Wednesday, June 22, 2011
And here we are...hours away from the final exam. And I must feels like screaming and running away!

I'm a nerve wreck!!! Totally dying from within...
My stomach's turning wildly (and yes I've been to the toilet like a thousand times already tonite), my head repeats parts of the thesis I think are important all the while going through a whole "to do" and "to remember" list, my heart is beating like thunder in a storm and I have cold feet and sweating hands...

And I know...I should be asleep by now! Resting and powering up for tomorrow! I should be fit and fresh right?
But sleep's nowhere to be found... The situation's so terrible that I can't even seem to find the sheep to start the count...
So it seems as thou sleep has been permanently cancelled for the night. Rain delay, default, the unforeseen... You name the reason,diagnose the fault, point out the guilty... I say "ok".

Normally I'm not the type of person to broadcast the news of going to an exam or having huge presentations or tests. The reason why? That's just Sy... (Was, Am and (still) is)
I don't's like, having so many people pending to hear the results freaks me out! It's like feeling as thou I have too many people depending on me! That's why I told no one when I was going for my driver's license, little people know I was participating in a speech contest last year and only a small groupie knew I was applying for a new job. To save myself that "freaking out" part!
But it seems as thou I'll just have to overcome that barrier today. I can't recall at which point exactly I stepped beyond the boundaries of secretiveness and silence, but the WORLD knows Sy's going to defend her thesis today!!!! (DANG)
But I've worked my ass off for this I just can't freak out now! I've come too far!

So here we go...

Giving it our very best shot!! It's now or never!!
THIS is it...

(P.s. My phone will pro'lly be turned off in the morning. So, if you try calling me and can't seem to come through...don't panic! Send a message, I'll most likely get them when I turn the phone back on. Help me pray for the best! I'll inform you later today of the results....or maybe I'll just leave you in suspense)

Peace out!

Miss Nervosa!
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