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Thursday, June 9, 2011
I wonder if there’s any truth behind that saying... “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.
I mean, do we really have windows? Can people really see through each other’s eyes and get a glance of what really lives inside? Their thought? Attitudes? Emotions? Like when I look through any window...and I see the furniture, I see the people inside, I might see a flamboyant painting on the wall...through a window I can see...INSIDE A BUILDING, inside a room.
So, if this is true, you mean to say that there is more to the eye than blinking, seeing, observing, crying, looking and staring?
Recently I’ve been told something about myself I somehow know is true, but which I didn’t want to admit. The person in question said “You know Sy, I think blah blah blah...as a matter of fact, I KNOW it is like that.” And I indifferently answered: “And how does the wiz kid think to have gotten such untruthful insight?” To which the person answered: “I’ve seen it in your eyes Sy, you can’t hide it. I just KNOW it’s the truth”.
Well at that moment I tried to act as thou I wanted to say “believe what you may, I know the it's the contrary”. But I knew...I knew it for a fact...this person was telling the truth...
You know me; I’ve tried to search for answers!!
What do you see when you really look through someone’s windows? How can you tell if... ? (Sigh)

Physiology apparently says that people can tell certain things depending on the position of your eyes when saying or thinking a certain thing. Like this:

And they believe it’s not something we learn, for even blind people do it. It is more of a cognitive function of the human body.
Psychology states that he eyes are indeed an important medium through which we communicate our wants and needs. And they take babies and infants as an example... The way a baby that is being bottle fed looks directly into the eye of the one that’s feeding him, to mention one example.
And psychologists say that people can show disrespect  or tell that they're willing to fight 'by maintaining a continuous eye contact with someone. But on the other side they can also seduce, coy and show sexual interest.
And then there’s another theory that states that you can notice emotions by observing someone’s pupils during an interaction. Their pupils will dilate as when exposed to poor light. Enlarged pupils indicate powerful emotions, including anger, suspicion, and deep thought. They also imply arousal, excitement, and interest.

I really don’t know...
Yes, I’ve seen things in other people’s eyes sometime. But having people look into yours and point out stuff you don’t want to accept and/ or deal with, is definitely scary.
I say, if the eyes are such transparent windows I guess I’d like to tint mine... Who said I wanted just anyone to look inside anyways? If perhaps I’d want you to take a look someday, I then open the window for you...myself
But don’t you dare to just look through my windows,...at least not yet!


Piso Says:
June 9, 2011 at 6:51 PM

I believe they are the windows !!

An you know why already ;)

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