were one of those figures in a comic book? What if WE were the super hero, the villain or just a powerful professor in a fiction story? What if...what if we had mega mighty, extra cool, super powers?
Maybe you’ve once asked yourself that question. Or perhaps someone once asked you...What if you had a superpower? Which superpower do you wish you’d have?
I’M UNDECISIVE! I can never decide to have just ONE superpower... There’s ohhh-soo-MUCH that I’d like to do, and just one superpower won’t suffice.
I’d like uhm, INVISIBILITY (ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye)!!! Just picture how much you could do,...if you could make yourself temporarily invisible.
Also give me SUPERHUMAN SENSES (ability to see, smell, taste, feel and or hear more than a normal human). Just the thought of it...gives me such an awesome feeling!!!
Uhm add ...MENTAL PROJECTION (ability to project one's consciousness/psyche/emotions into the astral plane, into another, or to make them real). If only I could make some mental things real...hahahah...OMG!
I think I’d also want PRECOGNITION (ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from.) But this one I’d only want to a certain extent. I just don’t think it would be so very cool to know EVERYTHING from the future. (And Sy shivers at the thought.)
TELEPATHY is also a superpower I’d like to have. The ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others. I can do sooooo much if I had telepathy... (wink-wink)
Furthermore we add powers such as:
·         Elasticity: Ability to stretch, deform, expand or contract one's body into any form imaginable.
·         Illusion: Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.
·         Teleportation:  Ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between.
·         Time manipulation: Ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it.
(Especially when you are at work and time just wouldn’t fly. Or when you just don’t want a moment to end)
·         Telekinesis: Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. (This would simply be OFF THE HOOK!!)
·         Instant learning: Ability to instantly and perfectly learn any subject. (Handy...VERY handy)
·         Invulnerability: Ability to be immune to one or more forms of physical damage.
·         X-ray vision: Ability to see through solid matter
·         Telescopic or microscopic vision: Ability to magnify vision to various levels.
...just to mention a few!
But then again... looking at my own list, knowing there are more I'd like to add and giving it a second thought I think it’s a pretty good thing we do not have the possibility to have superpowers.
 ‘Cause if there would be just a handful of people like me, who wouldn’t have sufficient with just one power, this world would have probably collapsed by now!

I want to have these superpowers...not to do anything outstandingly courageous or to save the day. Most of these superpowers I wish I’d had would have satisfied my own egotistical desires, wants and needs.
But why not just let our imaginations run wild? I know we all go through those moments when we take one deep breath and secretly wish we had the power to manipulate the given moment, person and/or circumstances.
We’ve all been a child and back then we’ve all wished at a certain point to trade places/ be our favorite character in a story and/or cartoon. Maybe because we thought that character was cool, beautiful or...simply because.
Don’t let that inner child die! Even now, you can close your eyes and imagine...YOU, a mere human being...with the incredible power/ability to do something totally WACK!!!  Whatever it is! Nothing's impossible for your imagination!
Be it by a selfish ambition or if you have a bigger dream...like SAVING THE WORLD for instance!


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